King of Hearts Wednesday update 19 February 2020


King of Hearts Wednesday update 19 February 2020

Kareena tells Payal that there is no activity of Satya as he is sitting. Payal says I have an idea and gives her sleeping pill. She says we will make Satya sleep and observe if any activity happens. Kareena likes her idea and asks guard to give juice to Satya.

Satya drinks the juice. Kareena waits for him to get unconscious. Satya acts to get unconscious. Kareena asks guards to lock Satya in room. They take him to room and lock him. Satya thinks Payal’s plan is working and hopes it will be a superhit. Payal then wears mask and throws cracker near the guards, then she sprays on them to make them unconscious. She then frees Satya. Mahi and Mitul comes there wearing black clothes. Payal asks them to focus on work.

Satya as Siddharth Khurana comes to Kareena and makes her wake up. He threatens to kill her. Kareena runs out being scared. Mahi and Mitul scare her as ghosts. Kareena asks them to leave her. Mahi asks Mitul to cover her face, else Kareena might see. They hold Kareena. They put rope in Kareena’s neck. Kareena asks them to leave her. Payal looks on from far. Satya moves his hand. Payal pulls the rope. Satya says I will take you with me. Kareena gets scared. Payal asks Kareena why she is hanging herself. Kareena says something wrong is happening for sure. Later Anupama reaches there. Payal messages Mahi that Anupama reached there.

Anupama coming to Khurana house to meet Kareena. Payal tells Kareena that she don’t trust her and that she is not loyal. Kareena says yes, you are saying right and calls her inauspicious. She slaps Anupama and asks guards to kick her out. Anupama says I have done so much for you and you have slapped and insulted me like this. Satya stops guards and tells Kareena that in Khurana house, they respect elders and asks her not to insult any elder person. Kareena asks who is telling me..and says I will have my eyes pinned on you. Satya says you and your guards can’t do anything.

Anupama thanks Satya for forgiving her, and says I was helpless due to my age and conditions. She says I couldn’t become owner and get love of everyone. She says I am going from here and asks him to forgive her. Satya stands on her way and says I am seeing penance in your eyes and says I can understand the truth. He wipes her tears and says I am opening my heart door for you. He says you wants to become owner of the house, I will make you. Anupama smiles. Satya says I don’t know anything about my baba, but if he would have been here, then he would have forgiven you. He says I wants to become like him. He says I am scaring Kareena on my father’s name and I feel bad, but I also feel that my baba is blessing me from far and nobody can defeat me. Anupama says sure, and says you told about your plan, aren’t you scared that I will tell Kareena. Satya smiles. Anupama asks him to take her in his plan. Satya agrees. Anupama says we will play her band together.

Kareena is watching TV and thinks what is happening to it. Satya types something in his laptop and says you wants to watch TV, I will make your wish come true. Kareena thinks to check what is wrong with TV. She then sees Sid Khurana threatening her to leave Raj and Satya else he will kill her. Kareena gets scared and calls guards and finds door locked. Payal comes later and asks why door was locked. Kareena tells that Sid Khurana scared her. Payal says I will take you somewhere tomorrow and asks her not to worry. She brings her to lady tantric. Anupama is sitting indisguise of a tantric and tells her that she can only save her.

Anupama as tantrik hits her with leaves and says you have done mistake and will be punished. Raj and Mitul search for the papers in Kareena’s room. They find money in her room. Raj says I kept this money in the house temple. Mitul says papers is not here and thinks to ask Mahi if she got it. Anupama says I will call Siddharth Khurana’s soul now. She calls Siddharth Khurana and asks him to come if he has courage. Something is thrown in havan. Satya appears infront of Kareena. Kareena gets scared and shouts.

Satya says I won’t be peace till I kill her. Anupama says you have to go back to your place. Satya says I will take her to my world after burning her body and will took her to my world. Kareena shouts…and closes her eyes. Anupama says he ran away and asks Kareena to do as she said. Kareena says she will do as she said.

Payal bringing Kareena home. Kareena gets scared seeing Satya. Payal asks him to go. Kareena tells that she is scared in this house. Payal tells that she is feeling as if Siddharth Khurana wanted to take revenge from her, as she snatched his property. Kareena says I will return his property back to them. Payal says what you are saying and says you got this property with much difficulty. Kareena says what I will do with this property if I am not alive. Payal says you are saying right. Kareena asks Satya to call his family and says she will return his property to him. Satya says okay. Payal calls Mahi and informs her. Mahi informs everyone that Kareena got ready to return their property and leave from their house. She hugs Raj. Anupama is happy too.

Mahi, Raj and others
come back home. Kareena gives the papers. Mahi asks did you really signed or acting. Kareena says I am going back to Dubai and don’t want to stay here. Payal asks Kareena to come. Mahi hugs Satya. Anupama asks Satya to check the sign and says we can’t trust her. Satya says I have checked. Payal asks Kareena to call her after reaching Dubai and take care. Kareena leaves for Dubai. Payal says bye..

Satya gives sweets to Raj and others. Payal comes and asks where is my sweets. Satya makes her have sweets and thank her. He then gives sweets to Mitul and Anupama. Anupama makes Satya have it. Mahi thanks to God for returning their home and protecting them. Kareena is in the car and checks for her phone. She checks her passport and thinks she forgot it at home. She asks driver to take her home. Everyone is happy and tell how they tackle Kareena. Mahi says she has betrayed us big, and we have won. Payal says we all have won. Mitul goes to bring music system. Anupama says she will make Punjabi food.

Raj comes back holding Sid and Roshni’s clothes. He asks them to wear it, and says I want to see you both in their clothes. Mahi takes it and thanks him. She says we will wear in the evening. Kareena comes back home scared and thinks if I go inside the house then Sid Khurana’s ghost will kill me. She wonders what to do? She collides with two guys holding music system, who say party is going to start. Kareena thinks to find out.

Mitul asks them to keep music system. Satya and Mahi compliment each other. Raj gets happy seeing them. Mitul asks them to dance. Raj asks them to make Sid and Roshni’s memory alive…Kareena comes and see Satya and Mahi dancing. Itni Mohabbat Karo na plays……..She thinks why everyone is happy and why? Raj reminisces Sid and Roshni.

Everyone claps for them. Kareena is hiding and hearing everyone. Anupama says you are looking like hero and heroine. Mitul says everything will be good. She says it was good to act like witch. Anupama tells that she held her hairs and beaten Kareena.

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