King of Hearts Wednesday Update 13 November 2019


King of Hearts Wednesday Update 13 November 2019

Resham cries and says if DD’s memory don’t return then we will be ruined. Kesar says we will go if she permits else we have to obey her orders. Resham looks on angry. Sid and Roshni get romantic. DD looks for Roshni. Roshni tries to take off her mangalsutra which is stuck to his shirt. DD calls Roshni and comes there. She asks didn’t you hear me? Roshni says I didn’t hear you. DD asks did Siddharth Kukreja is here? She tries to see through the window, but Roshni stops her. She wishes Sid plans should work. DD thinks I will not leave this Sid. DD comes to hall and sees pictures on the table. DD looks at Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic and gets shocked. Resham thinks she will get back her memory now. DD feels pain in her head and gets blurred flashes of the past. She faints. Roshni comes there and is shocked.

Doctor checks DD. He tells Sid that they have to take DD somewhere else. Roshni says where to take her. They decide on Panvel farmhouse. Doctor says he will convince her. Roshni says how will we meet there? Sid says he will find ways to meet her and says he will convince old lady. Roshni asks to whom he called old lady? Sid says sasumom. DD calls Roshni. Roshni asks whats up. DD asks who got these pics. Roshni says those are fake pics made by Resham. Doctor suggest her to go to Panvel farmhouse. Roshni convinces her. DD agrees.

They reach Panvel farmhouse. DD gets down the car and says there is no signal here. She asks Kesar to get wifi for her. Roshni asks her to stop her work and says we will have fun. DD says you people can relax as I am working. She gets inside and asks Kesar to get the list of newspapers. Roshni thinks my mom is sounding dangerous, and says she is back to square 1. She thinks Sid have changed her attitude with much difficulty. She says all the best love….

Simran asks Sid what is he reading early morning? Brain…Sid says he is taking info for his sasumom. Simran says I know, and gives him prasad. She asks him to give prasad to Roshni as well. Sid says she is not here, but went to Panvel. Raj comes and asks him to meet DD. He says go and tell her about her love for you. He asks him to go and win saas’s heart. Sid asks how do you manage guys? Raj says you will understand when you becomes dad. Sid hugs them. Roshni wishes Sid shall be there. She misses him and calls Sid. Just then Sid comes and says I am here. He says I thought you are missing me and that’s why came to meet you. He says Mom brought baba ji’s prasad for you. Roshni asks him to make her eat it. Sid says Mom thought to keep a big feast when sasumom gets well. Roshni says she is not amicable now, and have become heartless like before. Sid says you are worried as she has become old DD. He says he will make her fine and that’s why became Sid Kukreja. Just then they hear DD calling servant.

Sid runs out of room. Resham comes to get water and sits on Sid thinking him to be table. Sid coughs. Resham shouts thief……..Sid puts cloth on her head and runs to Roshni’s room. She shouts and gathers everyone. DD asks what is this drama? Resham hugs her and says thief touched me. DD asks Kesar to search in room. Sid thinks where to go and hides in her cupboard. DD asks Roshni to come out of room. Roshni comes out and pretends to have woken up from sleep.

Resham goes inside room and checks for thief. She is about to open the cupboard, just then Roshni shouts….asking Resham to come out and she needs to sleep. DD asks Resham to come out. Just then Sid sees lizard in the cupboard and runs out of room. He realizes that DD have seen him. Roshni is shocked too. He says hi to DD in his heroic style. He shows his hand and says I love you in SRK style. DD asks Kesar to call Police and get him arrested. She calls him rascal and asks how dare he to enter Roshni’s room. Sid sings Jab Koi Plan Bigad jaaye…..samajhlo hain aas pass teri maa….He says he is writing a book to woo a girl. He sits on sofa and asks from where did you buy it. He says you have so much in the house, but my suit is rented.

DD warns him to keep his feet down. Sid asks him not to be violent, and says I have fallen in love with your daughter in the same hospital where we was admitted in coma state. He says I went there to get my gas trouble treated. He drinks water and asks DD to sit as well. DD keeps her foot on the chair. Sid says so you will not sit, and puts his foot on chair as well. He says I love your daughter. Resham and Kesar smiles. Roshni also enjoys his drama. Sid says I love your daughter very much. He says there is a much difference between you both. You are dry, but your daughter is like butter, creamy, white…what a beauty? DD gets angry. He says I will marry her and then you will become my sasumom. DD gets flashes of Sid calling him sasumom……She hears I am back Sasumom.

Sid asks I know your head is shaken because of my charm, and says you can’t be saved DD Patel. DD slaps him and asks guards to take him away from there. Sid says stop it and says nobody can touch me. He says it is rented suit and have to return to laundry. He says I will come again to meet your daughter. He leaves. DD asks Roshni what is going on? Are you interested in him? Roshni nods no. She asks did you get married to him? Roshni thinks we are already married mom. DD says it is not my problem if you are in love with him and asks her to wait till she die. She asks her to end her love and sleep. She scolds Resham and Kesar for letting Roshni meet Sid. She asks Roshni to go and sleep. Roshni runs to her room. Resham and Kesar also run to their room. DD gets thinking.

Sid tells Doctor that when he called her sasumom then she recalled something. He says I don’t know medical science, but knows love. Doctor asks him not to hurry up else it will be dangerous for DD. Sid tells his parents that they will return to chawl.

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