King of hearts Update Wednesday 24th July 2019

Roshni getting intimate with Sid and asking him to hold his hand once more, she will never separate from him for life. He says he wanted to hear this and leaves, leaving Roshni smiling and him sad.

In the morning, Sid gets ready and comes for breakfast. Biji says his face is glowing and says love and perfume cannot be hidden and says that Raj is very romantic. Sid gets Mona’s call and runs. Simran tries to stop, he says Roshni is in trouble and runs again.

DD’s house owner tries to kick her out of house for not paying rent. DD requests him to be so cruel on women. He leaves telling he wants his house vacated by tomorrow. DD panics and falls unconscious.

Sid reaches on time. Doc checks DD and says she got high BP due to tension, so they should take care of her. DD wakes up and says everything is shattering, she could not save Samaira earlier and now house. She worked hard 20 years, but could not give even a shelter to her family. Mona asks her not to take so much stress as she made them believe they can live together. She has 2 jamais who are so good and she is very lucky. DD says house owner is right, she is bankrupt. She panics again and tries to remove her jewelry and says with this money, they can pay rent. Mona shouts at her and asks her to calm down.

Roshni starts crying seeing DD’s condition and runs into kitchen. Sid follows her and tries to console her. She says there was a time when she used to get irked seeing mom’s work and behavior, but did not see her head bent any time, but today she cannot tolerate seeing her head bent. She spent her whole life trying to give her better life, but today she is in such a bad condition. He asks her to calm down. She says she always cursed her for not giving her time, but today her curse came true. She wants her pride back. Sid says everything will be fine, DD will get back her lost dignity and money, it is this house’s jamai’s promise. He hugs her and then wipes her tears and says he has to go now. Bin tere o sajan…..song plays in the background. Roshni thinks now neither divorce will happen nor they separate.

Sid goes to Simran and says he is ready to accept her condition and she will have to keep her promise. She says she will do as she promised and she is happy that he is thinking of family, she is proud of him. He says he is not proud of him and is doing this give back the property to one mom which another mom snatched. He promises that he will not tell it to anyone.

Roshni gets ready for court hearing and tells DD that she will go to temple first and then meet all family members. DD prays that all her wishe swill be fulfilled.

Roshni and Sid attend court hearing and judge asks what they have decided. Roshni thanks him for giving 3 months’ time to realize how much she loves Sid and clear her misunderstanding, now she is sure she does not need divorce. Sid with teary eyes says he needs divorce though. Judge asks if he is sure. Sid says yes he is. Roshni asks him not to do this. Judge says his wife does not need divorce. Sid says it is his decision now and he needs divorce. Judge approves divorce and stamps papers while Roshni continues to plead Sid not to divorce her. Sid walks out after divorcing leaving Roshni shocked. Judge hands over divorce papers to her.

Sid devastatedly walking towards his car after divorcing Roshni. Roshni also feels dejected. She goes to Sid and asks why did he divorce her, how can he take a decision alone, she will never separate from him. He says everything is over now. She says nothing is over and says she will never accept this divorce and tears it.

DD comes there smiling and tells she won her case and got back all her property and bank balance. Roshni congratulates her crying and even Sid congratulates her and leaves in car. DD asks Roshni what happened to him. Roshni says he divorced me. DD is shocked to hear that.

Sid drives his car crying, stops in a secluded place and reminisces Simran asking him to divorce Roshni in exchange of DD’s property back. Sid says he will never do that. She says she cannot see Kritika suffering like this. He says he cares for Kritika and her, but will never his life Roshni. She says if he does not, she and Kritika will suicide. She gives him DD’s property papers and says he has to prove that he is a good son-in-law also. He further reminisces accepting her deal and asking her to keep her promise. He comes out of flashback and starts crying vigorously. Rain in summer starts and he gets drench and shouts Roshni…

DD at home tells Roshni that she already told Sid will never go against his family. He divorced her on family’s insistence and left her along with property. Roshni says he did a lot to Sam, this house, her. Mona says she is right, but.. DD says he wanted to get away from real situation, so he divorced her. She says she agrees he helped them, but also gave them pain. A man who does not take care of his wife must go away. She hugs Roshni and says they will never separate again.

Raj reaches home happily and tells Biji that he is very happy that DD won the case and now our son will also come back and give good news. Biji say she is not understanding what he is telling. Sid comes. Raj asks if he got divorce papers back and asks where is Roshni, if she is in temple. Biji also asks same. He says she will not come as he divorced her. Raj is shocked to hear that, but ugly Kritika and dumb Simran smirk. Raj asks Sid not to lie on this auspicious day. Sid says he is telling truth, he divorced Roshni. Raj slaps him and says he is ashamed to call him his son.

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