King of hearts Update Sunday 28th July 2019


King of hearts Update Sunday 28th July 2019

Disha going to Suraj’s house. His wife Sudha invites her for ginger tea. Disha hesitates. Suraj says Sudha prepares excellent Disha. Disha says she will have some other time. Sudha emotionally blackmails why will she have tea in poor people’s house. Disha agrees and gets in. She sees Anu’s younger day’s pic and asks Suraj when was it taken. He says long ago. Sudha brings tea and tells Anu had come to their village for their marriage and she even kept their child name as Ayan. Disha gets emotional and asks Sudha what was mama’s age then. She says she was of her age and asks if she is missing Anu. Disha gets sad.

Ayan goes to meet Ram and introduces him as his lawyer. Ram says he does not need lawyer as he accepts killing his wife and wants himself hanged. Ayan is surprised.

Arav sees Mallika’s children playing video game and requests them to let him play. They ask him to go and play in his chawl. He sadly runs from there and sits on stairs. Disha asks what happened to him. He says Mallika’s children did not let him play video game with them. Disha suggests him to play outdoor game like cricket. He gets excited hearing that.

Suraj gives Disha LIC policy papers, tells her nanu bought it for her and Arav and asks sign. Disha says she does not need favor. Suraj says even Anu would have bought her a policy and asks to sign for Anu’s sake. Disha signs.

Disha and Arav play cricket in garden. Suraj joins them. Arav gets happy getting another player for them and asks Suraj to do fielding. He hits ball and its Kapoor. Kapoor picks ball. Disha and Arav get afraid seeing him. Kapoor also joins them and Arav jumps in happiness.

DD telling her story and a flashback is shown. She says my principles were like you. I too loved a middle class man. Your Nana didn’t like him. I was blinded in Shiv’s love and thought everyone is in my hand. She tells Bablu and Kesar were young then and she was like a mum to them. She says your brother came in our life. Your Papa’s salary was less, but we were happy with small things.

We thought that God has blessed us as you came in our life. We thought our life was complete, with kesar, bablu, rohan and you. She says when God gives immense happiness then takes test too. She says your dad was union leader and tells about the strike. DD asks him not to get involved in the party as they have small children. Shiv says he knows what he is doing and earning money with hardwork. DD says strike goes on and on, and your papa got involved in his mission.

All the responsibility came on my head. I didn’t have any time to look after children and that’s why I talked to Shiv again. She asks him to change the job. Shiv asks him to have trust as they will reach the destination. He says it is our right and it is matter of some days. She says suddenly Rohan’s health deteriorated.

Doctor asked them to take him to hospital. Shiv says he can’t get him admitted in private hospital. DD refuses to let him admitted in govt hospital. Shiv asks her not to argue and take him to govt hospital. DD says Rohan’s condition deteriorated. He needed operation, but. I seek helped from maa. Shiv refuses to change the job and says his union members need him. DD gets hysterical and says her son’s live is not more than his union. Shiv says I can’t do what you can do. I won’t let my professional life suffer for personal reasons. He gives her money saying he had sold his watch. DD refuses to take money. She says she broke all the FD and her life savings, but when she reached the hospital, she saw Rohan dead. She says she didn’t know what to do.

DD says she broke up with Shiv after that Rohan’s death. Shiv comes to DD and says Rohan was his son too. DD says he was…She tells Roshni that she got separated from Shiv. Then she lived for Mona and children. She thought to die, but then thinks of her kids. She says I worked hard in the jewellery shop and earned money. I learnt that money is important for a good living. She says her past came infront of her car. She doesn’t know what to do. DD says Shiv never connected her all these years and I have become like a stone.

I kept his photo in my almira and talk to it to make my heart feel low. She says she hid the fact from Roshni as she loves her father very much and knows good things about him. One day he collides with my car and past comes infront of me. She says you are my child and I can’t hate you being your mum. I failed as your mum, but will always love you. You are my life, my daughter Roshni. Roshni gets emotional and says you haven’t failed. I have failed. I used to fight with you all my life. I never tried to know why you have become like this. She says I have failed mom. She sleeps on her lap and cries.

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