King of hearts Tuesday Update June 18th,2019

Ghafoor meeting Rajveer and asking why did he call him from Dubai so urgently. Rajveer says he did not. Ghafoor says someone is playing game with them and wanted them to meet. Rajveer asks him to go back to Dubai soon. Sid records their conversation.

Roshni waits for Sid to go with him and wish happy birthday DD. He comes with bouquet and says he went to buy these fresh flowers. She jokes that he must be behind DD’s property. He jokes that he is. They both wish DD and give a greeting card. DD asks where did he get it from.

He says Roshni prepared it. She gets impressed. Roshni gives her pendant gift with her childhood pic with DD. She gets emotional and says Naani that she missed all this. Roshni says she missed a lot of things while earning money for them.

Rest of family members give their gifts. Sid gives his bouquet and says he wants to talk something important. DD gets a call and leaves.

Rajveer smirks seeing that and asks Sid if he is very eager to expose him. Sid shows his recording. Rajveer tries to snatch phone. Sid says he has made many copies of it. Rajveer says though he is playing smart, but he is actually not, he will expose his truth to everyone and says he forgot it is his sister’s marriage today. Sid gets irked and holds his collar. Rajveer says he is acting like a child and says he is just telling possibilities. He says picture has only 2 possibilities, if it is hit it is balle balle, if it is flop, person’s life gets ruined. He asks Sid to call his family and check. Sid calls, but phone is switched off. He angrily walks out. Roshni comes there and asks Rajveer if he saw Sid. He says no, he must have gone out with some work.

Krutika’s marriage possession starts with Raj getting happy seeing Simran getting Krutika to the the marriage venue. Raj jokes with Simran that he is confused if she is is bride or Krutika. Simran smiles. Raj asks her if bridegroom will come on time. She says yes, but Sid is missing. Krutika says he will not come and asks not to keep false hopes. Sid worriedly comes with bodyguards and asks Raj/Simran if they saw something unusual. They say no. He asks bodyguard to protect them. Simran asks Sid why is he behaving weird in his sister’s marriage. Krutika shouts at him. Simran asks why did he come in casual clothes and says she has kept sherwani for him. Baaraat comes and Sid, Simran, Raj wait to receive it. Bridegroom enters wearing sehra. Simran happily performs aarti on him, welcomes in Khurana family, and asks to show his face. He shows his face. Sid and Raj are shocked to see Rajveer as groom.

Sid getting annoyed seeing Rajveer as a groom and asks how dare he is to harm his family and asks to get out. Krutika interferes and asks Sid not to ruin her life. Sid says Simran that Sid is a fraud, roadside goon who thugs people for money and is already married to Samaira Patel. Rajveer says he told Krutika and Simran about his marriage and has already divorced Sam as she is mad and shows divorce papers. Sid checks papers and tells Simran that he does not know how he arranged divorce papers as Samira has not divorced him. Rajveer says Sid is big fraud instead as he is staying in DD’s house as Sidharth Kukreja.

Krutika tells Simran that she already told Sid and Simran don’t care about her. Raj interferes and says Sid does not tell lie at all since childhood and even he knows Rajveer is married to Samaira and says Simran that she should not take any wrong decision in emotions and says as her husband and Krutika’s dad, he does not accept Rajveer as his damad.

Sid says Krutika that she may be angry on him, but will realize later that he took a right decision. He drags Rajveer out from there. Krutika emotionally blackmails Simran because of Sid, she will lose the only happiness in life she is getting. Simran stops Sid and says if he kicks out Rajveer, he will see her dead face. Sid stops.

DD arranges lunch table and asks Simran about Sid. She asks Bablu to bring Sid as she is throwing party for him. Bablu says he will go to factory and bring him. Samaira and Naani join for lunch. DD asks where is Rajveer. She says he is out. Naani asks Roshni and Samaira to call their husbands by evening for the birthday party.

Simran says Sid that they cannot stop marriage as Krutika is pregnant with Rajveer’s child. Sid says she is in 21st century and should stop thinking like a backward woman, he cannot let Krutika married to such a big fraud, he will get married to her to a good guy and if he does not, he will take care of his kid. Simran asks him to stop his nonsense. Rajveer SMSes his goons to come and kidnap him.

Simran says it is very easy to say, but difficult to follow. How will Krutika’s child live without a father, it is very difficult in this society. Sid says he was collecting evidence against Rajveer all this while and caught him redhanded with Ghafoor, till morning he was in house with him and warned to expose him, but as soon as he came here, he saw him as groom. Simran says he may be thinking wrong. Sid says he is not. Raj says he will call commissioner and get Rajveer arrested. Rajveer’s goons come just then and kidnap him, saying DD sent them to kidnap Rajveer as he betrayed Samaira. Krutika cuts her wrists and falls on floor unconscious.