King of Hearts Tuesday Update 29 October 2019


King of Hearts Tuesday Update 29 October 2019

Roshni teasing Jyoti Tai/Sid and says why you are keeping me away from my Sid. Sid says he will be Jyoti till he fixes everything. Roshni says Tai used to take care of me etc. Sid jokes with her. They have an eye lock. Kesar comes home and tells DD that their business is back to normal because of Jyoti Tai, and says he wish he could thank her. Jyoti Tai comes and asks him to thank her. Kesar shouts ghost seeing her. Roshni hugs Jyoti. Kesar asks Roshni not to go near ghost.

DD laughs. Sid asks Kesar why he is shocked and scared. Kesar asks where are you? Sid says Sid is here with me and talks as Sid and Jyoti, both. Kesar gets scared and runs. Shabnam thinks her plan is ruined because of Bansi and Kunal. She thinks Kunal didn’t hear her and killed Jyoti. Just then she sees Jyoti and Roshni going and is shocked. She follows them and says it means Jyoti is alive. She says a big conspiracy and thinks to turn the tables. DD tells Inspector that Shabnam shall be caught and will get rigorous punishment. She says I just cursed her. Raj says Police will catch her.

In the car, Roshni asks Sid what he is thinking? Sid says he is tired wearing saree since 3 months and says he will make Shabnam pay for her doings. Just then someone comes and falls before their car. They get down the car and sees Shabnam under the blanket. Shabnam shows pistol to Jyoti and says you have died infront of everyone, but today you will die for sure as this pistol and bullets are real. She takes Roshni to her side. DD talks to Inspector and says they have left long back.

They get worried. Raj says they are not picking the call. Simran prays to God for their safety. DD says lets go and find them. Jyoti says leave Roshni and catch me. Shabnam says I will have fun kidnapping my sister, and says she needs Sid only. She asks Jyoti to sit in car else she will kill Roshni and shoots in air. They sit in her car. DD tries calling Sid. Shabnam asks Jyoti to take car to that place. Roshni asks where you are taking us?

Shabnam asks her to sit quietly. Roshni throws her gun out. Jyoti Tai gets the gun. Shabnam asks her to give gun. Roshni holds Shabnam. Jyoti hides the gun and confuses Shabnam. Shabnam tries to get her gun from her hand, but her wig comes in her hand. Shabnam is shocked to see Sid as Jyoti Tai. Sid removes jewellery and bindi etc.

Shabnam says Sid…….Sid asks what happened? Did you like my magic? Sid laughs and says I used to stay with my wife in her room, and you couldn’t figure out. Shabnam says you have betrayed me big. Roshni slaps her and says you thought that you will give me drug and I will not get memory back. She says you will get rotten in jail.

Shabnam starts her drama and cries. She says I am ruined. She throws sand in their eyes and escapes in her car. Sid comes home and tells DD that shabnam will not accept defeat easily. Shabnam comes and says you said right. Police also comes. Roshni tells Inspector about Shabnam’s doings. Shabnam asks him to take her from there and says I have done this under a big influence. She says doctor who was treating me, took my vulgar photos and forced me to do this. She cries and smirks.

Inspector sees the pics. Everyone is shocked. Inspector tells Sid that he has checked and Shabnam is saying right. Sid says she has been fooling you. Shabnam says they don’t trust me as I am step sister of Roshni. Inspector shows Doctor’s confession and says he went away. He says until he comes back, we can’t accept that Shabnam have done this. DD asks Shabnam to get out of her house. Shabnam says she has right on Shiv’s property and says she has right on everything now. She goes to her room. DD gets angry. Sid calms her down.

Shabnam dancing in her room on the song Dance chalade..DD says she can’t bear Shabnam and says she is ready to go to jail and will kill her. Simran agrees with DD. Sid tells DD and Simran that murder thought don’t suit them. Kesar says I will kill her. Sid says we have to get permanent solution. Simran says we will drop her to jungle. Sid says she is human.

Roshni says we will give her slow current to make her mad. Raj says we will drop her to border. Sid asks Raj not to insult himself with this weird ideas. Roshni goes to Shabnam’s room along with others and asks what she is doing? Shabnam asks her to leave the house, go to her sasural and asks if she wants to make her husband Jamai always. DD gets angry and tries to slap her. Shabnam says she has hired security for herself and says last time when you troubled you, you got a good makeup done.

She asks if she wants to get repeat performance and says your make up will be better this time. She asks everyone to get out. They leave. DD tells everyone that she is fed up of Shabnam and says she can’t take a breathe until Shabnam is breathing. Sid gets an idea and says wow sasumaa what an idea? Roshni asks what you are thinking? Sid says Sasumaa is awesome lady with super plan. Raj says what is his idea? Sid says I will tell everything and tells about the hindi proverb. He says time makes everyone’s understand. Raj pulls his cheeks.

Shabnam wakes up and thinks she is feeling hungry and need to eat food. She comes out of her room and sees nobody in the house. She wonders where is everyone? She checks in the kitchen and fridge, and finds it empty. Just then she hears Sid’s voice asking Roshni to have pizza. DD, Kesar, Sid and Roshni have food. Shabnam comes to room and says she is hungry. DD says you are staying in my house forcibly and asks her to cook food. Door bell rings, Sid says icecream have come.

Shabnam receives icecream from the delivery boy and says she will eat it. Sid asks her to eat. Shabnam suspects him and asks him to eat first. Sid says it is difficult to stoop to your level. He eats the icecream. Shabnam takes the icecream and goes to her room. Sid rushes to his bathroom and goes to spit the icecream. He tells he is making Shabnam taste her own medicine. Shabnam eats icecream. Sid looks at her from outside. He thinks it will be fun now.

Later Shabnam vomits in the washroom. DD and Roshni look at her. DD feels bad for her and asks if Sid have done something. Roshni says sid is sleeping and he might not have done anything. Shabnam goes to doctor for a check up. Doctor checks her and says I can’t tell you anything now. He asks her to come and collect the reports in the morning, and then only he can say.

Shabnam asks if there is anything serious. Doctor says let report comes first. Sid sings a song. DD asks Sid what is going in his mind and asks what is his plan. She says Shabnam had that icecream and vomitted. Shabnam comes home and asks Lakshmi to send green tea to her room. DD asks Lakshmi not to work for her and asks Shabnam to do her own work. Sid asks DD to calm down and asks Lakshmi to serve her green tea.

DD says fine. Shabnam gets angry. Roshni tells DD that very soon she will understand. Shabnam gets vomiting again and asks Lakshmi if there is any home remedy to stop vomiting. Lakshmi says it seems a big disease happened to you. Sid tells DD that big disease to big disease. DD says it is good. Shabnam gets a report and reads that she is having only food poisoning. She is relieved. Just then she sees report in Roshni’s hand as well and gets doubtful.

Later Shabnam comes to Sid and Roshni’s room and steal the papers. Sid and Roshni are just pretending to sleep. Sid says Shabnam is trapped. Shabnam reads the report and says I have a blood cancer, and this bad people don’t want me to know this so that I couldn’t get my treatment done. DD tells Sid that this is his plan. Sid says I will torture Shabnam and will make her feel death like experience. DD likes his plan.

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