King of Hearts Tuesday update 14 January 2020


King of Hearts Tuesday update 14 January 2020

Gangu Tai invites other Inspector for the function in the chawl. Mahi warns the Inspector that she will not leave them if anything happens to Satya. Payal is shocked. She walks out of Police station. Kajal sees Satya’s pic and thinks if he is in danger. Gangu Tai also comes out and sits in auto. Mahi and Payal sit in car. Later Mahi is in the house and calls lawyer to do something and help her. She calls her friend’s papa then and thinks to take his help. Payal asks Mahi to have water atleast and says you will fall weak. Mahi refuses to have anything and says Satya has done this for you and us, and
we couldn’t find him. I can’t eat anything and apologizes. She goes. Payal thinks she will die with hunger, but will not break her fast. She thinks Mahi will never get Satya and she has made all the arrangements. Mahi lights the diya infront of God. Payal calls Police Inspector and asks if the parcel is delivered. Inspector says we are going to deliver the parcel now. They beat Satya while keeping him tied in a bag. Koel thinks Mahi is praying for a thief.

Mahi tells her that Satya is not a thief and God will help her surely. Koel says your prayers might be Satya’s end. Mahi is shocked and gets teary eyes. She prays to God for Satya’s safety. Satya is in the rice bag and frees his hand and legs somehow. Payal calls Inspector and asks if the delivery is done. Inspector says we are waiting for railway gate to open then this parcel will be out of this world. Payal smirks. Satya frees himself and runs out of jeep.

Inspector informs Payal that parcel is missing. Payal asks him to find him else she will parcel him out of world. Inspector and constables look for Satya. Sunil and Kajal come to Mahi’s house. Naina asks who are you and calls watchman. Kajal says we are Satya’s sister and brother and asks what is the matter. Naina tells them everything and says Satya is in danger because of Payal. She asks them to help Mahi and bring Satya back home. Kajal thinks don’t know how is him? Sunil says we shall do something fast. Constable sees Satya running while rice bag is covered on his body. Payal calls Inspector and tells that she is reaching Naigaon.

Mahi comes out of house, and asks Kajal and Sunil what they are doing here. Kajal tells her that Satya is taken to Naigaon. Mahi asks them to sit in car. They sit in car and go towards Naigaon searching Satya. SAtya continues to run and falls down. He then stands up again to run, but Payal comes and hits him. Satya falls unconscious. Mahi’s car passes from there, but they couldn’t see Payal or Satya. Payal asks the goons to take him fast. They shift him in the police jeep. Payal says you should have shame for not been able to catch him. Satya’s bracelet falls down. Mahi tells Sunil that he got wrong info, and they shall check somewhere else. She sees Satya’s bracelet. Kajal says it is of Satya. Mahi says your info was right, may be they have shifted Satya to some other place. She determines to search Satya.

Goons beat Satya. Inspector calls Payal and tells that they have badly beaten up Satya. Payal says good, and says he shall realize what wrong he has done. She asks Inspector to tell his seniors that Satya eloped from lock up and also beaten up constables.

Satya thinks this is the good chance to escape and runs. Naina hears Payal talking to Inspector and gets shocked. She then calls Mahi and tells her that Satya’s life is in danger, and asks her to find him soon. Satya is running. Jai Durga Mata plays……….Mahi is searching for Satya on road. She stops car as she feels thirsty, then recalls that she is keeping fast for Satya and stops herself from drinking water. Naina does puja infront of God. Police and Payal’s goons run behind Satya. They see blood stains and follow it. They see Satya running. Inspector throws his stick on Satya and makes him fall down. They again beat him. Inspector says we will make you hero and takes out hotness from your blood. He is about to shoot Satya. Mahi happens to see Satya at gun point and is shocked.

Mahi throwing brick on Inspector’s hand just as he is about to shoot Satya. shouting Satya’s name. Satya gets up and starts beating police. They see other police inspector coming there and runs away. Inspector asks Mahi to take Satya home and says he will see the goons. Inspector calls Payal and informs her that Mahi managed to freed Satya. Payal scolds them and thinks she can’t let this happen. Mahi takes him in her car. Satya is injured and writhles in pain. Mahi ties safety belt and looks at him. A song Sukoon mila plays…………….Satya also looks at her. She touches his face and gets teary eyes. Satya feels pain in his head. Mahi holds his hand while the song continues to play. Satya says Mahi…Mahi says this was a big attack and
conspiracy against you. I will find out who has done this with you. Satya thinks atleast you will try to know the truth now. Mahi says you are smiling even now.

She brings him home and makes him sit on sofa. She sees blood coming out from his hand, tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. Satya is moved by her gesture. Naina comes there and is happy to see Satya. She thanks God for saving both of them, and says I am so happy. Mitul comes and asks what has happened?

Payal talks to Police and comes there. She acts and says I would have send someone with you. She calls Jamai to Satya, and folds her hand apologizing to him. She says Mahi told me that you have saved me. She says God has listened to me. Naina says no, and says God has listened to Mahi as it is her first karvachauth. Satya looks at Mahi surprisingly. Payal asks them to take rest. Naina asks them to freshen up and come to terrace, so that Mahi can open her fast. Satya thinks he needs to expose Payal. He calls Sunil and tells that they need to find that corrupt Inspector in their locality. Sunil says he will search him. Payal talks to Corrupt Inspector and asks him to catch Satya soon. Everyone come to terrace. Mahi sees Satya through the net. Tu Aata Hain seene me song plays……..She does his Tilak. Koel gets jealous. Naina smiles.

Mahi does his aarti. Satya smiles. Mahi is teary eyes, and pours water as per the ritual. Satya holds her hand and says I didn’t know that you will keep fast for me, so I have kept fast for you, and for your safety. Mahi is emotional and glad. Naina tells that it is Mahi’s first karvachauth and tells that Satya will open the blind fold on Mahi’s eyes. Satya makes Mahi drink water. Mahi also makes him drink water. They give sweet to each other. Mahi is about to touch his feet. Satya stops her and nods her no. Satya asks Payal to come and help them and tie the bandage. Payal goes to him. Mahi touches Naina and Mitul’s feet and hugs them. Satya tells Payal that whenever he gets any wound then he will ask her to apply bandage. Payal tells that she never makes the bandage loose. Satya says his bandage will open by tomorrow and thanks her.

Next day, Payal calls Inspector and thinks that Inspector should hide, and Satya shouldn’t find him. Sunil calls Satya and informs him about Inspector’s location. Satya says I will come soon. Mahi asks where you are going? Satya says I will be back and goes in a hurry. Payal thinks if he found about Inspector and calls him. She tells him something which is muted. He comes to the place and asks where is Inspector. Sunil says he is inside, and tells that his man is keeping eye on the Inspector. Satya comes inside. Inspector gets scared. Satya asks him to take him to Police station. Inspector is about to go. Satya holds him and asks him to tell truth to everyone. Meanwhile goons hit Sunil’s man and comes inside, but they couldn’t get the Inspector. Naina asks Mahi, where did Satya go? Satya pushes Inspector on floor. Mahi says he is the same inspector. Payal gets scared and thinks if he tells everything..

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