King of Hearts Tuesday update 11 February 2020


King of Hearts Tuesday update 11 February 2020

Krutika says she is saying right. Mum in law gets upset and goes. Mum in law silently comes to kitchen and have it, thinks Mahi made delicious cakes. Satya sees her eating cake and thinks to take his plan forward. She feels drowsy. Satya and Mahi scare her as ghosts. Mahi asks why you was troubling Satya and Mahi before dying. Mum in law asks if she is dead. Mahi and Satya tell that she is in hell, and threaten to send her in big hell. They ask who is behind the plan. Mum in law tells that she was doing this on boss orders and is about to tell his/her name, but just then Kareena comes and hits on her head. Mum in law faints. Satya and Mahi ask what she is doing here. Kareena says she thought to play game with them and wear superman dress. Mahi says you are looking good and asks her to sleep.

Mum in law going to meet Boss. Satya says I know that she will go and meet him. Mum in law meets her boss and says she couldn’t work for him anymore, she had that cake and then what happened with her, she doesn’t know. Satya comes there and tries to see boss’s face. Boss drives his car and hits Satya with his hand. Satya falls down on the road. Mahi runs to him and asks if he is fine. Satya says he escaped, but I got his belonging.

Mum in law meets boss again and gets slapped by him. He then hurts her hand. Mum in law says I will use Satya as my puppet and will do your work. Satya tells Mahi that he will find the person who wants to ruin them. Mahi sees same locket in Krutika’s neck in the pic, and show to Satya. Satya is shocked and says Bua can’t do this.

Krutika tells Mahi that she is making kheer for Satya. Mahi says yes, he likes it. She shows her pic with the locket and says I like its design and wants to wear it. Krutika looks at the pic and says she lost this locket and says she will message her jeweller’s address. She can order locket for her. Kareena comes and insists to come with them. Mahi and Satya take her with them. Satya and Mahi go to jeweller and show him locket. Mahi says Bua ji is not behind this. Satya says even I believe the same and says whoever is behind, I will not leave them. Jeweller tells them that he made same locket for Payal Sen Gupta. Satya and Mahi are shocked.

Other salesman tells that Kareena ran away with stolen earrings and ring. Mahi and Satya search for her. Kareena selects some saree and asks the salesman to give her. Satya buys the saree. Kareena hugs him and says she will wear this for her marriage. They come back home. Krutika tells Mahi that she got the locket in other almari, and asks her to wear it for Satya’s birthday. Satya asks my birthday. Kareena comes and gets excited hearing party. Satya asks Kareena to go to her room and enjoy icecream, snacks and etc. Kareena gets happy and goes. Mum in law thinks to take advantage of Satya in her favor and says happy birthday Satya.

Later Krutika asks Mahi, where is Karanveer. Mahi says he is getting ready. Satya comes wearing suit and makes an appearance in style. Guests compliment him and says he is looking handsome like his father Siddharth Khurana. Satya comes and touches Raj’s feet. Raj signs he is looking good. Satya asks the guest lady why she is so surprised to see him as if they met for the first time. He says you are carrying Smith brand hand bag and tells about the brand. He talks in English and asks her not to take him wrong. He asks for the cake. Krutika wishes him happy birthday. Mahi gets happy. Everyone claps for Satya. Mahi wishes him happy birthday…Satya and Mahi dance on the song oh Karam Khudaya hai…… Mum in law thinks to ruin the birthday.

Kareena watching TV and gets happy seeing wedding card of her with Nishant. She gets happy and thinks to go downstairs and see him. Satya and Mahi are dancing on the song Karam Khudaya in the party. Mum in law looks on. Shabnam comes and asks Satya, where is her Nishant. She gets hysterical and acts mad. Everyone is shocked. Satya says Nishant is not here. Kareena faints. Doctor checks Kareena and asks them to make set up of a marriage. He says may be she can get her memory back, and tells that they can’t shift her to mental hospital as she needs emotional support now. Krutika tells them that they can’t play with Kareena’s emotions and who will marry her fakely. Satya says Doctor is educated and we shall do this act. Mum in law provokes Satya and asks if he
will become fake groom. Satya says why not? This was just an act. Mum in law thinks he is stupid and innocent, is trapped in my net. Kareena is happy and tells Mahi that Nishant has returned. Mahi says yes. Krutika says I am scared. Mum in law says you are making your sautan ready for marriage, drama would be interesting to watch. She says lets wait and watch.

Mahi is upset and sad. Satya asks her to trust him and their seven vows of marriage. Kareena dressed as a bride sitting on the mandap. Pandit is reciting the mantras. Kareena is happy. Satya comes with sehra on his face and hopes Kareena becomes normal again. Pandit asks Satya to hold Kareena’s hand. They start taking pheras. Satya stops while taking pheras. Kareena asks why did you stop? He walks away and holds Mahi’s hand. He says enough of this drama, I don’t love you, but your friend. I will marry her only. Kareena says you can’t do this. Satya says I don’t love you, but loves your friend. Kareena says you are lying?

Doctor gives her injection. She pulls Satya’s sehra and sees his face before fainting. Satya asks Doctor what to do next. Doctor says lets see if she got better now. They wait for her to gain consciousness. She gains consciousness and says don’t know how did I fainted. She says sorry to Satya and refer him as Nishant. She says I am fine now and hugs him. Everyone is shocked. She says we shall have dinner before our wedding night.

Everyone is shocked. Mum in law signs Doctor. Doctor asks Kareena to take rest. Mitul takes her inside. Satya asks Doctor what is happening? Doctor says Kareena thought you as her husband now. Satya asks what nonsense? He asks why didn’t you tell us about this risk. Doctor asks him to calm down and asks him to continue the act else she might have nervous breakdown. Satya says I can’t do this act. I am a married man. Mahi asks Satya to help Kareena and tells that her mum had many favors on our family.

Kareena feels headache. Mahi offers to massage her head. Kareena pushes her. Satya holds Mahi and asks what you are doing? Kareena asks why he is so concerned about the servant? Satya says she is not servant and is about to tell about Mahi. Mum in law comes and asks what is your new drama. Kareena asks her to make tea for her. Satya comes to Mahu and gets closer.

Mahi says we have to make Kareena fine somehow. Mum in law brings tea for Kareena. Kareena throws it. Mum in law asks what you have done? Kareena says she is not in a mood to drink tea, and just said like that. She opens her cupboard and takes wine bottle. Mum in law closes the door and says if anyone sees this. Kareena says nobody will see, this house is mine also and asks her to drink wine also. Mum in law says your order is my command….and calls her BOSS. She smiles.

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