King of Hearts Tuesday Update 10 September, 2019


King of Hearts Tuesday Update 10 September, 2019

Sid, Roshni and Nani coming home, and seeing things messed up in the house. They call for Ayesha and DD. DD comes and asks Sid to bring Roshni upstairs. They see Doctor checking Ayesha. Roshni asks what did you do with her? Did you throw her in fire? DD is shocked and speechless. Roshni asks how did this happen with her. Doctor asks her to calm down and says Ayesha is fine. DD thanks him.

Roshni asks what did you do with her? I want to know? Don’t you have shame? Sid says she is your mum and you shouldn’t talk to her like this. Roshni says she is having problem with Ayesha. Ayesha asks Roshni not to scold Nani and tells everything.

A flashback is shown, Ayesha saves DD and blows off the fire by supplying water through the pipe. DD is unconscious though. Ayesha saves DD. FB ends. Roshni asks where did you get hurt? Ayesha says she is Papa’s brave girl. Sid gets emotional. Nani Maasi asks Ayesha, how did she light the fire. Sid says it is enough now. He says I am wrong here. I wanted Ayesha to spend sometime with her Nani and get her love. I wanted to take everyone to picnic as I want them to make place in each other’s heart, so I was wrong.

Roshni asks they are heartless people and don’t have heart. She says I am done with it and can’t stay anymore. She asks Ayesha to come. Sid asks her to think about adoption people. Roshni says she damn cares for them. DD stops Roshni and says I should have understood that this plan is yours. She says if anything would have happen to me, then? She asks who gave you right to play with my life. Sid looks on. DD tells Roshni that no one will leave the house, until the scores are settled. If anyone insists then they have to go overcoming her dead body. She says she is unwell. DD says if anything wrong happened to me or this girl. Sid says mistake is mine. DD says I am not done yet and asks Ayesha, why did you blown the fire. If anything would have happen to you? Roshni says she has saved your life. DD says what is the big deal? Nani looks on tensedly. Nani Maasi smiles. DD asks Roshni, why you are staring me. She says Ayesha saved her Nani’s life. DD sits and tells Ayesha, if she said right. Ayesha smiles. Nani also smiles while Nani Maasi is shocked.

DD apologizes to her, and also for troubling her. Ayesha smiles. Roshni and Sid get happy and emotional. Ayesha kisses her and says we are friends from now. Everyone smiles. DD hugs her and says love you. Roshni hugs them and smiles. Nani Maasi looks on cluelessly at DD’s decision. DD smiles. Sid says this is good, I made all the plan and got scolded. DD asks him to hold his ears and do sit ups. Ayesha claps. Sid says okay. Everyone is happy. Sid does the sits ups and apologizes. DD keeps her hand on his face. Sid is touched. Roshni smiles. Sid gets happy and thinks grah is in his favor. DD says she wants to throw a party and want to tell the society that her daughter and son in law have adopted a cute baby. Nani says what will Ayesha call me. Roshni says Badi Nani…Nani says Nani word is reserved for her and asks to suggest some other name for DD. Sid suggests Badi Maa…DD agrees. She says she will call adoption centre and asks to complete the formalities soon. Sid and Roshni are happy. Ayesha smiles. The goon looks at DD’s photo and plans to ruined her.

Sam apologizes to Krutika and says I know I have hurt you and behaved badly. Krutika says I understand that we had a bad past, but trust me that there is nothing between us. She says can I come with you both to Delhi. She says I have hurt him and haven’t spend time with him. She asks Krutika to ask Yash. Krutika says your idea sounds great. Sam hugs her and smirks. Bua Dadi shows her thumps up. Roshni tells Nani that she is tensed about Ayesha’s admission in school. DD says adoption process is done, and admission will also be completed. Sid comes and says he brought franchise of the best school in India. Roshni is surprised and says you are the best. Sid says I was thinking who will handle the school. He says Roshni loves the kids so she will handle. Roshni refuses. Sid says you are compassionate about the kids and loves them. He says you have handled NGO before, then why can’t school. HE says Sasumom is with you and I have full faith on her. DD asks what did you have it? Sid says banana. DD appreciates Sid’s move and says Roshni loves kids. Ayesha says my mumma has become teacher and hugs her. Goon talks to other goon and says it will be bad if they do any mistake. The goon says DD will be ruined. He says she will hear the echo of the slap and laughs.

DD getting the goons arrested. The Inspector thanks her. DD calls Kesar and asks him to take Inspector to have coffee. She sees a burqa clad woman hiding and asks her to lift her veil. The woman lifts her veil and starts crying. DD asks her to stop crying and asks her to tell about the goons who were behind her. The woman tells she is Shabnam, and the persons were the goons.

She tells about her marriage and tells she didn’t get a job in Dubai. She adds that agency people wanted to sell her off. She asks DD to save her. DD says it is okay. Kesar comes and asks who is she? The woman gives her necklace and tells that she snatched her necklace from the goons. DD stops her and asks her to stay at her house for tonight. The woman agrees. DD says it is going to be evening, and says you are not safe. She says you can stay at my place until we make arrangements for your stay. The woman thanks her.

Roshni asks Ayesha about her stuff which she didn’t let anybody touch. Ayesha brings her stuff. Roshni opens up the stuff and sees a photo. She is about to see the photo, but just then she hears Nani Maasi voice. Nani Maasi scolds DD for bringing a stranger home. Sid says you might have enquired about her. DD says she is scared, so that’s why I brought her here. Nani Maasi says we don’t know anything about her religion. DD says I don’t need to say anything and I don’t want to judge anyone on the basis of religion. Sid says I agree with Sasumom.

DD talks sweets with Shabnam and asks her to stay in her house till she makes arrangements for her stay. Shabnam smiles. While Sam and Krutika are having food, a waiter does something with the AC. Suddenly hot air comes from inside, and both of them faint. Shabnam talks to someone and says I have reached here. She says she will handle everything. Sam and Bua Dadi enter the room. Bua Dadi asks Sam to open Yash’s button fast. She thinks they will trap Krutika and Sid will kick her out of house.

In the night, Shabnam walks in the house secretly and looks in every room. She sees Nani Maasi sleeping in her room and then comes to Roshni’s room. She smiles looking at Ayesha. Nani Maasi catches Shabnam in Roshni’s room and gathers everyone. She asks DD to question Shabnam. DD asks what you was doing in Roshni’s room. Ayesha calls her didi and asks you are here? DD says Shabnam is hiding something from her and asks Kesar to call the Police.

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