King of hearts Thursday Update June 20th,2019

Roshni reminisces Sid taking Krutika’s side and asks Simran why did she hide this secret and asks if she knows how Krutika crashed Phatka and her under her car. Simran says she knows everything, so she asked Krutika to apologize her and DD, but DD sent her goons and kidnapped Krutika’s groom. Everyone are shocked to hear that including DD.

Sid asks Rajveer to leave him as he has to reach his family soon. Rajveer starts beating him. Simran on the other side says how will Krutika and Rajveer feel if they will know about their unborn child’s death. Samaira and Mona are shocked to hear that and asks which Rajveer she is talking about. Simran says one who divorced Samaira. Mona says she is telling lie as Rajveer did not divorce Samaira. Samaira asks what rubbish she is talking. Simran shows her divorce papers and says she is not rubbishing.

Sid takes out cycle chain and beats Rajveer till he fals down on the ground. He runs towards DD’s house. Mona on the other side asks Simran why is she taking revenge from them. Simran says DD is taking revenge by getting Rajveer kidnapped. DD says all the allegations are false. Simran says DD was always arrogant, today she broke it down and asks DD to vacate her house in 5 minutes, else she will kick her out. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

DD telling Simran that she showed her true colours and her opinion against her that she is of low class and greedy even after earning much money is right. She says she earned money by selling her son and daughter. Simran gets irked and tries to slap DD, but DD holds her hand and says she cannot dare touch her.

Simran asks her to vacate her house in 5 minutes. DD says she worked hard to earn wealth and will earn it again. Simran asks Roshni to come with her. Roshni says she will be with her mother and does not consider her as mother. She says she and Sid are a big fraud to lie always about their identity. Simran says if she walks out of this house, she cannot come back in Sid’s life. Roshni says her marriage was a big fraud and now she does not care about Sid or anyone and walks out with DD and family.

DD and family wait for a car and asks driver to bring it. Driver says new owner has told that she has bought everything. DD says Naani that she will earn everything back. Roshni says she needs only her. Naani says she does not believe Sid can do this, there must be some misunderstanding. Roshni says misunderstanding is cleared now and Sid’s true colours have come out. Pratima says they can stay at her house. Naani says Pratima is right and asks Bablu to bring cab. Bablu brings cab and sends Naani, Mona and Sam first. DD before getting into cab looks at her house once sadly and gets into car wiht Roshni.

Sid comes running, cab moves in front of him, but he does not notice DD and Roshni inside it. He comes to DD’s house and calls DD and Roshni. Simran throws DD’s photoframe on ground and says she broke DD’s arrogance today. Sid is surprised to see her and asks where is DD and her family. Simran says whatever she did is for her family and would have done long back. He asks to explain it clearly. She says she would have thought DD a lesson long back.

He asks what did she do. She says she bought DD’s whole property and everything and brought her on floor. Sid asks why did he kick out his Roshni and family. She says they are not his family, but she and Raj are. He asks who is this greedy woman standing in front of him who ruined her son’s happiness. She says she safeguarded his happiness instead. Raj comes and scolds Simran for stoop too low and says DD gave her property papers with a high faith to Sid, but she transferred it in her home and made Sid culprit now.

DD asks Simran why did she transfer DD’s property in her name and made him culprit now, DD must be thinking he was waiting for her property. He says she would have thought about Roshni as she thought her always as her daughter. She says Krutika is her daughter and Roshni went with DD ignoring her. Sid says she ruined his life in Krutika’s blind love and says Roshni is his life and will be always, he will get her back at any cost. He walks out followed by Raj leaving Simran irked.

DD’s lawyer telling her that Khurana’s have transferred all her property with her given documents, so even if she files a court case, Khurana’s will win. DD feels betrayed and dejected. Roshni tries to calm her down. DD says she believed Sid and gave her property papers, but he betrayed her and transferred it in his name. Roshni says he even betrayed his own wife and she will not forgive him.

Sid sadly walks on the road reminisces his first meeting with Roshni, proposal, marriage, romantic moments, etc. He starts running searching DD and family and ask people about them. He calls Roshni, but her phone is switched off. He thinks he cannot live without Roshni and has to find out where she is. He starts running again.

Krutika gets out of coma and asks if Rajveer is fine. Rajveer who is sitting next to her starts acting and says he is fine, but be cannot save their child. She asks if he is telling lie and tells Simran that it cannot be. She hugs both agony aunt Simran and crook Rajveer and starts crying. Rajveer asks her to control herself. Simran asks Rajveer to control himself. Rajveer thanks her for helping them. She says a mother always helps their children and if something would have happened to her children, she would not have forgiven herself.

She says she will not let DD, Roshni, or even Sid ruin their happiness and will stand against Sid. Rajveer says we all will get Sid out of his sorrows and will not let him meet Roshni. She says good bless you and leaves. He smirks and thinks he will take care of Khurana’s business and will not let Sid and Roshni unite.

Naani says DD that she does not believe Sid can betray them. Roshni says she does not want to hear Sid’s name again. Pratima asks her to talk to him once, maybe he is not wrong. Roshni asks her to not take his name again and says she did not believe her mom, and as her mom says, he is very poor ehtically and she came in his sugary talks, now she does not want him back in her life. Sid comes there and asks if she is telling by heart or by brain.

DD says naani that her jamai has come and says Sid that this house is her devrani/Pratima’s and he cannot grab it. Sid says he came to meet her. She says he is thinking wrong, he does not have any known person her, he got her daughter married to a middle class guy, not a rich guy like him, so he should stop his emotional drama. He says he wants them to listen to her. She says there is nothing to explain and he can get out. Roshni says he is telling right, they should listen to him. She asks him what he will explain. She says she made a mistake by believing him and asks him to tell his cooked up story. She asks if everything was planned, his chawl home, etc.

She asks why did he play with her emotions and said he does not want to see a day where he has to separate from her, said their both families will unite, but his family brought her family on road and asks him to look at his family once. He asks him to remember that had a relationship with them and asks him to explain how he betrayed them, asks o get lost. He asks her to take out his went and tell whatever she likes. She slaps him. DD and Naani are shocked to see that.