King of Hearts Thursday update 9 January 2020


King of Hearts Thursday update 9 January 2020

Mahi coming out of her house. Dhawal’s goons are waiting for her, and the moment she comes out, they give her injection and make her smell chloroform. Mahi gets unconscious. They take her in car. Satya happens to see goons taking Mahi in car and gets angry. He follows the car on a cycle parked there by, but falls down. Goons bring Mahi somewhere. Dhawal asks them to start the camera and says this thing will be seen by the world. He says she was ruining my respect, but now world will see her respect ruined. He laughs. Satya gets up and rides cycle again. Dhawal removes Mahi’s scarf. Satya reaches there and holds Mahi’s scarf which Dhawal have thrown out from the window. He looks on angrily. Dhawal removes her shirt while she is still unconscious. Goons are recording them
on mobile. Satya comes there and knocks on the door. He beats the goons. Dhawal is shocked. He covers Mahi with blanket, and beats Dhawal and the goons. He asks how dare you to touch Mahi and says I will kill you. Mahi gains consciousness. Dhawal sees her and asks her to run away else Satya will catch her once again. Satya asks Mahi, are you fine. Dhawal holds Satya and tells Mahi that Satya gave her injection and brought her here. Mahi is shocked..

Koel reaches there and says Dhawal called me here. She says why are doing here. Satya says Dhawal and her goons brought you here, and asks her not to believe Dhawal or Koel. He says they are lying. Mahi slaps Satya. Koel and Dhawal smirks. Mahi calls him cheap man and says I never thought you will fall to this extent and says I will marry Dhawal surely now, even God can’t stop this marriage. She says it was good that your truth came out. She says Dhawal was always right and says she will marry Dhawal. Koel smiles and goes. Dhawal tells Satya, if he enjoyed and says I had fun. He leaves. Satya is in shock.

Mahi comes back home and says marriage will happen tomorrow as Mamma planned. Naina is shocked. Payal says you were always right, Dhawal is good. She says I will marry Dhawal only. Koel and Payal smiles. Mitul wonders what is happening? Payal announces that marriage will happen tomorrow. Dhawal smiles. Naina thinks to talk to Satya now itself. Payal blesses Mahi. She talks to Neil’s pic and says your daughter will get married, I will get back the property and then I will kick you both from this house (mean photos). She sees Mahi coming and starts acting talking to Ria and Neil. She says I miss you both and cries fakely. Mahi falls in her trap and says you are best mom of this world. She hugs her and says nothing is important to me than your happiness. Payal says I will be happy when I see you happy. Dhawal comes and asks can I call you mom. He hugs her too. Payal is irked, but bears him. Satya is angry. He tells Naina that Payal and Mahi should listen to him. Naina asks him to get proofs against Dhawal so that he can prove his truth. Satya decides to expose Dhawal before Mahi.

Dhawal gets call from his friend asking him to come to party before his marriage. Dhawal agrees to come and says he will practice for the wedding night tonight and laughs. Satya is seen keeping fake gun on Dhawal’s friend head making him call Dhawal. Satya smiles.

Dhawal comes to the party and dances with a girl. He asks the girls to have a drink before going to room. He calls waiter…..Satya says yes sir…he thinks your drink and dulhaniya is coming, which is not going to be yours

Naina gets emotional and tells Mahi that who will take care of her and take her to have icecream. Mahi says I will come and meet you, and will also take you to have your favorite icecream. She gets emotional too. They come to have icecream at the hotel for a mid night icecream party. Mahi says we used to go to chaupati and asks why did we come here. Satya gives wine to Dhawal. Dhawal asks the girl to come with him and says he will take her to heaven. Naina tells Mahi that they will take lift and pick one of her friend too. Mahi says okay. Dhawal takes girl to room. Satya in disguise of a waiter comes to room. Dhawal asks him to keep the tray and leave, and says he wants the room to be vacant. Mahi and Naina are on the way. Door opens. Satya thinks Mahi have reached here and
thinks now you can’t marry. Payal comes there and slaps Dhawal. She asks how dare you? Satya thinks it is good that his truth come out infront of sasumom.

Payal throws water on his face and says she don’t want her plan to be ruined before tomorrow. She says you can do anything after your marriage. Satya is shocked. Dhawal asks Payal to relax and says everything is under control. Mahi will not come here. He asks her to drink wine with him. Payal says I will drink when you gets married to her, and then our plan will be successful. She asks him to hold Mahi tightly and says she won’t have any hurdles to come. Satya thinks Payal and Dhawal are together and Mahi doesn’t know. He records their conversation in his phone. Payal asks the girl to go, and not to meet Dhawal for few days.

Satya prays God please send mahi here. Payal hears Mahi sneezing and and hides with Dhawal. Naina says she has an allergy with rose and asks the man to keep it far. Satya nods Naina that they have gone. Naina tells Mahi to come, and says her friend is staying at some other hotel. Satya sees the recording and thinks it is not clear. He thinks Mahi doesn’t know her mum is pushing her to hell and thinks if she marries Dhawal then her life will be ruined. He determines to do something. He comes to meet Mahi. Mahi doesn’t listen to him and asks him to go. She is about to fall, but Satya holds her…They have an eye lock while a song plays………….Dekha Hazaron Dafa Aapka…….She recalls Dhawal telling that Satya is a bad guy and wanted to do bad with her and was clicking her pics. She asks him to go. Satya asks her to see a video and you will know about your mum.

Mahi breaks the phone and warns him not to say anything against her mum. She asks him to get lost. Satya asks what you have done. This was the last proof with me. He tells Naina everything and says Mahi’s life will be ruined if she gets married. Naina says payal hates Mahi. Satya says I heard them talking about their plan and there is something big going on. Naina says she is meeting lawyer for the redevelopment, and kept papers in the locker. Satya thinks to unlock the locker and know the secret. Payal makes Mahi wear her necklace. Mahi says why you are giving your necklace to me. Payal says whatever is mine is yours, and thinks whatever is yours is mine. She thinks once you get married, everything will be mine. She tries to tight the necklace lace. Mahi feels suffocation and gets hurt.

Payal says she is stressed about marriage. Koel comes and sees necklace in Mahi’s hand. She says it is our marriage necklace and says it is mine. Why did you give it to her. She snatches necklace from her hand. Payal says Mahi is my elder daughter. Koel asks her to do whatever she wants. Mahi gets teary eyes. Satya looks at the locker and thinks secret will be unlocked today. He stops Koel and apologizes to her. He says I did a mistake, and want to rectify all my mistake. We will forget enmity and talk about love. Koel agrees. Satya says I am sad and you are also sad. He says lets go and have wine. Will you come on a date with me. Satya and Koel are drinking in a hotel. Koel says you are so good, but that aunty is very bad. Satya thinks to stop Mahi’s marriage somehow and thinks to know about the locker. Koel says Mahi got my mum’s necklace. Satya says it is your stuff, and asks her to go when Mahi was sleeping and take out necklace from the almari. He asks do you have locker pin. Koel looks on.

Satya following Koel, as she goes to Payal’s room. Mahi thinks about Satya asking her to see video of her mum and know her truth. She hears someone’s footsteps. Koel looks at Payal, and opens the locker typing the pin. Satya sees the pin and thinks Koel is useful to him. Koel takes necklace from the locker and wears it. She admires herself. Satya comes inside and takes the papers from the locker. Mahi comes there and shouts thief. She holds Koel. Payal wakes up and scolds Koel for wearing necklace. Payal checks the locker and sees papers in it. She locks locker. Mahi asks Payal not to scold Koel and suspects Satya’s hand. Satya recalls about reading the papers and hopes his wish should be fulfilled. During Mahi’s haldi rasam. Satya looks for Payal, and wonders where is
she? He looks at Mahi. Mahi also sees him. Tu Mera Khuda plays…………….Satya closes his eyes….

Mahi comes and keeps hand on his shoulder, asking if he is trying to do any problem. Payal comes and asks her to come, says everyone is waiting for the haldi. Satya says haldi is strange thing, it can change wolf’s face etc. He says it can hide face and the upper veil of the face. Payal asks Mahi to come. Mahi sits for her haldi ritual. Payal feels he knows something. Satya thinks this mum will go to her room now, and starts the countdown. .

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