King of Hearts Thursday Update 28 November 2019


King of Hearts Thursday Update 28 November 2019

Raj asks Kritika to bring water. She brings water and extinguishes the fire.
Neil says I’ve seen Aanya isn’t happy with u. Sid makes faces like he’s irritated. Neil says I know him very well when Naina questions him. He says now he’s irritating her and doesn’t let my sister live in peace. Sid says have had enough of ur nonsense. I’m not interested. Sid says you don’t know anything. The doc comes and asks who is Aanya’s husband. The doc says the girl wants to talk to her husband.

Sid goes in. The doc says all will be fine.sid says Aanya I’m very very sorry I shouldn’t have been so harsh. But Aanya I didn’t know what to do. Aanya says I had told that day don’t save me. Sid says nothing is complicated when Aanya says everything is complicated she says I’m pregnant. He’s shocked. She is crying. He is shocked

Aanya says I’m going to have a children’s father has left me. Aanya says there’s a way , if we get aarav all will be fine or else I’ll die. Sid says I’ll get him back but u have to promise me that u won’t let Neil and Ragini get engaged. She asks why , how is it connected. He folds hands in front of her and she agrees.

Sid comes and says she’s fine. He goes , roshni comes in. Roshni says please stop this. Sid says u should stop ur rash decisions and ur irrational behaviour. Your mom knew of it and I’m just fulfilling her promise to take care of u. I’ll prove that I’m right , I was never wrong , I never moved on. You’re spoiling four lives. Roshni sees him going. Roshni says I know how to stop all this.

Neil shouts on Naina coz they are preparing for party when Aanya is I’ll. Neil thinks there’s a problem. He goes. Ragini comes in.

Naina shows her the ring. Roshni shows band aid in ring finger. They make her wear ring in right.

Mami asks Ragini if she knows of jamai. Naina asks her not to speak nonsense. Sid asks for passenger details for a person on a flight. Sid says please tell.

Sid arrives distraught in the hospital, and tries to look around for aarav, and enquires about the icu from the nuse. when shown the way, he finds aarav in the ICU. a man places his hand on his shoulder, and asks if he knows aarav. he complies. the man takes sid to his family, and after introduction, they ask him how does he know aarav, as he has never seen him. sid hesitated and says that he is Aarav and Aliya’s friend. his mother squirms at the mention of her name, and asks him not to speak of her, since the day she has met her son, he has been facing one problem after the other, and now has landed in a coma. he is tensed but remainds silent. Sid wonders how would aarav and aliya meet now, as he is in a coma.

Sid’s mother gets a call from neel’s mother, Naina telling about her son’s engagement with Ragini Desai, and she is super thrilled. she talks about the haste that her son is in. she asks and invites her to come in the evening, and she readily complies. then she asks about their Jamai Raja, and she says that sid must be out preparing for his brother in law’s marriage definitely. they cancel the call. she is ecstatic that her prayers were heard and now everything shall be alright.

Meanwhile, Aliya vomits, and meetu again catches her like that, and then finds her sucking a lemon, and starts jotting the clues together. aliya is oblivious. she calls neel and tells him about how aliya’s condition is worsening, and sheis vomitting now even. he gets the wrong idea, and thinks that she must have been given oily food yet again, due to which she has stomach disorder. she is frustrated that he didnt get her message, as he leaves.

By the evening, neel’ mother is being thorough with the preparations, and they hear the sound of a band approaching, and wonders who is it. in walks sid’s mother with a plate full of gifts, for the bride to be, and presents the idea to naina, that they can have a double wedding, of aliya as well as neel’s in the same aisle, with their better halves. naina loves the idea. sid’s mother says that tonight in the engagement function, they can even announce it too. naina hollers for ragini, and when she walks in, ragini aka roshni is shocked to see sid’s mother. they have an awkward meeting, as naina introduces them to each other, two people who very well know each other. ragini complies, and takes sid’s mother’s blessings, and then thanks her, and asks why was this needed. Naina finds it weird, and points out as to how she is still aunty, whereas aliya’s mother is mother instantly. All are tensed. sid’s mother says that ragini is merely being shy, and then distracts everyone from the topic, and talks about the double wedding to roshni. she smiles, and says that it must be wonderful for everyone. meetu again senses some awkwardness and understands that there is soemthing going on between ragini and sid’s mother. sid’s mother enquires about aliya, and she is told aliya is sick. she hands the gifts to roshni, who takes them tensedly. naina hurriedly adds that its just slight weakness.

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