King of Hearts Thursday Update 24 October 2019


King of Hearts Thursday Update 24 October 2019

Roshni telling Sid that she couldn’t remember anything and is feeling as if her nerves will rupture. She calls him Siddharth. Sid holds her and says you have called me by the name Siddharth as this name is part of you, your life, your soul and etc. He says your memory is returning slowly.

He asks her to join the broken images and conclude. Just then Shabnam comes there and sees a man keeping hand on Roshni’s shoulder. Sid sees Shabnam and goes from there. Shabnam asks Roshni if Sid came there. Roshni says this can’t happen and looks for Sid. Shabnam thinks once again Sid have managed to meet her, and thinks this can’t happen again.

Sid comes to house and wears saree and Jyoti’s hairs and accessories. Bansi comes there and asks why she is wearing man’s shoes. Jyoti tells that she is having old thinking and says she is jogging in sports shoes. She asks her to promise that she will do exercise with her. Bansi refuses and goes.

DD and Nani come to the hospital. DD shows photo of Shabnam and tries to enquire about her. Ward boy recognizes her, but says he doesn’t know. Nani sees Roshni’s report and shows it to DD. DD is about to read it, just then a man comes and snatches report from her hand saying it is his daughter’s report. DD apologizes and goes. The man tells ward boy that they are saved today and have to inform Shabnam about it.

Roshni talks to Jyoti Tai and says she doesn’t feel good with Kunal and don’t feel like husband and wife relation with him. She says she feels for Siddharth and he seems to be her near one. She hugs Jyoti. He says when there is more problems in your life and your mind give up, then you shall listen to your heart. She says that boy is entering your heart slowly, and if your heart says that you shall meet him then you should meet him. Roshni hugs her and says I feel good with you too, just like I feel with Siddharth. Sid hugs her and says me too. Sid calls Raj and tells him that Roshni is nearing to gain her memory back and called him Siddharth today. Raj asks him to be positive.

Premal brings film tickets and asks Jyoti to come along with him. Jyoti says I can’t leave without Roshni. Premal says I have done arrangement for her also. Bansi tells Roshni that she understands her and takes her somewhere. She falls down in the muddy water and goes to wash her face. Raj, Simran and Sid are there. Simran says Roshni is alone. Roshni reminiscences Sid giving her bracelet and smiles. Just then Sid comes there and tries to make her remember him. Roshni says her nerves feel like rupturing when she tries to recollect. They have an eye lock and romance follows while a song plays……………Tum ho pass mere…..Bansi comes back and looks for Roshni. Simran and Raj are shocked. Raj calls Sid and asks him to leave from there. Sid tells Roshni that her memory will be regained soon. Bansi comes and asks Roshni if Sid came here. Shabnam asks her to tell. Bansi raises hand on Roshni to slap her, but Sid holds her hand and asks her to take her hand back. He warns her not to raise her hand on Roshni again and says he will meet Roshni again and again as she is his.

Sid telling Bansi that he will meet Roshni again and again and she is his. Shabnam says our plan worked. I told you that Roshni is meeting Sid from many days. Bansi says you lied to me, how dare you. Come home, we will decide there. She takes Roshni from there forcibly. Simran and Raj worries. Raj says our plan has flopped. Sid says everything will be fine. I have to go to DD now, and I won’t let them do anything wrong. Bansi twists Roshni’s ear and asks her to say. Kunal says you was blaming me that day, but you was romancing with him although you are married to me. He asks where did he touch you, tell me. Bansi raises her hand and says who will save you now? Jyoti Tai comes and holds Bansi’s hand. Roshni hugs her and cries. Jyoti asks how you are behaving with this girl. Bansi says you are just a servant and asks her to be in limits. Kunal asks Roshni to take out the bracelet given by Sid, and breaks it. Shabnam announces that Roshni and Kunal will marry after 5 days, and the functions will start from tomorrow, till then Roshni will be locked in her room. Bansi says Shabnam said right. Roshni will not step out of room and she will not say again then Kunal is not her husband. Bansi hurts Roshni and says she will cut Sid into pieces if she ever think of meeting him. Roshni cries and says she will do as she says. Jyoti/Sid feels bad.

Later Sid tells DD that he doesn’t know what to do? He says Roshni was about to gain memory, but they locked her in room. DD says she doesn’t know. Sid says I need some idea, black magic etc. DD says there was Kunal’s sister, and they misbehaved with her, and she died. I didn’t know if she died natural death or murdered by them. Sid gets an idea. Simran tells Raj to give sarees to Sid.

Just then they see Shabnam coming. Shabnam tells them that Roshni is going to marry in 5 days and that’s why she came to give card. Simran throws the sweets and card on ground. Shabnam calls Sid and asks Simran to send Sid as she will feel good. She insults them.

Bansi asks Kunal to make Roshni wear the bangles as today is auspicious day. Premal imagines gifting bangles to Jyoti Tai. Just then they hear Roshni’s shout. They go to her room and sees Jyoti in a ghosty avatar. Jyoti says you will marry my brother. I won’t let you live. Premal says Purvi…..Bansi is shocked. Premal asks why did you get into Jyoti’s body. Purvi/Jyoti says I won’t leave her also. She says you want to watch film with her….and says Darna mana hain. She makes scary face. Kunal asks who are you? Jyoti says I am your sister. He says you want to marry after ruining my life. She says I won’t let this marriage happen. Everyone gets tensed. Jyoti says until my soul gets peace, I won’t let happiness enter this home. Bansi asks Premal to do something. Premal reads the tantric mantras. Jyoti acts as Purvi left her body. Premal says this anger is not good. Jyoti cuts his plan. Premal gets shocked and says blood is coming out. Premal hides behind Bansi. Nani goes to bring Gangajal. Jyoti as Purvi says you have killed me, now it is my turn. I won’t leave anyone. Nani sprinkles gangajal on Jyoti. She pretends to faint.

Premal tells Bansi that they are getting punished for their crimes and says Purvi’s soul have come here following us. Shabnam says I know this drama family, and says they are acting. Bansi says you don’t know a ghost’s strength and says Jyoti has thrown Kunal on floor although she is a woman. She says they will do the puja for Purvi’s soul peace and then Kunal’s marriage will happen. Shabnam says she will enquire about her. Premal asks her to leave his family. DD hears them and thinks to inform Jyoti.

Jyoti cries and apologizes. She says it was not me. Roshni says I know you didn’t do any mistake. Jyoti says I am very scared and asks Roshni to be with her. Roshni hugs her and says I won’t leave you. DD looks at them and says I won’t get a Jamai like you even if I searched in the entire world. She says Roshni is with you after losing her memory. She says I hate (fakely) you Sid…and blesses them.

Shabnam wonders what is Jyoti Tai’s drama. She says how did she know about Kunal’s sister and her death. She thinks DD and Sid went to Nerona and opines that they are together. Pandit ji do the puja. Bansi asks him to do puja for her grand daughter’s soul peace. He recites mantras again and asks them to put something in havan. He tells them not to get the marriage done till Puranmasi and says until then there are lot of troubles.

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