King of Hearts Thursday Update 10 October, 2019


King of Hearts Thursday Update 10 October, 2019

DD thinking about Bansi’s threat that she will reveal the secret to Roshni which will shatter her. Just then Bansi comes to her and asks her to do something if she want to hide the secret. She sits on DD’s chair and asks her to do something. DD says Roshni will never agree. Bansi says your daughter have to agree if not with her wish, then forcibly. You have to do this being her mum. Roshni sees her room locked and asks who has locked my room. Bansi says she has locked and asks her to sleep with Kunal in his room.

Roshni is shocked. Premal comes and asks her to agree. Roshni asks him to stop nonsense and asks for keys. DD comes. Bansi asks her to make her understand. Roshni asks for keys. Bansi eyes DD angrily. DD says okay and says Roshni and Sid can’t stay in one room.

Roshni asks what happened? DD asks her to come to her room. Sid agrees with DD and asks Roshni to understand. Roshni says I can’t believe this. Kunal sits down on bansi’s feet and asks her to agree. He says they are not wrong. Bansi says okay and says they can’t stay in one room. Roshni is angry and asks if they are happy. Sid asks her to trust him. DD thanks Sid. Sid asks her not to worry. DD says I really hope so. Sid looks on.

Bansi and Premal are having beetal leaves/paan. Bansi tells if the supari is not mixed in paan in proper equation then it doesn’t tastes good. She says Sid always stand with DD like a shield, and says what will happen if DD doubts on him and thinks he is not right for her. Premal says you are great. Premal likes the idea and says DD will give Roshni’s hand in our Kunal’s hand, and laughs. Roshni sleeps in DD’s room and feels disgusted at her decision. DD tries speaking to her, but in vain. Later in night, someone pulls her blanket. She turns and sees Sid beside her. DD is also sleeping at corner. Roshni gets angry at him for agreeing. He says this chudail will not agree and he shall explain to her. He lifts her and takes her outside. Bansi hears their noise and gets up. Sid makes her sit on chair and says she is heavy. Roshni asks why he is showing love. Sid asks why she went to sleep with her mum and says he will spend some time with her. Bansi comes there. Roshni asks what do he need? Sid asks for kiss. Roshni says not allowed. Tujhe yaad karliya hai… plays……They are about to get intimate, just then they hear someone coming.

Sid opens his eyes and sees Bansi coming. He hides. Roshni opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Bansi sitting. Bansi asks why she is acting like duck. Roshni says because I like Duck. Bansi says if someone is here. Roshni nods no. Bansi calls Premal. Premal and her daughter come there. Bansi tells she was making face like a duck. Sid comes from his room and asks if they don’t get sleep in night. He pretends to be sleepy, and asks Roshni what she is doing there near the pool side. Bansi looks on suspiciously.

He asks if there is jagran at home and yawns..He says can’t a jamai take a jamai. Bansi looks on doubtfully. Sid says he is coming from his room and talks about their values. Bansi asks her bahu to take Roshni to DD’s room. Sid goes to sleep.

Shaku imagines herself with Raj, and dreams about Raj admiring her beauty. She gets Raj’s call and gets happy hearing his voice. She imagines Raj singing Tune Maari Entriyan…….Raj asks her to give call to DD, Sid or Roshni. Shaku hears the bell ring and goes without giving call to anyone. Bansi rings the bell. DD asks what happened? Bansi throws gangajal on DD and asks Premal to sprinkle gangajal on the place where DD has step her feet. DD is shocked. Premal sprinkles gangajal everywhere. Bansi says you are a widow and asks her not to forget that. She says you have made the place impure and asks her to move back from the temple area. DD steps back. Roshni thinks how can DD tolerate the nonsense silently.

Bansi calling Roshni and takes her to inhouse temple area. She asks her to do aarti from today. Roshni says she will never do what she asked her to do, as she has disrespected her mum. Bansi says you will not do aarti alone, but with Kunal. Roshni feels disgusted. She asks Kunal to hold Roshni’s hand. Kunal is hesitant, but holds her hand. Sid looks on helplessly. Roshni takes back her hand angrily and says if I do Puja then I will do with my husband Sid. Sid smiles. Roshni goes near Sid and brings him there. Bansi thinks she will teach her a lesson and signs Parimal. Parimal adds something in the aarti thaal. Sid and Roshni pray to God. They take the aarti plate. Parimal signs Bansi that the work is done. Sid lights the match stick, and the fire catches all over the plate hurting their hands. DD says both of your hands are burnt. Bansi says it is inauspicious thing to happen. They see the plate burning still. Later Bansi tells DD that it is done by God as he don’t want Sid and Roshni to be together. DD says I don’t believe on all this. Bansi says truth is that they can’t be together. DD folds her hands and asks Bansi to go from their lives. Bansi sits down thinking about her next conspiracy.

Sid apologizes to Roshni. Roshni says it was an accident and asks him not to get sad. He apoligizes again and again and kisses her hand. Kunal comes and says I should apologize. He says Bansi Baa shouldn’t have done this and says he is trying to make the things better, but it will take time. Roshni thanks Kunal shocking Sid. She says atleast your intentions is not bad. Sid feels something is wrong. Roshni tells Sid that Kunal looks sensitive and clean at heart. Sid thinks he needs to find out. Bansi tries to instigates DD against Sid and says Kunal is best match for Roshni and calls Ravan to Sid.

DD tells Bansi that your perception is different and says no one can understand what Sid means for us. She says Sid and Roshni are meant to be together. She says whatever has happened today might have done by someone or can be an accident. Bansi thinks to do something to take DD in her words. She says DD will make Sid far from Roshni. Sid is still thinking. Raj comes to her and asks what is going on? He asks him to tell. Sid asks him not to do anything, and says I will need you later, till then keep blessing me. Raj says my blessings are with you since you was born.

Shakuntala comes and collides with Raj. She falls in the pool and tells poetry. Sid asks him to pull her out of pool, and be cool. Raj asks her to sing song and takes her out of pool. Shakuntala imagines herself with Raj. She tells Poetry again. Raj says I will be back in sometime. Sid thinks Shakuntala is getting flirty at 40 and thinks to know from her. He calls Pinto and asks him to keep enquiring. Pinto tells him that he came to know that Bansi and his family went to city to get their bahu. He says there is a influential land lord here and everyone gets afraid of him. He tells about Parimal’s astrology and blind faith. Sid gets an idea and asks him to inform him.

Parimal’s phone rings. He asks Roshni to pick the phone. Roshni asks if he thought of her as a servant and gives the phone. Parimal gets happy hearing the good news and says it is Gupta ji’s call. He tells we got 2 acres of land because you have picked the call, and says you are Lakshmi’s avatar. Roshni thinks he is unbelievable. Sid hears him and thinks to make friendship with him. He comes to him and says he came to know that he is a good astrologer. Parimal says yes. Sid asks him to bless him and says his wife can leave him anytime.

Parimal says you want to ruin our life. Sid calls him guru ji and says I have given you a high place in my life. Parimal asks him not to waste time. Sid says this Shishya came to meet you first time and brought dakshina for you. Parimal’s eyes pop out seeing the money. Sid keeps bundle of notes on the table and says I will take it back as I am inauspicious. Parimal says I shall accept your talk, and asks him to bring kundli. Sid says okay and says he will bring Kundli. He gives the money. Parimal thinks Roshni is really lakshmi.