King of Hearts Sunday update 8 December 2019


King of Hearts Sunday update 8 December 2019

Neil hearing Mitul saying Ragini is actually Roshni. He asks what you was saying? shouts and asks her to tell. Mitul says she is Roshni Khurana. Neil is shocked. Ragini comes home. Naina asks her about Neil. Ragini says she doesn’t know. Naina asks her to get ready for puja. Ragini thinks she has to tell this before puja. Neil comes then. Naina says you got late and asks him to change the clothes. Neil says first I have to talk to Ragini and takes her to room. Sid asks Anya not to worry and says we will talk to Ragini and Neil. Anya says even if they agree, then what about maa. She says Naina is doing all the arrangements and says she don’t want anything happen to her. She tells Sid that let her do this and goes. Ragini tells Neil that she wants to tell him something, but couldn’t. She says trust me, I don’t want to keep you in dark. I tried to inform you, but…..Neil says that you met Siddharth Khurana suddenly here. Ragini is shocked. She asks did you know this? Neil says you shouldn’t have waited this long to tell me. He says your name is Roshni Khurana. Roshni is shocked. Simran thinks what will happen if Mitul tells everything to Neil. She says she can’t let Roshni come back to Sid life again and calls Mitul.

Neil holds her hand and tells Roshni that their present is also precious. He says I am upset that why didn’t you tell me before. He says if you want, then I can return your ring, but I want you to wear wedding ring. Roshni thinks Neil is ready to accept her after knowing her truth. Neil asks will you marry me? Roshni thinks about Simran’s words that Anya is pregnant.

Anya brings Sid to lawyer. He asks her to sign on the papers and asks him not to worry saying this is just fake papers of marriage. Sid is confused. Anya seems to be conspiring with Simran and asks him to trust her. Sid signs on the marriage papers without knowing its truth. Roshni agrees to marry Neil and cries hugging him. Neil asks her to stop crying and says this stress would have gone if you had told me before. He says we will marry today itself. Roshni says today….Neil says Pandit ji is here and mahurat is also good. Roshni says how? Neil says today only and goes to talk to Naina. Roshni thinks if I have to move on then I shall marry Neil today itself. She thinks something is wrong somewhere and says she can’t ruin Sid and Anya’s life. Lawyer tells Sid that you both are husband and wife for the world. Naina gets happy knowing about Neil’s decision and informs Pandit ji. Simran calls Mitul and says you hav misunderstood whatever had happened in the hospital.

Mitul asks her to come and see what has happened and smirks. Sid tells Anya that it was not required. Naina calls Anya and asks her to come home fast. Anya says what happened? She informs Sid. Sid asks her to sit in car. He is worried. Anya says may be something good is happening. Roshni gets ready for the marriage. Mitul knocks on the door and asks Ragini to open the door. Anya calls Roshni and Neil, and says their call is not connecting. Roshni opens the door. Naina looks on happily. They bring Roshni and make her sit beside Neil for the marriage. Anya asks Sid to stop the car. Sid asks what happened. Pandit ji asks Neil and Ragini to exchange garlands. They oblige. Anya gets down the car and vomits. Sid gets concerned. Anya gets unconscious. Sid drives the car. Neil takes a pinch of sindoor and fills Roshni’s maang shocking Sid and Anya.

Roshni and Neil getting married. Roshni thinks she has done this for everyone betterment and now everyone will be happy. Naina says marriage has happened in a hurry. Sid says when you have news for us, then we are also having good news, and says they got married. Neil says you both are already married naa. Naina says no, and says she has hidden this truth from him. Neil asks why and is upset with him. Roshni thinks if there are many secrets hidden from her. Naina asks why can’t they wait for marriage. Sid says just as you couldn’t wait. Sid says we couldn’t wait as Anya is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Naina scolds Sid. Simran comes and asks Naina for forgive Sid and Anya, when they want to rectify the mistake. She says Anya is like her daughter Neil asks what is the proof? Sid shows them proof. Everyone is sad. Simran says we should be happy and celebrate, and asks newly weds to take elders’ blessings. Roshni, Neil, Sid and Anya take elders’ blessings. Simran goes to kitchen to get sweets. She asks how this is happened?

Mitul says Neil is sensitive and married in a hurry. She asks her not to tell Sid, Anya, or Naina know about Roshni’s past. She recalls telling Neil that Roshni was earlier married to Sid’s cousin and was not happy in a bad marriage. They take sweets. Mitul thinks that her plan is fool proof. Simran makes Neil and Roshni have sweets. Roshni enters Naina’s house after grah pravesh rasam. Simran says my bahu’s grah pravesh is remaining and invites everyone for party at her house. Naina gets emotional and says one daughter came and other is leaving from here. She asks Anya and Sid to give shagun plate to Roshni. They give. Sid looks shattered.

Roshni keeps on looking at Sid. Sid also looks at her. Naina asks Ragini to wear some bangle and says it is a sign of your marriage. Raj tells that they shall leave now. Sid is shattered and is about to leave. Naina stops them. Simran says we can stay here for some more time, and even Sid and Anya will stay, afterall Ragini is now Anya’s bhabhi. Tumko Chaha Chaha plays…………as Naina does Neil and Ragini’s aarti.

Neil promises to Ragini that he will take care of her happiness, and there will be no curtain of lie between them, and asks her to accept him and his family with true heart.

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