King of Hearts Sunday update 26 January 2020


King of Hearts Sunday update 26 January 2020

Mahi and Satya join them to play football. While they were playing
football, Mahi makes Satya’s team lose with her romance. Satya says this is cheating. Gangu Tai says she is clever. Satya and Mahi romance continues while they are playing football. Satya romances with Mahi to make her lose the game. Aleena tries to interrupt them. Satya wins. Mahi says this is cheating. She goes to drink water. Gangu Tai thinks she has to be careful and wonders if she really saw Payal.

Mahi drinks water and shouts Satya…save me. Satya runs to saveher and sees her falling down from the cliff. Payal holds Mahi’s hand and tries to pull her, but she couldn’t. Satya holds Mahi’s hand and saves her. Mahi hugs Satya and cries. Payal makes an innocent face. Satya asks what you are doing here? He asks if you have done this? Payal says no. Gangu Tai says I saw her, but kept quiet thinking it is a misunderstanding. She slaps Payal and says you have pushed Mahi and then acted to save her. Payal says no. Gangu Tai warns her and says if you try to harm Mahi then I won’t leave her. Payal tells Satya and Mahi that they have kept snake/enemy in their house. Mahi says you are snake in the sleeve.

Satya asks someone to bring water. Aleena says she will bring from the car and goes. She breaks the glass with her foot and adds glass pieces in the water. She says I will see you in pain now. Sunil asks Satya and Mahi to leave, and says he will bring Aleena there. Payal comes and snatches bottle from Aleena’s hand. Aleena says if you will ruin my planning and says she will separate Mahi and Satya. I will get Satya and not leave Mahi.

Payal looks on and says my doubt was right, so you are the one who is trying to harm Mahi. She says nobody can harm Mahi until I am here. Aleena laughs and says unbelievable…heart changed. She says you are right, and says that is me only….A fb is shown, Aleena opens the wires In their hotel room and puts it near the circuit box. She then makes heavy stone fall on Mahi, and try to throw knife on Mahi, but stops seeing Gangu Tai, then pushes Mahi. Fb ends.

Aleena asks Payal what is wrong with you today. Payal says that was my past and now I want to rectify my mistakes. Aleena says I won’t give you a chance, I am a thunderstorm, don’t try to stop me. She says your past will not leave you and nobody will trust you. Payal asks how dare you and holds her neck. Aleena also holds her neck. Sunil looks for Aleena. Aleena sees him and acts as Payal is harming her. She shouts Sunil. Sunil asks Payal to leave else he will send her to jail again. Payal goes.

Satya and Mahi playing with cushions and hitting each other with it. They laugh and get close to each other. Satya tells Mahi that he doesn’t know why people go on a jogging and walking and says men should play pillow fight with wives to burn calories. He is about to get closer to her and jokes if their bed will catch fire. Mahi feels shy and keeps hand on her face. Satya asks her to move her hand and is about to kiss her, but just then door bell rings. He says I don’t know why this is happening. Mahi goes to open door. Aleena comes and says she thought to cheer her mood and brought DVD and made popcorn. Mahi looks at Satya. Aleena says I found it with much difficulty and plays the DVD. Satya is upset.

Payal asks Koel to stay in the house and tells that Aleena is
very dangerous and can harm Mahi. Koel asks you are on her side. Payal says I have done bad with Mahi and is repenting. She asks her to stay in the house and tell everything. Koel promises. Aleena plays the DVD and turns to see Satya and Mahi feeding popcorn to each other. She gets jealous seeing their closeness and holds glass tightly breaking it. Satya and Mahi come to her seeing her hand wounded. Mahi asks Satya to put ointment on her hand and says she will clean the broken glass. Satya puts ointment on Aleena’s hand and asks if she is feeling pain. Aleena says she can bear the pain and says movie plan will not be cancelled. She asks Mahi to watch the film. Satya asks Aleena to have popcorn. She asks him to feed her. Satya gives popcorn to Mahi. Aleena says she can hurt herself to get him.

Next day, Gangu Tai thanks mahi for making food for them. Satya thinks his honeymoon is ruined because of family. Gangu Tai asks did you tell something. Mahi says she heard him saying something. Satya asks her to tell. He tries to touch Mahi’s feet, but touches Aleena’s feet. Aleena coughs. Kajal tells that Satya is playing under the table. Aleena thinks Satya’s feet reached right place. Gangu Tai asks Satya to get better. Mahi goes to bring kheer. Satya follows her. Aleena thinks she has to separate both of them and do something. She calls someone. The man says work will be done. In the night, Satya holds Mahi and makes her lie on bed. He says we will move the eclipse from our life. A man is seen there. Mahi sees fire and tells Satya.

Satya says I will check. They see smoke and says it is mosquito repellent smoke. He comes out and asks the man why he is spraying the medicine. Mitul says how we will sleep now. Mahi says we will sleep on the terrace today and says it will be fun. Mitul says mosquitoes will not let us sleep. Satya agrees hesitantly. Aleena smirks. Everyone go to the terrace and make arrangements to sleep. They see Mitul putting ointment on her hands so that mosquito don’t bite her and says that she has burn the coil.

Satya tells Mitul not to open mouth else mosquitoes will get inside her mouth. Mitul says I will not open my mouth. Satya says I was just pulling your foot. Mahi laughs. Satya and Mahi sit together. Satya holds her hand. Aleena looks at them and thinks she has separated them tonight, but she has to separate them for forever, then only Satya will be mine.

Gangu Tai telling that they have a good sleep on terrace and mosquitoes were not there. Door bell rings. Mitul opens the door and receives the bouquet brought by someone. She says it is beautiful. Satya jokes and asks if your lover have sent this, and says if he turns out to be criminal. Mitul is surprised. Satya says this bouquet is for someone else. Mahi says I will keep this out. Satya says these are flowers, lets keep it. Mahi teases Satya asking if he has any lover. Satya says the person he loves is not giving him a chance.

Aleena thinks lets see what I will do now. Satya is taking bath in the washroom. Mahi thinks he sings bad, and reads the message on his phone from a lady that they will be together after few days. She thinks what is happening. Satya comes out and picks
his phone and keeps it back. Mahi thinks he read the message and didn’t say anything. He gets a call and says he is coming. Mahi asks about the call. Satya refuses and goes. Mahi is teary eyes.

Aleena comes there and asks what happened? Mahi tells her that Satya is seeing somebody else. Aleena says I can’t believe. Mahi says I am going to follow him. Aleena says I will come with you. While Mahi goes, Aleena calls the lady and asks her to kiss and hug Satya on seeing Mahi. Lady says your work will be done. Aleena says she is sure that Mahi will leave him. Mahi and Aleena come following Satya. Mahi says jewellery store, he didn’t buy anything for me till now. Aleena sees the girl coming and wonders where did she go? Mahi goes to Satya and asks him not to think her as idiot, and asks where is that witch, I want to meet her. Satya asks who? Mahi says the same lady who sent you message and call you, and sent bouquet for you.

Satya teases her seeing her jealous side, and says I will show you who is she? He shows her face in the mirror and asks her to kill her and scratch her face. Mahi says I thought….He shows her chain with MS, and says Mahi and Satya. Mahi feels bad for doubting him. Satya asks her if she don’t trust him. Mahi says sorry. Satya asks her if she has money. Mahi says yes. Satya asks her to take Taxi and go. Aleena looks for the girl and sees Payal keeping knife on the girl’s neck. She says I told you that I won’t let you be successful. Aleena says this was just a game, Satya will be mine till night. Payal looks on.

Mahi comes home and tries to woo Satya. A song plays…..Jaane bhi de…..Mahi holds her ears and apologizes. Satya ignores her. Aleena gets jealous seeing Mahi wooing Satya. Satya smiles and signs her to hold her ears. He forgives her and makes her do sit ups. He then kisses on her cheeks and goes. Aleena hides. She then knocks on the door. Mahi thinks Satya came and opens the door. Aleena asks her to surprise Satya. Mahi thinks what to do. Aleena asks her to organize romantic dinner for Satya, and sends everyone out. She says this is your last chance.

Mitul tells Naina that she will buy sweets for everyone. Mitul says you always think about eating. Kajal comes and tells everyone to come for jagrata. Naina hesitates to go. Gangu Tai says this will be Mahi’s first jagrata. Mahi says yes, and pretends to faint. Satya asks her to open her eyes. Aleena smiles. Mahi opens her eyes and says I am fine, and asks them to go. Gangu Tai says we can’t go, I will stay here. Mahi says Satya will take care of me, and asks everyone to go. Aleena looks on. Gangu Tai says okay, we will go and asks her to take care. Koel hears them and messages Payal. Satya sees Mahi and Aleena talking and wonders what is happening. He thinks to find out. Mahi pretends to faint seeing Satya. Satya understands she is pretending and says I will go and bring medicine. He smiles.

Mahi decorates the place. Aleena helps her with bad intention and asks Mahi to go and get ready. Meanwhile Satya is also decorating the other place and says even he can surprise her. Aleena injects some medicine in the Champagne bottle, and says just 1 glass then….you both will sleep in deep sleep and then when you wake up… then…….

Payal comes to Satya. Satya is surprised seeing her and asks I don’t get angry on you now. I feel ashamed. He says you don’t bear her happiness and that’s why comes here again and again. He calls watchman. Payal asks him to hear her once. Satya asks to tell. Payal says Aleena will ruin your plan tonight. Satya laughs and says Mahi has moved on, and asks her not to make stories, and accuse his friend. Payal asks him to hear else he will repent. Satya asks will you go, or shall I call Police.

Payal leaving from her after trying to convince Satya that she is saying truth. Saya comes inside and sees a chit left by Mahi. He thinks Mahi is calling him on terrace and goes. He smiles seeing Mahi sitting and acts as getting heart attack. Mahi gets worried and calls his name. Satya says his heart is beating and says only the person can go inside for whom Satya’s heart is beating. Mahi says you are joking with me and apologizes for doubting him. Satya says it is okay. Mahi says Mahi loves Satya……They hug each other. Jab Tak song plays……………..They drink the drugged champagne and dance. Aleena looks at them from far. Suddenly Mahi falls unconscious. Satya tries to wake her up and falls unconscious too. Aleena smirks. She comes to Satya and Mahi and asks her goons
to let Mahi be there, and take Satya to room. She says I told that Satya will be mine…


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