King of Hearts Sunday update 15 December 2019


King of Hearts Sunday update 15 December 2019

Roshni falls down. Everyone come there. Naina asks what you are doing? Sid comes and asks him to take care of himself. Neil says Dev has come of this devi. He says you wanted him to come and save you naa. Sid asks him to stop the drama. Neil asks who are you to interfere. Sid slaps him shocking everyone. Naina asks how dare you Sid…and is about to slap him. Roshni says stop it…..and cries. She asks Sid to go. Sid leaves. Roshni holds Neil and takes him to room.

In the room, Roshni tries talking to Neil and asks him to drink water. Neil says he doesn’t want. Anya comes there and asks Roshni if she is happy now. Roshni asks what you are saying? Anya says look at my brother’s condition. She says you didn’t bother about me, Neil or Naina. Mitul hears her. Anya tells Roshni that she is having affair with two men of the house, first her brother and now her husband. She says I didn’t know that you will romance with my husband and didn’t think about me. Roshni asks her to stop it. Anya asks her to end her drama and don’t kill them. Mitul and Ranjeet gets happy. She tells Ranjeet that they shall get the papers signed today itself.

Ranjeet says okay. Sid thinks I don’t know what to do? Roshni’s life is getting ruined and I couldn’t do anything. He thinks what is this test? Bunty comes there and says Anya called Simran. She is also tensed. Sid says I am fed up. He says Neil has a bipolar disorder. He gets drunk daily and misbehaves with Roshni.

Bunty asks then what went wrong? Sid says he was in the restaurant when Mitul asked him to bring medicine from home. He says he made me drink that cold drink and understand her plan. He asks Bunty to get ready to teach them a lesson. Mitul asks Ranjeet to get signatures on the papers urgently. Sid comes on their way. Mitul asks why you are troubling us. Sid pushes her. Ranjeet asks why is he misbehaving with his mum. Sid asks Ranjeet, shall I tell your mum what you did in the pub and stare a woman. Ranjeet says I didn’t do anything.

Sid says I will expose you both. Mitul says we didn’t do anything. Sid calls Bunty and asks him to give their birthday gift. Sid says it is the newspaper and says someone drugged me and Roshni. He asks do you know who did this? Bunty and Sid asks who is that person? Mitul says what is the proof that I have done this, and how you will prove. Sid picks a hair from Ranjeet’s beard and says you have confessed to the crime. Now I don’t need to find proofs. He says you are not the only cunning people to come in my life, I am standing like a banyan tree. He threatens her and asks her not to play games.

Sid saying that his name is Siddharth and he keeps his eyes on everyone. Mitul and Ranjeet get tensed. Roshni is cooking in kitchen and thinks she has to take care of Neil and focus on him so that he don’t get into darkness again. Naina comes there to get water from kitchen. Roshni tells her that she made bengali dish for Neil and asks her to try it. Naina looks at her angrily. Roshni looks on. Neil calls the servants and thinks where did they die? He comes to kitchen. Roshni says I made bengali dish for you and asks him to taste it. Neil lifts the kadai and throws it in the washbasin. Roshni is shocked. Neil throws the kadai/pan on the floor. Servant comes there hearing the noise. Neil scolds him and asks him to leave. Roshni is heart broken. She is sitting in the garden area.
Sid comes there and says now you have learnt to cook. He brings the dish which Roshni made (don’t know from where) and asks her to taste tasty dish. He says we are not husband and wife, but we are friends atleast. He asks do you trust me? Roshni nods. Sid asks her to leave everything on him and says he will handle everything. He says I have promised Sasumom that I will keep you happy even if I die. He asks her to support her. Roshni says I will try. Sid makes her taste her own dish…

Mitul and Ranjeet are worried. Ranjeet says if we don’t get the signatures on these papers then lady gabbar will not leave us. Just then she gets a call from someone asking her to get the papers signed fast within 3 days. Mitul says yes. Sid comes there and asks with whom she is talking to. Mitul asks it is none of your business. Sid asks her not to do any conspiracy. Roshni asks Neil if he is coming with her to office. Neil asks her not to act and asks her to go and romance with her lover. Roshni says I want to talk to you about yesterday night. Neil says I couldn’t understand you and became a fool. He says get out from here. Roshni goes sadly. Sid asks what happen? Roshni says nothing can get better, asks him to go and leave her on her condition. Neil hugs a pic and cries….asking why did you do this with me. Sid thinks Neil is hugging Roshni’s pic and crying and thinks to find out about his problem. He calls Bunty.

Sid meets Bunty and a guy at a restaurant. Bunty says it is very risky. Sid says I have never done an easy work. This plan is dangerous, but this will work for Roshni and asks them to decide if they are with him. Bunty says yes, we are with you. Sid says he will bring Roshni. He comes home and sees Neil drinking. He thinks he has started now itself. He calls Roshni and says Neil has started drinking now itself. He asks her to call Neil and stop him from drinking. Roshni calls him repeatedly. Sid asks Bunty to get ready. Neil picks it finally. Roshni says we can spend some time and shall go out for dinner. Just then real goons come there and kidnap Roshni. Roshni shouts. Neil hears her screams. Neil wonders what has happened with her. Bunty calls Sid and says they couldn’t find her. Bunty finds Roshni’s phone. Sid comes there. Bunty tells him that he found Roshni’s phone. Sid says we have to search the place and sees CCTV camera there. Neil leaves from the house and reaches office.

Sid asks Neil where is Roshni? Neil says he was talking to her when he heard her scream. Sid says we can sort our differences later, and now we have to search Roshni. He shows the CCTV cam. Roshni is seen at kidnappers’ place. Mitul and Ranjeet shows their faces as they are kidnappers.

Sid asking Bunty to trace the car’s number. Bunty is surprised to see his selfless love. Sid says he is a normal man who wants her to be happy. Neil comes and says they are tracing the car. Mitul thinks to do touch up her make up and starts doing it. Roshni tries to open hand cuff. Mitul takes a selfie with knife and gets happy. Roshni manages to open her hands cuff. Mitul covers her head and face with black cloth and takes selfie. Roshni opens her blind fold and hits her with rod. Mitul faints and fall down. Roshni is about to see her face, but just then Ranjeet comes and hits on her head making her unconscious. Neil gets Inspector’s call and is informed about car’s address. Sid asks Neil not to worry and says we will not let anything happen to Roshni. They take Roshni’s thumb impressions on some papers.

Mitul calls someone and says work is done, and they will be reaching there soon with papers. Neil and Sid are on the way. Mitul and Ranjeet check the papers and get happy. They hear car coming and get alerted. Sid and Neil come there and sees Roshni tied. Neil opens her hand cuff while Sid runs after the kidnappers. Sid asks them to come infront of him. Neil tries to make her gain consciousness and asks are you fine. Roshni gains consciousness and hugs him scared. She says I heard kidnappers talking about taking my signatures on some papers. Mitul and Ranjeet run outside and sit in car. Sid runs outside, but they are about to escape in car.

Doctor comes out and tells that Neil has a major leg injury. Naina cries. Roshni says Neil will be fine. Naina accuses Roshni and asks who will make him fine, you? She says this is happening because of you. Everything is ruined the day when you came here after marriage. I have done a big sin by getting you married to my son. I did a big mistake. Roshni cries. Sid looks on.

Naina crying and blames herself for Neil’s condition. She thinks her past sins are punishing her and Neil is suffering. A lady is shown saying she will take her revenge now. Sid tells Roshni that the troubles have to face him before reaching her. Mitul and Ranjeet reach the lady’s house. They argue that they will give the papers to lady and tries to take it in their hands. The papers tears apart. Mitul and Ranjeet are shocked. The lady slaps Mitul. Her goon tells Mitul that you both have proved madam’s theory that you are fools. Mitul begs infront of lady to give her a last chance. Goon gives her last chance and tells that his madam is very dangerous. Sid thinks about Roshni and his romantic moments….Hamari Adhuri plays……….Roshni tells Sid that she doesn’t know..

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