King of hearts Sunday Update 14th July 2019

Roshni will not accept defeat so easily. Simran throws her on floor.

Sid comes and asks what is happening. Rival aunty says his wife was caught in an intimate position with unknown man. Sid is shocked to hear that. Simran asks to believe her. Biji comes and says she cannot believe Roshni can do this, but she wants to know what happened between him and Roshni that they filed for divorce. She thought her family is very understanding, but did not know her children would do this. Raj asks her to calm down. Roshni says she stayed here for Sid, but looks like he does not believe her, so she will go. Sid silently looks at her walking.

Ugly filthy kritika tells her loafer husband rajveer that he plan worked this time. He says he thought Sid will fail it as usual and take Roshni’s side, but he did, now he will loot whole family. Ugly woman asks what does he mean. He says he mean DD’s family.

Rival aunt tells now she will go as there is no party Sid says it is Biji’s party and has to complete, he will not allow any guest go without having food. Aunt says her son is waiting outside, so she will go. Sid asks to call her son inside. Simran asks what happened to him. Sid asks everyone to proceed for dinner. Once everyone leaves, Raj tells Sid he did not stop Roshi and dissapointed him.

Rival aunt asks Biji not to worry, Sid can remarry and move ahead in life. Kritika says Sid is not detered with the incident, so she should calm down. Sid purposefully drops food on guest’s clothes and sends her to washroom with servant. Rival aunt’s son comes and hugs her husband. Aunt says they both look so cute. Sid says son go and wash his face as it has dirt. Son also goes to washroom. Lady starts screaming to leave her, everyone run towards washroom.

Sid’s guests going to bathroom and seeing Jasmeet aunty’s son on a lady in a bathroom. Sid asks if she is not ashamed now to see her son’s affair. Aunt gets tensed and her bahu starts yelling at lady. Sid asks everyone to come to the hall.

Yash tells DD they should go and help Roshni. DD in her husky male voice and male-looking face says Roshni wants to her to apologize her in-laws, which she will never do and will instead punish them. She asks him to take care of Roshni in her absence. Yash feels helpless.

Sid tells Jasmeet aunty if she trusts her son. She says yes. He says just like she trusts her son, he trusts his wife Roshni and knows she cannot do anything wrong. Raj praises him and says he is proud of him. He calls Roshni. Roshni enters. Simran and her puppets Rajveer loafer and ugly kritika are shocked to se her. She holds her hand and brings her in. He laughs and tells everyone if they are surprised and thought he would believe them and not his wife. He reminisces calling Roshni and asking to wait until he calls her. He goes to Rajveer loafer and says he apologizes for shattering his dreams and plans. He says nobody has right to interfere in his personal issues, especially outsiders pointing at jasmeet aunty and asks just because Roshni defeated her in a competition, she alleged Roshni. Aunty says he is insulting guests. Sid says she should behave like a guest and if she tries to misbehave and point at his wife, he will break her finger.

He then apologizes lady who fell with aunty’s son. Lady says he should not apologize and says she realized how easy it is to allege someone and how difficult it is to feel their pain. She apologizes him instead. Sid asks if anyone has doubts now and says he wants to clear one final time that Roshni is his wife, his pride, he is proud of him and he will always, if anyone points fingers at Roshni or allege her, he will also leave with Roshni forever. He looks at dumb Simran and her puppets ugly kritika and loafer Rajveer and takes roshni from there,leaving them surprised.

Roshni gets emotional thinking how Sid took her side and brought back her pride. She thinks where her life is going, what she should think about sid. Sid comes from washroom and asks why is she crying. She continues crying and thinking he knows her well than anybody else and does not want to leave him. He thinks even he does not want to leave him. They both speak via their emotions. She asks if they can forgive everything and unite again. She touches him and says she wants to feel him. He turns back and asks what is she doing. She says he had hair on his shoulder, so she was clearing it. She says whatever he did for her, she is.. He says he thought today’s day will not finish, now he wants to sleep as he is very tired and wants to go to office tomorrow, says goodnight and goes to sleep. She feels sad.

Roshni touching Sid. He asks her to stop getting emotional and says he procted her as a husband and it was his duty to protect her. He leaves saying he will get late for office tomorrow, leaving Roshni sad.

Naani goes to DD’s room and Sid took Roshni’s side today and protected her. DD says she is tired and will sleep now and sleeps on bed. Naani picks a box from cupboard and says though she is not accepting, she still loves her daughter and leaves with box. DD wakes up then.

Roshni cries vigorously sitting in balcony. Raj sees her and asks her to stop crying. He asks if she still loves Sid. She nods no. He says whatever she says, he knows as she is very innocent and her heart is clean like a mirror. He and naani can understand her, but Sid cannot in this situation. He says she must have seen people becoming rich from poor, but Sid became poor for her and even got insulted by her mom just for her love. Sid is shattered now and does not know what to do. His mind asks to look at family and heart asks to look at roshni. Now, she has to decide what she wants. Roshni gets a call from naani and tells Raj that naani wants to meet her urgently and asks if she can go. He says she can, but she has to think what he told now. Raj then thinks why naani wants to meet Roshni.