King of Hearts Sunday Update 1 December 2019


King of Hearts Sunday Update 1 December 2019

Sid thanking Anya for the help. He says Roshni got jealous and tried to make him jealous by wiping something from Neil’s face. Anya is happy and says she should be thankful as he saved her life. She says she is uniting the two lovers. Naina asks Ragini to give something to Anya and Sid. Anya tells Sid that she don’t want Neil’s heart to break and has suffered with a heart break before. Anya apologizes to Sid and says everything will be alright.

They hug each other. Roshni comes and sees them hugging, gets jealous. Sid realizes Roshni is behind him, and asks God, why he didn’t make him meet Anya before, and wasted his time with wrong people. Roshni tells him that Naina gave custard and keeps on table, goes angrily. Roshni gets jealous and closes her eyes as she couldn’t hear their romance. Neil comes and shows movie tickets to Roshni. Sid comes and asks them to go and enjoy movie, says this house will become ground for their romance.

Roshni tells Neil that her head is paining and insists to stay in his house for tonight. Sid asks her to go home, and says he knows a good doctor if she wants. Neil and Roshni say thanks. Sid says you both are sync. Neil says this is your house, and you can stay. Roshni thinks it is good that Sid is getting closer to Anya, and thinks she should get close to Neil also. She gets thinking. Just then Neil comes there, Roshni asks him to go thinking him to be Sid. Neil asks what happened. Roshni apologizes. Neil asks her to take care and goes. Roshni thinks Neil is so sorted and matured and other side is Sid, who is an idiot. Sid tells Anya that Neil must have taken tablets and slept. He says Roshni must be awake and come out soon. He says we should follow up the plan.

Roshni couldn’t sleep and is restless. Sid and Anya peeps in her room……..and goes in the hall. Sid plays the music on the music system. Papa jag jayenga plays………………..they dance romantically. Neil, Roshni, Naina and Mama wake up and see them dancing. Roshni gets jealous seeing Anya and Sid dancing….Anya hugs him and go to room. Roshni collides with Mami while seeing them. They make an excuse and go to their room. Mami thinks if Ragini is spying on them.

Next morning, Roshni thinks to serve juice to everyone in the room…..She goes to Sid’s room. Sid comes out and asks if she came to give him juice. Roshni asks him to keep dreaming and goes to Neil. She gives juice to Neil and says she made it for him. Neil drinks it and says it is fresh. Roshni thanks him. She asks about his workout and says he has nice body. Sid gets jealous. Mami peeps in Sid and Anya’s room and sees them sleeping separately. She thinks to find out. Anya sees door open and closes it. Later Mami refuses to let anyone have food. Neil is about to drink coffee. Mami throws the cup and it falls on Roshni. Everyone is shocked. Neil scolds Mami for throwing coffee on Ragini and asks to get medicine. Mami tells today is akadashi fast. Neil says we don’t believe on the fast. Sid says he believes on nirjala fast and says we will have fast. Roshni says we will also fast. Neil asks since when you started believing on this. Roshni says we will. Mami thinks to find out and says I will expose you all. Sid says fast will break, and that of Roshni and mine.

Sid coming to Anya’s room and asks her to eat Apple. Anya says you have scared me. Sid says your family is a spy and james bond. Anya asks him to enjoy and asks did you eat anything. Sid says no and says he kept fast for Roshni. May be he can get his Roshni. Anya says she has kept fast for Arav. Sid asks her to eat for baby. Anya says if she can keep fast then her baby also can fast. She asks Sid to take her to hospital so that she can see Arav and break fast. Sid says okay and asks what to do with this apple. Anya keeps it. In thee office, Roshni gets angry on her employee for taking Apple’s name while telling about color. Neil comes and asks her to have food. Roshni says she has kept fast. Sid comes and asks where is my Anoo…He tells Mr. Sengupta that Roshni is so damm strong and praises her culture. Employees hears him and laugh. Roshni scolds them and asks to go back to work. She tells Sid that he is setting bad example in the office. She asks don’t you know any work except marriage. Sid says your might be short of memory and says he is her partner, says business partner. He asks where is my Anya?

Neil says I will give you presentation? Neil asks Sid, if he is really interested in the partnership? Sid says it is not my choice, and says dad is involved in this, and I have no choice. He says his company is of high standards and their company is not matching to his standard. Roshni intervenes and says your ideas are backward and old as 10 years old back. She praises Neil and says he has 15 years of experience…and asks him to keep his attitude to himself. She asks him to see if there is any company which will give him more good opportunity then go, and says they will be more than happy to let him go. Sid applauds for her. Neil is highly impressed and says I don’t know where to faint…He says if you praise me like this then I will be shaken. Roshni asks him not to annoy her. Neil holds Roshni’s hand. Roshni asks what? Neil says nothing. Roshni looks surprised and goes. Neil smiles.

Sid and Anya come to the hospital. Sid tells her that Arav’s parents are sitting there and says he will do something. Sid throws paper on nurse. Nurse turns and sees Arav’s dad smiling…Sid throws paper again. Nurse comes to Arav’s dad and asks why you are teasing me. Arav’s dad says my son is in ICU, why I will tease you? Arav’s mum says he was reading the file. Nurse argues with them. People gather there. Sid sends Anya inside the ward. Anya is in disguise of a nurse and gets emotional seeing Arav. Sid keeps eye on the door. Neil brings Naina to the same hospital for her check up. Anya asks Arav to wake up and says your Anya came to meet you. She apologizes and asks him to forgive her. She says I thought that you have left me and went to commit suicide. She says now everything will be fine. Anya says I forgot to tell you that……keeps his hand on her stomach and says I am pregnant…you are going to be dad…are you happy….She says our baby will born and everything will be fine. I have kept fast for you, and you will be fine. Then we will stay together with our baby….I love you Arav and kisses his hand.

Naina tells Neil that there might be some problem. Neil tries to ask someone about the argument. Anya asks Arav to make her break nirjhala fast and takes water in glass. She holds his hand and drinks water thus breaking her fast. Sid stands outside the ward. Neil looks inside the ward and sees nurse/Anya, and opens the door to asks about the doctor. Just then Naina calls Neil. Anya gets alert and thinks this is maa’s voice. Sid says Neil…..Naina tells Neil that nurse have come. Anya asks Arav to take care and goes. Sid asks Anya to come. Anya comes out. Sid says Neil came here, and asks her to come. They leave.

Mami is eating rasgulla. Mama asks you are a wonder. You have barred everyone from eating food and is eating yourself. Mami says you will live for 100 years, and says she has not kept fast.

Everyone sit to do puja. Pandit ji do the puja and asks all husbands to make their wives drink water. Anya signs Sid. Sid says it will be fun now, lets see who will make whom drink water. He takes out some powder and throws in the havan. Everyone starts coughing. Mama goes to switch on the exhaust fan. While the place is smoky, Sid goes to Roshni and makes her drink water. He then drinks it. Roshni then sees Neil coming down, and wonders who have broken her fast. She looks at Sid. Sid makes Anya have water.