King of Hearts Saturday update 7 December 2019


King of Hearts Saturday update 7 December 2019

Ranjeet is pushed by his friends. Roshni comes and thinks Sid is saying something and doing something. Ranjeet tells his friend that Neil is mad about her. They go to talk to her. Ranjeet says I want to see why my brother is mad about you. Roshni asks him to move back and stay in his limits. Ranjeet tries to get close, but Sid comes and slaps him. He asks how dare you to touch her. Roshni looks on. Sid beats Ranjeet angrily. Ranjeet’s friend runs from there. Sid is about to throw stone on him, but Roshni shouts no. Sid asks why did you stop me, and asks if you are fine. Roshni says I want to talk to you. Sid says I know, but I want to hear from your mouth, says his ears are yearning to hear her. Roshni cries and says she wants to say….she gets Neil’s call. Neil asks where are you? He asks her to come and says it is urgent. Roshni says ok. Sid asks what you was saying? Roshni says I want to talk and says we will meet in night. She says she will message him address and goes. Mitul puts ointment on Ranjeet’s wounds. Ranjeet says he will expose Roshni/Ragini now. Mitul asks him to be quiet without proofs else they will kick them out. She sees Ragini coming and scolds her son. She asks her not to tell anything to Neil. Ragini says he should be in jail, and says it is the result of bad upbringing and freedom. She tells Ranjeet that if he does any thing again then she will kill him. Mitul thinks she will expose her.

Sid thinks to freshen up, and keeps his phone down. Roshni thanks someone for the perfect decorations which she has done to surprise Sid. Sid looks at his phone and waits for Roshni’s call. Someone comes there. Roshni thinks Sid came, and says you have beautify my life and picked up my shattered pieces of life. She says when you touched me, everything got perfect. She says she wished for perfect husband, jamai, friend, and life was perfect. She says I was blinded for sometime, and ran away from true love. She says I have realized what did I lose? She says we are not perfect, but I know that you and our relation are perfect. She says she is feeling light today and wants to laugh today. She says I want to fly high and want to tell everyone that I love you…..She smiles and says I love you. The man turns out to be Neil, he comes to her and holds her hands. Neil says finally you said this. Roshni is shocked. Neil says I wanted to hear this. Sid is stuck in traffic jam. Roshni turns and is shocked to see Neil. Neil asks her not to get emotional and hugs her. Roshni cries.

Naina and Simran also comes there and congratulates them. Naina says it is so beautiful and congratulates them. Roshni thinks what is happening? Neil says all thanks to Simran, and says she has co ordinated this. Roshni thinks why did you do this Maa? Simran smirks and says Roshni asked her to do this. Simran asks Neil not to postpone the marriage. Naina says Neil and Ragini will marry on the same day as Anya and Sid, double dhamaka. Simran smirks. Neil says we can’t wait for longer now. Sid comes there and thinks why did Roshni call me here, away from the city and calls Roshni. Naina calls Anya and tells her that Neil and Ragini also will get married with you in a week. Simran thinks I won’t let you come back to my son’s life. A fb is shown, Simran reads Roshni’s message, and saves her number as Roshni’s number in Sid’s phone, thinks she will send a different address to Sid.

Anya calls Sid and tells him that their marriage is fixed along with Neil and Ragini’s marriage. Sid is shocked. He comes home and asks Simran why she is playing games till now. He says even though that you know that I love her and she loves me and asks her to accept it soon. Simran says I don’t know what you are saying? She says I don’t want to get involved in this. Sid says you are involved in all issues. Simran says Roshni doesn’t love you and shows him video in which Roshni saying I love you. Sid is shocked. She asks did you see with your own eyes? She says I couldn’t believe also, and says she said to Neil that she loves him and asks him to accept it. Sid says it is a lie and says this can’t be true. It is a bl**dy lie and has done by you. Simran says you will not talk to Roshni, and says she said that she loves Neil. She says she is not Roshni, but Neil’s Ragini. She asks why do you want to ruin your life, and says that is your sasural. Sid says that is not my sasural. He says I don’t love Anya, and Roshni don’t love Neil. Simran asks him to go and tell Naina that he don’t love Anya. She blackmails Sid and asks him to make Naina die because of shock. Sid is teary eyes.

Ranjeet hears him and smirks. She tells Mitul that they shall inform everyone about Roshni and Sid’s marriage. Mitul asks him to think and says if Roshni and Sid marry Neil and Anya, and think what will happen. She says they will cheat on Anya and Neil. Ranjeet thinks you are very cunning. Mitul says you are also like me. Sid calls Roshni and says I want to talk to you. Roshni says I want to talk to you also. Sid asks her to come to park. Sid gets a message and is shocked. Roshni leaves from there. Mitul follows her. Roshni waits for Sid and thinks why did he not come there. Neil calls Roshni. Roshni picks the call. Neil says where are you? Roshni says I will be there in the office . Just then Simran comes to Roshni and says she heard their conversation.

She says I tried to separate you both, you both are meeting. She asks Roshni to see the right and wrong. Roshni asks what you are saying? Simran says you want to know naa why Sid haven’t come here and takes her somewhere. Mitul spy on them. Simran brings Roshni to hospital. Anya tells Sid that her mum can’t bear this and says it is better if she die. Roshni asks why we came here. Sid asks are you mad? He says what you were trying to do ? Abortion? He says it was good that doctor called me, else what would have happened? Roshni is shocked. Anya says your life is in danger.

Anya says you have done so much for me. Simran smirks. Anya says you have sacrifice your true love for me and my baby. She says this is not right. She says we are not your responsibility, leave us alone. Roshni is shocked and thinks Sid is the father of Anya’s baby. Simran smirks. Neil calls Ragini and thinks why she is not picking the call. He calls Naina and asks about Ragini. Naina says I didn’t know. Simran stops Roshni and asks did you see? Anya is ready to sacrifice her baby just for you and Sid’s relation. Roshni cries miserably. Simran says if that baby is grown up then he will be without father just because of you. She asks Roshni to try and understand and emotionally blackmails her. Roshni says she will leave from Sid’s life, but will not betray Neil and will tell him everything. Simran is shocked as her plan will fail.

Roshni promises that she will not let anything happen to Sid and Anya’s baby, and will go very far from Sid. She sits in car and cries. Simran looks on happy. Roshni calls Neil and says I want to meet you for some important talk and asks him to meet at home. Neil agrees. Simran thinks if Roshni tells everything to Neil then he will ask Sid, and the truth will come out. She thinks then nobody can stop Roshni and Sid from uniting. Just then she sees Mitul hearing her and calls her. Mitul goes in her car. Sid tells Anya that he wants to live his life with Roshni, but will not leave her baby also. He says Roshni is very mature and will understand her. He says Roshni and Neil will understand. Anya says she can’t hide her pregnancy for long and what she will tell people. Sid says I am talking about your family. He says we will continue to act as husband and wife for the society. Anya asks if Arav don’t get well then. Sid says he will get fine, else I will give my name to your baby. She says your baby will grown up with father’s love. Anya looks on.

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