King of Hearts Saturday update 21 December 2019


King of Hearts Saturday update 21 December 2019

Roshni is hidden in the office cabinet. Payal turns and says see you Mr. Khurana. Once she goes, he opens the cabinet and frees Roshni. Roshni beats him for flirting with her. Sid says Payal was flirting with him. She asks him to go and get Payal signatures on the papers, and says she will go and make Ria and Neil closer. Sid asks if anything happens between me and Payal then…Roshni asks him to do whatever he wants, but get her signatures.

Anya calls Naina and tells her that she is having extreme stomach pain and asks her to take her to hospital. Naina says Neil is alone at home and she can’t leave him. Anya insists her to come. Naina agrees. Roshni hears Naina. Sid appreciates Anya for her good acting. Roshni calls Sid and tells him that Neil is unwell, and that’s why she can’t leave him alone. Sid asks her to leave Mitul there. Roshni says okay. Roshni makes Neil wake up and informs him that she is going somewhere. She says even Naina is not at home. Neil says if you also go then…how will I manage? Roshni says I can’t be with you all day and asks him not to act to be very much ill. Neil looks on hurt.

Ria comes to Neil and makes him rest on her lap. Neil says I love you Ria. Roshni looks at them and says they are together. She thinks to go to restaurant. Payal praises Sid and says you are very handsome. She says your eyes are good, and nobody saw me like this. Sid thinks to break his eyes. Payal praises his biceps. Sid thinks to lose biceps also. He thinks his wife is making him do all this.

Sid coming to meet Payal in the restaurant. She asks him to sit and says you shall concentrate on me. She says if you will listen if I request you, and gives him wine. Sid says he has kept fast today and don’t drink wine. Payal asks waiter to bring juice. Roshni is keeping eye on them and messages Sid not to look at her, and concentrate on Payal. Sid says ok. Payal mixes something in Sid’s juice and gives him. Sid drinks it and says you are very beautiful and compliments her features, attire etc. Roshni lifts her burqa veil and is shocked. Sid tells that my mum used to make lauki ki sabzi, and today you reminded me of the same. Payal says how sweet, and says nobody talked to me like this. Sid says you are the first.

Payal gives him wine. He drinks it. Payal asks him
to drink again. Sid drinks it. Roshni thinks Sid is flirting with Payal, thinks she is making him drink again and again, and gets tensed. Sid gets drunk and tells her that they can make lauki ki sabzi differently and says you are like it. Roshni asks Sid to stop flirting. Payal asks Sid to come to room. Sid asks why? Payal says I have booked it so that we can sign a contract. Sid agrees. Roshni gets angry, drinks wine, says witch…you are flirting with my husband, I will show you. Mitul sees Brahma rakshas promo and gets an idea.

Payal takes Sid to room. Sid asks where are the papers. He falls on bed. Payal gets romantic and asks him not to tell anything….Sid tells her that he don’t like girls. Payal asks then whom? Sid says I don’t like stranger girls, and you are stranger to me. Payal says you are different from rest and that’s why unique. A song plays……….Payal asks him to wait and says she will be back. Sid gets up and asks himself to get her signature.

Roshni comes there and asks him to come. Sid says she will sign on the papers. Roshni says I will shout and she will come out. Payal hears his voice. Roshni takes him from there forcibly. Payal comes out and sees him gone. Roshni brings him to some romantic set up and asks why did you go there. She says Payal is very dangerous. Sid says I know, and you have sent me there. Roshni says I didn’t send you there for romance. Sid asks then why did you take me. A romantic song plays…………..They get romantic…Tere Mere Pyaar Ki Umar Salamat Rahe plays………….

Sid removes her jewellery and get intimate. They lay down on the bed and gets intimate. Payal comes to Neil’s room and sees Ria sleeping with Neil. She shouts Ria. Ria wakes up and tells that there was nobody at home, I came to give medicine and slept unknowingly. Payal raises her hand to slap her and controls her anger.

Sid and Roshni waking up in the morning, in each other embrace. Roshni tells that we have opened eyes here. Sid says this is the beautiful morning, and says don’t know why Payal mixed something in my drink. Roshni says you was flirting with Payal. Sid says no, and says he loves his Roshni and the night which spend with her is the best and memorable. Roshni says now I have to leave. Sid asks her to go and laughs looking at her face. Roshni comes home. Payal stares her. Roshni thinks why she is looking at me like this, as if she will eat me. She sees stain on Roshni’s clothes and thinks about Sid praising her. She says you both have betrayed me, now see what I will do. Ria apologizes to Payal and says she went to help Neil, says she will not break her promise. Payal says you
have already broken it, and says you was sleeping with the enemy. She says you can melt like a candle, but not me….I will fight this war alone. Mitul hears her and informs Roshni.

Roshni tells her that they need to find out what Naina did and what was that secret. Mitul says if Neil or Naina will tell. Roshni says no, and says we need to find out. Roshni meets Sid again and shares her worry about Payal. Sid says Payal must not know, and says there is no danger till now. Roshni says I am feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Sid says nothing will happen and says he has a plan. He asks did you come to know about Neil’s past. Roshni says she didn’t try to know and says they have to stay separately even though they are married. Sid says it is a matter of few days. Roshni hugs him.

Neil asks Ragini to bring his pain killers. Roshni says you have taken the bed and asks if she is his servant. She asks him to bring his medicine from the store room. Neil says it is just a matter of 2 mins. Roshni says she will not bring and asks him to go and get it. Ria comes and tries to help neil. Neil goes. Ria asks Roshni to help Neil and give what he wants. Roshni asks why you are showing sympathy towards him, and asks why did you leave him when you care so much about him. Ria says I didn’t leave him, and says his mum threw her out of mandap and from Neil’s life. She then says that she doesn’t mean that. Roshni apologizes to her and hugs her sympathizing her.

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