King of Hearts Saturday Update 19 October 2019


King of Hearts Saturday Update 19 October 2019

Sid is heavily injured and writes something with his blood. He faints. Shabnam says Sid is very stubborn and can go to any extent to get Roshni. Kunal says Roshni is sure that I am her husband. Shabnam asks him not to be fool and says you are not yet married to her. Kunal says I am already married to her in childhood and will marry her again. Shabnam says you don’t know Sid. She says he can do anything. Kunal says you don’t need me and says we have to be careful. Bansi asks DD and Nani to wipe the message which Sid has written with his blood. Bansi says you want to meet your daughter or not? Wipe the floor. DD wipes the message with a cloth. Roshni calls Sid’s name in sleep and asks him not to leave her. She says Sid is my husband and asks him to return. Bansi, Kunal and Shabnam smiles. Roshni asks Sid to come to him. DD wipes the floor and goes inside.

Raj, Krutika, Simran and Bunty are sitting at Sid’s bed side. Sid gains consciousness and says I have to go to Roshni. He says I have to make her remember everything, DD can’t do everything alone. Simran says you need rest and asks him to sleep. DD is at Roshni’s side and thinks Sid is fine. She calls Simran, but hearing Shabnam coming. She hides her phone beneath the bed. Simran hears her.

Shabnam asks DD to take rest, and says I am with you to take care of her. She says she called agency and says she will hire someone to take care of Roshni. She says you will be far away from Roshni. Simran hears her and tells Raj and everyone that Shabnam told DD that she has hired a caretaker for Roshni. She wonders what they have done to Roshni. DD prays to God and asks him to do something. Nani also prays to God and asks him to send someone to end the evil.

Nani plays the shank. Just then door bell rings. Kunal opens the door. A lady puts hand on his face. Kunal looks on. Lady turns, her face is shown (Sid is in disguise of a caretaker woman). Kunal looks at the lady. He asks who are you? The lady tells her name….

Lady asking why they are staring her. Shabnam says did agency people sent you, as I asked them to send young lady. Lady says am I old? Premal says its okay. Lady says don’t think I am weak. She says I don’t work in the house where I have to give my age proof. She says I shall leave.

Premal asks Kunal to stop her. He asks Shabnam to hire her. Lady says she works only in big houses and also on her conditions. She says AC is not here and rotates her hand fan. She says she had problem coming here. Premal asks about her conditions? Lady says she wants AC room.

She says she wakes up early in the morning and tells all her routine. She asks Shabnam to write it down and asks Kunal to get her stuff. She calls him jodhka pakar….and asks him to value time. She says I made Chi Chi understand this. Premal asks Ji ji…Lady says Govinda, and says she worked in his house for 2 years. She asks about Roshni. Premal asks her to freshen up. She says I will have food after meeting her. She asks them about her dinner food. Premal says I will take you to Roshni’s room. Lady says no need and is about to go to her room.

Premal asks how do you know? Lady says you told me just now. Bansi nods no. Lady keeps her hand on his chest. Premal says yes I told you. He takes her to Roshni’s room. Nani thinks who is this new added trouble.

Simran and Raj are tensed. Raj says they will not identify our Sid. Simran says Sid is ready to sacrifice his life for his wife. She recalls sending Sid as Jyoti Tai. They pray infront of God. Simran says we have to keep this as a secret. She asks God to give them strength. Jyoti Tai (Sid) comes to Roshni’s room and looks at her emotionally. Roshni wakes up and asks who are you? Jyoti Tai says I have come for you, and says your husband’s love brought me here.

Premal says your husband Kunal is worried for you and that’s why hired Jyoti Tai. Jyoti Tai asks you are still here? Premal blushes. She asks what is your name? Premal says Premal. Jyoti Tai says I like your family, specially this angel girl. She asks why you are burdening her with jewellery and asks her to remove jewellery as she is unwell. She takes out jewellery.

Roshni looks at her. Mere Khuda plays…………..Jyoti asks if she is feeling light now. Shabnam tells Jyoti that she can stay if her work is like by her. Jyoti says I don’t know what agency people have told you, but if I like any family then I won’t leave that easily. He says I will make you drink orange juice daily, and says who knows you might leave from here. Shabnam angrily asks where I am going? Jyoti says you can die….Shabnam gets angry. Jyoti asks her to control her anger. Shabnam angrily goes. Jyoti asks Premal to take orange juice for them. Premal praises her. Bansi comes and says I will first see your work, then will keep you if I like your work. She sees her hand and says it doesn’t look like you have worked in kitchen before.

She asks him to make khichdi for Roshni and food for all of them. Jyoti stares her. Bansi asks why you are staring at me. Jyoti says I have seen you somewhere? She says I have seen an animal just like you….who used to eat garbage outside my house. She says who was it? She says yes, it was a pig. Bansi shouts. Jyoti says I will take care of you all. Shabnam is irked.

Sid/jyoti Tai calling Raj and asks him to start his acting. Raj says I will make helicopter ride in your room. Sid sees Kunal and alerts Raj. Raj hides. Sid asks him to do the work properly. Raj says everything will be fine. Kunal asks Kesar to show the file. Kesar says I will show with DD’s blessings. Sid gets the toy helicopter with food parcel on it. Shagun comes and asks Kunal to come as someone called from Nerona. Kunal asks Kesar to do the work. Sid says I was saved. Bansi asks when will food come?

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