King of Hearts Saturday update 15 February 2020


King of Hearts Saturday update 15 February 2020

He says I can forgive Kareena once as she is not part of our family, but part of the family and ditched us. He says she tried to kill your father and my dada. Krutika is shocked. He says I know what to do with her, but I can’t do anything as my Aayi didn’t teach me wrong. Anupama says I would have gone from here and asks him to scold Kareena. She says you brought her here. Satya says your shaking tongue saying it all. He says even clever criminal leave a proof, and says you are not clever.

Satya shows the locket and says when he got that locket. He starts enquiring and came to know who is boss. He says he saw Kareena and Anupama together and then they met Sheikh. He says this is their black deeds. Krutika slaps Kareena and says you have proved that you are your mother’s child and asks where is Mahi.

Kareena laughs. Mitul says why she is laughing, if she has gone mad. Kareena says you can’t do anything wrong with me as your Mahi is in my captivity. He says if you do anything wrong with me then you will never know that where is she? She says more importantly you have 4 hours time, and asks him to accept her condition.

Satya asks what do you want? Kareena asks him to marry her now itself else lose Mahi forever. She asks him to think and says you have time till 9 pm. If Mahi is gone then I can’t tell where is she? She says she will not die as she is going to the place where she will think that dead is better than this life. Satya is shocked. Kareena goes. Krutika asks Satya to call Police. Mitul says no and says if we call Police then Kareena might harm Mahi. Satya says we have to find where is Mahi. Mahi is seen in Kareena’s captivity. Kareena calls Sheikh and says delivery will happen till 9 pm. Krutika comes and begs infront of her asking her to tell where is Mahi. Kareena tells that Sid and Roshni never taken care of Shabnam and when she died, they didn’t see her. Krutika says Sid and Roshni were unaware that Shabnam was pregnant. She says my brother is innocent. Kareena doesn’t believe her and asks if Satya is ready to marry her.

Satya is sad. Kareena comes to him and asks about his decision. Satya says I am ready to marry you, but I have a condition. I need Mahi infront of my eyes before marriage. Kareena says first marriage and then….If you don’t agree then…Satya accepts. Kareena says my mum can’t marry your dad, but I will marry you. We have a different world. Satya looks at Mahi’s pic and says I have to take pheras with cheap girl and asks her to return. He feels helpless. Anupama brings clothes for him and says Kareena sent it. Satya says I know that you are with Kareena, and says when my turn comes then I will not leave you. He asks her to spit the truth. Anupama says Mahi is…..Kareena comes and says you will never know where is she? This time your turn will not come.

Satya asking Anupama about mahi. Anupama is about to tell him, but Kareena comes and stops her asks Satya if he is threatening her. She asks him to try the dress which he sent her and asks him not to risk Mahi’s life because of his over smartness. Mahi is in Kareena’s captivity and tries to free her hands. She sees a phone kept near buy her and tries to reach phone by moving her chair. She dials Satya’s number. Mitul picks the call and says hello. Mahi tries to make her voice reach Mitul, but goon comes and disconnects the call. He asks other goon to tie her tightly. Satya gives his measurement to Kareena. Kareena asks if he is love with her as he is not arguing with her. Satya says I have lost and you have won. I can do anything for my Mahi, and can marry you even for her life.

Kareena smiles and makes him sit on bed. She asks him not to say anything and says distance between us will soon go. Raj gains consciousness. Krutika tells him that Kareena betrayed them big and kidnapped Mahi. She is now threatening Satya and asking him to marry her. Raj coughs and tries to tell about Mahi’s whereabouts, but he gets unconscious again. Anupama hears them. Satya checks Kareena’s phone and thinks she has deleted all contacts, what to do. Kareena comes and snatches phone from his hand. She says we are soon going to get married, you can ask me directly where is Mahi and shows her video footage of Mahi. Satya gets shocked and asks her to leave Mahi. Kareena gets closer to him and says I want to be yours for life and asks him to get ready and come to mandap for marriage.

Anupama tells Kareena that she heard Raj trying to tell Krutika about Mahi’s whereabouts and tells about the garage name. Kareena asks her to say slowly and asks her to keep eye on Raj. Kareena gets a phone call from lawyer informing her that Satya and Mahi’s divorce papers are ready. Kareena tells Anupama that she will bring divorce papers and goes out. Satya sees Kareena going out and tries to follow her.

Anupama stops him and says she is feeling bad to see his condition. She says I am helpless and can’t help you. Satya asks her not to worry about him and says you are here because of my Bua. He says when this Karanveer sleep, then Satya Sawant will awake. He asks her to be careful with her conspiracy. He thinks he can’t follow Kareena infront of Anupama and thinks to do something.

Sheikh sees Mahi and says she is so beautiful. Kareena says I don’t do bad deal and tells that Mahi will start her new life in Dubai and will become his servant and tells that she (Kareena) will start her life with her husband here. Satya comes there and thinks where did Kareena go? Kareena tells Mahi that she will feel good with new people. Mahi says your ego will drown you and says my Satya will come and free me.

Kareena says your Satya will come only if he knows about your whereabouts and asks her to sign on divorce papers. Mahi says I will die, but will not sign on the divorce papers. Kareena says if you don’t sign then your Dada ji will be killed with one injection just. Mahi refuses to sign. Kareena says it seems we have to give injection to your Dada ji. Mahi agrees to sign and cries. Satya sees Sheikh outside the godown and recalls Kareena saying that she will give worst life to Mahi.

Satya recalling Kareena’s words on spotting Sheikh. He thinks she must be nearby. Anupama hears a sound and thinks how to stop Satya from going out. She thinks to close the door to stop him from going. Mitul sees someone locking Satya’s door as she was inside. Anupama knocks on the door and says I am inside. Anupama thinks what will happen now if anyone opens the door.

She thinks she can’t close Satya’s mouth or tied his hands. She thinks to play music system and sits down listening to music. Mitul continues to knock on the door. Krutika hears Mitul’s voice and opens the door. Anupama thinks to go and check on Satya, thinks he is very smart and must have eloped. She comes there and asks Krutika, why did you open the door. Mitul says she was locked inside. Krutika
asks where is Satya and Kareena. Anupama says we shall search them.

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