King of Hearts Saturday update 11 January 2020


King of Hearts Saturday update 11 January 2020

Satya looking at Mahi while the song Mujhe neend aati nahin plays……..He stares at her while she rests on the couch. Boldo na zara plays…………………..Suddenly it starts raining. Satya brings umbrella and gives her shelter. Mahi signs him that she doesn’t need his help. She throws the umbrella. Satya lifts her in his arms and starts walking towards the room. He takes her to bed. He asks her to wipe her hairs. Mahi asks do you want come closer to me and want to trap me, want to do what you wants to do, the real motive to enter this house. Satya tells her that he don’t disrespect woman. Mahi says you are right, but you got married by fraud. She says I was so right about you, says you are a blood sucker insect. She says I won’t let you succeed. Satya thinks how
to make Mahi understand that everyone is fake here, and thinks what to do. Later in the night, Kajal comes to meet Satya. Kajal scolds him for marrying without informing Gangu Tai, and says she told him that he went out for some work.

Satya says I had to marry due to some reasons. I thought all mums are same, but Mahi’s mum is very cunning and thinks bad about her. He says I have to do this for my love. I thought all Aayi’s are same, but Payal wants Mahi’s wealth and wanted to ruin her life. She was about to get her married to Mahi, and says I don’t know if Mahi loves me or not, but then also I will protect her and won’t let anything happen to her.

He asks her to tell Gangu Tai that he is out for work and asks her to handle till he comes. He hugs her. Kajal asks him not to take tension and says Mahi will know how much you loves her. I will handle Aayi also. Satya comes back to room and sees Mahi sleeping on floor. Ek Baat Kahun song plays…………..He gets closer to her and then gets up. Aadat hain plays…….He lifts her again in his arms and takes her to bed while she is sleeping still. He makes her sleep properly and gives her pillow under her head. Ek baat Kahun continues to play…………

Next morning, Payal throws the plate and asks servant how dare he to touch her food. She then throws tea cup. Satya frees his hand as Mahi is holding it and looks outside. Payal fires the servant and asks him to go, else she will murder him. She tells Mahi knows that I eat food made by her and asks why she didn’t make it till now. Naina comes and asks why she is shouting and taking Mahi’s name again and again, says she got married just yesterday. Payal asks her not to interfere and walks off. Shom asks servant to call Mahi. Satya thinks all family members are butchers, and wants her to work today, a day after marriage.

Payal thinks don’t know what happened to Mahi. I asked her to stay away from Satya, but she is sleeping like a princess. Satya thinks he will not wake up Mahi and let her sleep until she wants. Payal thinks to fasten up the rope, to make Mahi come on line. She says Mahi has to hate Satya and not love. If she falls in love with Satya then she will never sign on those papers. I have to take her sign fast. Satya brings tea for Mahi and says good morning. Mahi wakes up shockingly. Servant knocks on the door. Mahi opens it. Servant asks her to come fast as Payal is angry and her breakfast is not ready.

Mahi comes back to Satya angrily. Satya asks her not to worry and asks her to enjoy first tea after their marriage. Mahi blames Satya for the happenings and throws the tea cup. Satya says I was just helping you. Mahi says I am neglecting my mum because of you and says how could I do this. She keeps her feet on the glass piece, and blood comes out from her foot. Satya gets concerned about her. Mahi asks her to stop acting and says if you had really cared about me then you would have never betrayed me. Satya thinks how to make you believe that I care for you more than anybody else. He says your mum just needs your signatures and is not worried about you.

Mahi runs to kitchen and sees Payal making food. She apologizes to her. Payal tells her that she has fired servant as she can’t eat servant hand made food. Mahi apologizes. Payal says mistake is mine, I should have realized that you are married now, and don’t have time for me. She says it is okay. Mahi says I have fulfilled promise made to you, and have not made any relation with him. Satya thinks them and thinks she is a bad mum. Payal makes vegetables fall. Mahi sits down to pick it. Payal takes a spoonful of hot water and puts on her hand. Satya is shocked and runs towards Mahi to save her. Mahi writhles in pain. Payal says I am so sorry. Satya brushes off Payal’s hand and takes Mahi with him.

Satya telling Mahi that he will apply ointment on her burnt hand. Mahi refuses. Naina comes and asks how her hand got hurt. Satya asks Mahi not to stop him and says we will keep our issues at side. Payal thinks Satya pushed me and took Mahi from here. What happened in a night? Satya applies ointment on Mahi’s hand. Mahi is teary eyes feeling the pain while the song Mera Kya Tu Laage plays……Payal peeps in their room, and goes. Satya asks Mahi, can’t you see who is your enemy and who is not. Mahi asks what do you mean? He says do I need to tell you even after this. Mahi says you wants to say that my mamma have done this intentionally. She says how can you think this. It was just an accident and nothing else. They hear Shom stopping Payal. Payal says no Shom, this
hand have done the mistake and I have to be punished. Mahi goes there, followed by Satya. They see Payal keeping hand on the diya and trying to burn her hand. Mahi promises her that she will not do any mistake again and asks her not to hurt herself. Payal sheds fake tears and smiles. Satya looks on. Mahi applies bandage on her hand, and blames herself for the wound.

Payal says how can I do such a big mistake. Mahi says I will make food for you. Payal says no need, you are also hurt. Mahi says don’t worry and asks her to rest. Satya thinks Payal should play a vamp in a TV show, and thinks he will punish her, and will not be fool by her. Payal comes there. Satya says sasu mummy…I was praising you. Payal holds his collar and asks did you come here for my work or to romance with Mahi. She picks a lighter and threatens to burn him. She says I never thought even once before burning that girl’s hand and myself. I will not think before setting fire to you. Satya says I was just treating her hand, so that she can sign on the papers. Payal asks her not to try to be smart, and asks him not to double cross her, else she will ruin him. Satya asks her to trust him. He says I will leave once I get my money. Payal asks him to remember what she has just said.

In the kitchen, Mahi is peeling the potatoes. Satya comes there and says you have wound on your hand. Mahi says my mum is hurt too. I have responsibility towards her. Satya says I will peel off potatoes. Mahi asks him not to touch it and refuses to take his help. Satya goes from there. Payal looks at her hand, and removes the bandage. Satya peeps from the window and looks at her clean hand without any burns mark. Payal smirks. Satya thinks this sasu mummy is a big player, but I am khiladi no. 1 and will play your band.

Once she goes to washroom, Satya enters and thinks now see what I will do. He adds a powder in her perfume bottle. Shom enters the room, and knocks on the door. Satya keeps back the bottle. Shom enters calling Payal. Satya hides. He leaves thinking she is in washroom. Satya silently leaves from there. Payal comes out from washroom and applies perfume on herself. Mahi serves Payal’s favorite food and asks her to taste it. She serves her food and asks her to eat. Payal asks why did you make? You would have taken rest. Satya comes there. Payal starts itching her body, and asks Mahi if she has added peanuts. Mahi says I know about your allergy and I have not added peanuts. Mitul brings ice. Satya says I will apply on your hand, and removes bandage. He asks Mahi to see and says where is mark on your mum’s hand. He turns and see burn mark on her hand.

Payal acts innocent and smirks looking at Shom. Shom smiles. Payal says enough and goes to her room. Mahi gets angry on Satya and goes. She takes out tablet from her cupboard. Satya comes there and tells Mahi that Payal is just feign to have burnt her hand. Mahi asks him to stop talking bad about her mum again. Payal sees Mahi coming and starts acting. She says what Satya wants to proof? Why he wants to do this. Mahi comes, rests on her lap and apologizes. She says he has again doubted on you, but don’t care for his talks. She gives anti allergic tablets to Shom and asks him to make Payal take it. Payal gets up and says good. You have thought very far. She removes her bandage and see burn mark on her palm. She then removes the fake wound and throw it. She says now I have to think about Satya, I don’t think his intentions is good..

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