King of Hearts Saturday update 1 February 2020


King of Hearts Saturday update 1 February 2020

Satya hugging Mahi. Payal looks on. Mahi tells Satya that she is not mad and asks him to believe her. Satya says if you think that I don’t trust you then you are mad. He promises to be with her and support her in every condition. He says some black reflection is on our relation, and says morning is about to come. He says you need love and not mental hospital.

Gangu Tai comes to Mahi and hugs her. Payal calls Aleena and says Satya didn’t send Mahi to mental asylum. Aleena says it seems we have to scare Mahi more. Payal says I have a plan to make her more mad, and tells that Naina and Gangu Tai are going to jagran. She shares her plan. Aleena says Mahi have to go.

Payal tells Satya that she is going for some work and asks him to take care of Mahi. Satya gets a call
from a man informing him that Gangu Tai met with an accident. He is shocked and tells Mahi that he have to go. He asks Kajal and Mitul to take care of Mahi. Mitul says we will be with her. Mitul and Kajal are with Mahi while the latter is sleeping. Payal tells Aleena that she will check if the way is clear. Mitul thinks to go to kitchen and check. Aleena says Mahi….your life countdown begins. Payal switches off lights. Kajal says we shall check the light fuse and takes Mitul with her.

 Aleena comes to Mahi’s room. She ties Mahi’s mouth and makes her hang with the balcony. She tells her that she is not dead and everything will think that you are mad, and jumped off from the balcony. Mahi pushes Aleena. Aleena is angry. Satya comes there and holds Mahi’s hand just as she was about to fall. Payal tells Aleena not to come near his daughter again and asks her to get lost.

Aleena is about to fall off from balcony, but Satya saves her. He tells her that a criminal leaves their proofs at the spot. He tells that he saw her bracelet in her room. Payal tells Mahi that she was doubtful when she sees scratch marks on her neck and made plan with Satya. They send Gangu Tai and Naina out. Aleena says you made plan against me and tries to expose Payal. Payal calls her liar and says my family is with me today. Mahi slaps Aleena hard. Aleena says you will repent, you don’t know what is happening here. She tells Payal that she will not leave her. Police comes and arrests Aleena. Mahi hugs Satya. Payal smiles.

Mahi tells Payal that she got her mum today who can go to any length to save her daughter. She calls her mamma and hugs her. Payal apologizes to her and cries. Mahi says its okay. Payal goes to her room and makes tea. She recalls Aleena threat and says you are like tea bag who can be used just for 2 mins and then will be thrown. She laughs aloud. Mahi tells Satya that Aleena can return and harm them. Satya asks her to trust him and says she can’t be back. Payal calls someone who says your work will be done.

In the morning, Mahi tries to wake up Satya and asks him to get up. She goes to bathroom to get a tub of water. Satya comes there and asks if she wants to get him drenched in water. Mahi nods no. Satya says weather is good outside, we shall get drenched together. He puts on the shower. They enjoy shower together romantically.

Satya teasing Payal and Mitul holding water bucket. Later while sitting at the dining table, Payal tells that they have to be careful as Aleena may try to come again, and elope from Police station. Satya says she is very clever and can elope, we have to be careful. Gangu Tai tells that she will be going to basti today. Mahi says what I will do at home, as everyone is going. She offers to drop Payal and Kajal. She drops Payal and calls Satya informing the same. He asks her to take care. They hear some goons surrounding their car. Satya asks Mahi to be in the car till he reaches there. Goons accuse Mahi for sending Aleena to jail and living peacefully. They ask her to come out of car.

Mahi and Kajal get down the car and run. Satya is coming there on his bike. Mahi
and Kajal hide in the bushes, but the goons catch them. A man wearing helmet comes on a bike and beats the goons. Mahi and Kajal looks on. Satya is still on the way. Man removes his helmet and his face is shown……Kajal and Mahi looks on. Goon holds Kajal’s hand. Man comes and saves Kajal. Kajal falls for him instantly. Satya reaches there. Man sees Satya coming and goes. Mahi and Kajal tell Satya that a guy saved them. Kajal says he was an angel. Satya asks Mahi and Kajal to go home.

At home, Kajal praises the guy and tells that he is a hero and a fighter. Gangu Tai asks if he is like Hritik Roshan. Mahi also praises him and says I have become his fan. Satya asks them not to lie much. Mahi says he came like an angel and saved us. Gangu Tai is thankful to him. Payal comes and tells that she heard about the goons.

Satya tells that a stranger saved them and they have eaten my brain. Payal says I thought Satya saved you both. Kajal says he couldn’t come on time. Satya asks mahi to praise him and gets jealous. He says I was coming from home and that’s why got late. Mahi says he was like a batman and tells that he left before we could thank him. Kajal says his name must be good. Payal says it was my mistake, I wouldn’t have left you alone. She thanks the stranger. Satya asks her not to talk like them. He says he has hero panti in him, but it is like house’s hen is like dal. Mahi scolds him. Kajal and others also go. Satya tells this world is getting bad, girls are becoming fan of others. Everyone smile.

Kajal reminisces the guy and smiles. Satya asks have you gone mad? If that goons hit on your head. He asks why you are smiling looking in the mirror. Kajal says I don’t want to talk and goes. Satya thinks what happened to her. Payal talks to someone and says she will send car to call him home. Mahi asks with whom you are talking. Payal tells about a client who is here for 2- 3 days and asks her to arrange food for him. Mahi says ofcourse Mamma.

Mahi is getting ready. Satya comes and helps her. He romances with her and says you never got ready for me like this. Mahi says what do you think that I get ready for Ali baba’s 40 thieves. Satya says I am Ali Baba and 40 thieves. They hear Gangu Tai scolding Kajal for putting chilli powder in kheer. Satya says she has gone mad since goons tried to kidnap them. Kajal gets upset and goes. Gangu Tai says you have done a mistake. Door bell rings. Kajal opens the door and sees the same guy. She gets surprised. Payal welcomes him. Mahi says he is the same guy who had saved us. Satya thanks him. Payal says he is Dhruv, our client. Kajal looks at him. Gangu Tai asks Kajal to bring juice for him. Kajal brings juice and makes it fall on him mistakenly. Dhruv says it is okay and asks her to relax. Satya and Mahi looks on.

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