King of hearts Monday Update June 17th


Roshni asks Sid to come and stop Mona. He says he will not and says he is collecting evidence against Rajveer. Roshni says why he wants to know about Rajveer’s past, because of his one mistake, her family is separating again. Sid comes and apologizes Mona. Mona asks him to apologize Rajveer instead. DD also backs Mona. Sid apologizes Sid and requests him not to go. Rajveer says it is okay and says he would have asked him directly. He says Mona that he knows Sid’s heart is clean and huts him.

Sid sees Rajveer smoking and says it is injurious for even bad man’s health. Rajveer says he is annoyed because of his defeat and his plan failed. He laughs and says those old people know how cruel he is and what he would have done to their daughter.

 He warns him to do whatever he can to prove him wrong and to be a man by defending directly. Sid says looks like he did not go to school and if he had gone, he would known that only truth wins. He says these dialogues look good only in Ramleela. Sid challenges that he will expose him in front of everyone within 24 hours.

In the morning, Roshni says Sid that she knows how he is feeling, he should forget about yesterday and relax. She says we should plan mom’s birthday. He says we will plan something big with whole family. Roshni says ok and leaves saying she has to pick Phatka from hospital. Sid prays god to help him get Rajveer’s truth in front of DD.

Sid says DD that he wants to go to factory today. She asks why factory and says she knows he wants to unite family, but should not do anything that harms family.

Simran emotionally says Raj that Krutika will leave her house after marrying. Krutika says she will not go as she just came some days ago. Raj asks if her in-laws will not have any problem. Krutika yells that he has problem instead of her husband and says Simran that her boyfriend knows about her everything and does not have any problem staying as ghar jamai. Raj asks if he does not have any self-respect. She asks if Sid does not have any self-respect that he stays in his in-law’s house. Raj says he is staying for a good cause there. Simran says Raj that she does not have any problem if her jamai stays in her house and takes Krutika from there.

At office, Sid says DD that he finished all his work and wants to go out. She says she has some more work for him. She thinks once her birthday party is finished, she will speak to Sid. Sid reminisces DD telling that she is mortgaging all her properties for her big order, takes mortgage file in his hand. Rajveer comes and wishes him goodmorning. Sid thinks he should not let Rajveer know about this file and hides it in his bag. Rajveer walks out of his desk to get something, leaving his mobile on desk. He gets Ghafoor’s call, but Sid picks it. Ghafoor asks to send his money, else he will expose him. Sid SMSes that he cannot pick call as police is investigating him and asks him also to come back to India. Ghafoor asks his servant to pack bags to go back to India. Sid thinks he will expose Sid soon.

Rajveer getting Ghafoor’s message asking him to meet at 10 a.m. and telling they both are in big trouble. Sid sees Rajveer’s changing expressions and thinks he will get him exposed soon.

Krutika’s boyfriend comes to meet Simran and leaves without meeting Raj even after she insists. Raj comes home and sees him leaving in his bike. He asks Simran why did not she stop Krutika’s boyfriend. Krutika yells that her boyfriend is busy and instead of questioning Sid, he is always behind her happiness. Simran asks Raj to calm down and says they have to accept him as Krutika is pregnant. Raj says okay. Simran calls Roshni asks her to meet now. Roshni says she has to pick Phatka (who was crushed by an arrogant girl) from hospital and drop him to NGO, she is busy and can meet her only in the evening. Krutika brainwashes that Roshni and Sid don’t care about her at all and are just making bahanas and says she will help her in shopping.

Roshni picks Phatka from hospital. DD comes there to pick them. Phatka requests her to get her icecream and busy them all icecream and snacks and enjoys with them. Simran and Krutika while on the way for shopping see them enjoying and Krutika taunts Simran that Roshni was lying and instead enjoying with her mom/DD. Simran gets sad.

Simran asks decorators to decorate house quickly. She sees tailor and asks if he got her jamai’s wedding dresses. He says he brought long back, but someone stopped him. Sid comes in front of her and tailor says Sid was stopping him. Simranasks till when he will stay with her now. He says in some days, he will permanently shift with Roshni. She gets happy. Raj comes there and they all 3 joke. Simran goes to her room to check decoration. Raj says Sid that he is proud of him that he gained his mother-in-law DD’s confidence. Sid gives him DD’s mortgage papers and asks him to keep it in his locker. Simran comes there and Raj gives her DD’s mortgage papers and asks her to keep in locker. She asks why they are having DD’s papers. He says he will explain later.

Sid sees Roshni trying to call someone and asks whom she is calling. She says Simran as she wanted to meet her in the morning. She calls Simran. Simran who is with Krutika switches on speaker. Roshni apologizes her and says she was busy getting Phatka discharged and badmouths about Krutika that because of her Phatka and her met with an accident and she should be sent to jail. Simran gets irked and asks her not to badmouth about anyone, asks why did she call her. Roshni says tomorrow it is DD’s birthday and needs her cake reciepe. Simran says she does not have time now and cuts call. Roshni is surprised to hear her rude behavior. Krutika says Simran that she did right and says now she can understand who is her dear one and who is acting.

Roshni says Sid that she felt for the first time that Simran was rude. He says she must have misunderstood her and says he will help her prepare cake and tries to get romantic. She pushes him and smiles.

Rajveer gets nervous thinking about meeting Ghafoor. He gets his SMS asking to meet at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Sam comes and blindfolds him. He angrily asks who is it. Sam says she wanted to surprise him and says she wants him to see the items she bought for their new house. He says he is busy. She insists, he thinks he should not let anyone get suspicious and leaves with Sam. Sid comes there, checks his SMS and thinks Rajveer is believing Ghafoor is SMSing him, but it is him instead.