King of hearts Monday Update 8th July 2019

Sid and Roshni coming down after getting ready. Biji performs Roshni’s muh dikhayi function and all guests give their gifts. Biji asks Kritika to keep gifts in Roshni’s room. Kritika makes her usual ugly faces and angrily takes gifts from Roshni. Biji asks Roshni to serve food for her guests and asks guests to come on dining table. Roshni serves them food. Guest asks if she prepared chole. She says no. Guest says she forgot she is Gujrati and not Punjabi. Another guest tells there is a competition next week in which everyone’s bahus are participating and Roshni should also compete and win. Roshni feels embarrassed and goes to her room.

Yash calls Roshni and does voice chat. He invites her for a coffee and she agrees. Kritika hears their conversation and thinks of her witty ugly plan. She informs reporters.

Naani asks DD to attend Roshni’s muh dikhayi function. DD says she will not. Naani says Roshni will be insulted if they don’t go.

Roshni and Yash are in coffee shop. She tells him about the muh dikhayi function and tells they don’t know she and Sid are getting divorced. Reporters reach coffee shop and discuss that they got a tip off about Sid’s wife Roshni’s affair with another man. Pratima hears their conversation and informs Sid. Reporters sit in a next table and try to click Yash touching Roshni’s face and hand. Sid reaches there, apologizes for coming late, thanks Yash for taking care of Roshni and takes Roshni from there to parking lot. Roshni shouts at him and asks him to stop his drama. Reporters follow them. Sid shows reporters and tells they are gossip reporters and came here to cover news that Sidharth Khurana’s wife Roshni is having an affair with another man. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Pratima comes and says Sid is right. Sid gives her keys, asks Pratima to take care of herself and leaves alone.

Roshni comes back home. Biji asks where was she and tells her to participate in competition. She says she does not know cooking. Sid comes and says Roshni has not tried cooking in her life. Simran taunts her and says whole society will laugh at them. Roshni says she will compete. Biji gets happy and asks her to prepare food from tonight, asks Sid what he wants to have. He says paneer makhani. Roshni gets tensed. Biji says they will enjoy paneer makhani prepared by Roshni today.

Ugly minded Kritika thinks of her ugly plan to ruin Roshni’s cooking. She goes to kitchen and asks if she needs help. Roshni says no thank you. She looks at net for receipe. Kritika says she brought recipe for her, but if she does not need it, it is ok. Roshni takes receipe book from her and starts preparing dish. Kritika then goes to her crook husband Rajveer and gives her ugly smile. She tells she changed one recipe with another. Rajveer also smirks ugly. Roshni adds lemon juice in paneer makhani dish and serves it to family. Biji tastes it and spits on floor. She angrily says she does not know to cook. Simran says her mom did not teach her anything and asks servant to throw it. Naani and DD come there and hear Biji and Simran’s scolding. Roshni sees them and gets tensed.

DD and Naani coming for Roshni’s muh dikhayi. They reach late and meet biji. Biji says their daughter did not prepare food well and asks DD why did not she teach her daughter cooking. Naani interferes and says Roshni is very intelligent and if she teaches her, Roshni will learn cooking well. Biji says she will teach her bahu.

DD and Simran start fight with each other. Simran calls Roshni useless/nikammi. DD her husky male voice and attitude yells at Simran. Naani and Raj interfere, but their fight continues. Roshni asks them to stop their drama and says Simran that she has to bear her for 3 months and tells DD that she is bahu now and she should not interfere in her daughter’s life. She says they have to behave in front of Biji at least and asks them to make drama in front of Biji. Naani tells Raj that Roshni is behaving like his bahu now and gives high-fi.

DD and Simran go to Biji’s room smiling. Naani says Biji her Roshni is very good an not nikammi, looking at DD and Simran. Biji says she is good except her cooking. Naani says that is why she is inviting her for lunch tomorrow as DD cooks gujrati food very well. Simran says they are busy. Biji say they are not and says as an elder, she accepts her invitation and wants to see Sid’s sasural’s hospitality. Naani says she is most welcome and leaves with DD.

Roshni gets irked hearing Sid snoring, fixes cloth clip on his nose and sleeps peacefully. Sid wakes up in the morning and sees clip on his nose. He goes to bathroom and asks why she fixed clip on his nose. Their usual fight continues….

Rajveer crook gets ready for DD’s lunch party. His wife ugly minded Kritika asks if he is so eager to meet his ex-wife says she knows his cheap mentality. He starts his emotional atyachar. Simran (dumb aunt) comes in and asks them both to accompany her for lunch. Kritika says if mom wants them to go, they should.

Biji with her family along with crook Rajveer and Kritika reaches DD’s house. Naani greets them in and asks if they would like to have cool drinks. Simran says they may not have it. DD says they drink juice at this time and says she had many servants before, but now after being betrayed by her dear ones, she is poor. Sid and Raj get sad hearing it. Naani says Raj that Dd is pointing him. He nods yes. Roshni goes to bring juice and DD follows her.

Roshni asks DD to calm down. DD says she cannot tolerate Simran’s taunts. Roshni says even she tortured Khuranas before, so she should not feel bad. Kritika comes in lieu of helping Roshni. Roshni says it is okay, but she insists.

Biji asks Naani why do they add sweet in food. Naani says they are sweet people, so add sweet/sugar, just like punjabi’s are kadak and join army.

Kritika drops oil on floor and in ileu of helping Roshni takes tea and snacks to serve. She tells Biji that Roshni prepared ginger tea herself. Biji asks if they will serve food or just snacks. DD hears sound and goes into check. Roshni slips food utensils on oil by mistake.

DD and Naani hearing sound from kitchen and going to check. They see food on floor and get tensed. Sid enters and asks Naani to relax and go and try to engage Biji in her talks. Naani goes and starts conversing with Biji. Biji asks what happened. Nani says cat entered.