King of Hearts Monday Update 7 October, 2019


King of Hearts Monday Update 7 October, 2019

Shabnam and Sundari coming to some pandit. Sundari asks Shabnam to wear pallu. She gives the mangalsutra to Pandit for doing puja. The pandit recites some mantras and gives the mangalsutra back to Shabnam while it is in Aarti plate. Shabnam couldn’t pick it up. Sundari asks her to pick it. Shabnam says she can’t able to pick it. Pandit says it is a severe sin, and says she might have put her eye on someone’s mangalsutra that’s why she is unable to pick it. Shabnam gets shocked and scared. Pandit asks her to leave the inauspicious mangalsutra with him and he will do its Shuddhi karan. Sundari says okay and says we will get a new mangalsutra. The pandit takes out his wig and he is none other than Sid. Sid says he has to do so much to get this mangalsutra.

Shabnam wonders why she couldn’t lift the mangalsutra and then thinks today is her marriage, she shall not think all this. She gets Sid’s call and he asks her how is she? He sends his photo when she killed him and says he is looking like a hero and she is looking like a flop vamp. He asks her to accept her crimes else he is coming to make him confess. Shabnam gets scared.

Pinto tells Sid that Shabnam couldn’t identify the fake pic. Sid says he has made a video and asks Pinto to handle everything carefully else he might die. Pinto asks them not to worry. Shabnam comes to DD and suffocates her neck, while blaming her for trying to stop her marriage. Roshni and Raghu reaches there. Raghu asks her to do auspicious thing on their marriage day, and asks Shabnam not to be a naughty girl. Shabnam says they are doing acting with me. DD says I don’t know what she is saying and calls someone.

Shabnam sees two phones with Raghu and thinks if he is double crossing me, and thinks to find out. Roshni tells Sid that Shabnam is crossing her limits. Shabnam sends message on Sid’s number. Raghu says she wants to meet me and may be want to confess her crimes. Roshni says no. Sid says I will meet her in the warehouse. Sundari calls Raghu and asks him to have food with her hand for last time before his marriage. He asks her to bring achaar. Shabnam thinks I won’t let him leave today. He is about to leave, just then Shabnam hits on his head. He faints. She ties his hands and hides him. Shabnam leaves.

Roshni calls Raghu and tells Pinto why he didn’t come till now. Raghu gains consciousness and asks someone to open the door. Pinto tells Roshni that Shabnam came. They get tensed and hides. Shabnam enters and looks for Sid. She thinks if Raghu is playing game with me and fears if he is Sid. She says I will find out today and calls for Sid asking him to come infront of him.

Roshni asks Pinto to get wear Sid’s coat and play his recorded dialogues to get her engaged for sometime. She asks him not to come infront of her. Pinto does as she says. Shabnam hears saying you came…..Shabnam sees light coming from the front and walks towards him.

Roshni comes home and wonders where is Sid? Just then she hears someone knocking on the door. Shabnam asks Sid to come infront of her. Sid asks her to confess her crimes. Shabnam says I know who you are and asks him to come infront of her. Sid says this is last phase of the game and asks her to enjoy. Shabnam sees his face and thinks Sid is really alive. Pinto tells Sid that it is good that you came. Sid says Roshni found him at the right time and he reached here. He says I have to reach there before Shabnam reach home. Sundari asks where is Raghu? Shabnam goes inside the room and finds him tied and shouting for help. Raghu says that someone hit on his head and says there must be a chudail in the house. Sundari asks Shabnam if she hit on his head. Shabnam says no.

Shabnam telling Raghu that she will go and get ready. Roshni cries as Raghu/Sid is about to wear turban and asks Sid to return to her. Sid says when death can’t separate us, then not even Shabnam can separate us. Roshni says you will win. Sid says yes. Simran tells Roshni that Sid is overacting. Roshni says he went on you….They have a light moment. Roshni tells Simran that DD is looking at Raghu suspiciously and thinks I am having an affair with him. She says DD will be shocked knowing Raghu is Sid. Raghu and Shabnam sit beside each other. Raghu talks sweetly with Shabnam and says he is waiting for his sweet, cutie pie etc. Just then the light is switched off. DD is about to go to Roshni…..but Simran stops her and says they shall talk. Roshni takes the mic and tells that she wants to tell the story of trust, betrayal etc…..Ek Haseena thi song plays………..Roshni dances with a masked man on the song. Shabnam gets tensed. Sid is sitting beside shabnam and looks at her expressions. They show the video in which Shabnam kills Sid ( which he got made).

Shabnam and everyone is shocked to see the video. The mask man reveals his face and says he was reborn again to take revenge. Shabnam is shocked to see Sid and Raghu standing together. She comes out following Sid asking him to stop there itself else she will shoot him. She says I did a mistake by leaving you last time, but today I will send you back. She shoots at him, but it is not Sid, but his poster. Shabnam is shocked. Police comes there. DD, Roshni, Simran, Sundari and everyone come. Shabnam asks Raghu to save her from all. Raghu/Sid pushes her and asks if she is shocked to see him. He says you tried to kill me, but lost it. He says I gave you three days to accept crime and you couldn’t understand. She asks who are you? Sid says I am your Jija ji….Siddharth Khurana….., Roshni’s husband, and Patel family’s Jamai. Everyone is happy. Shabnam is shocked.

Sid says you deserves punishment and I will not leave you from getting punished. Shabnam says everyone have betrayed me and this means there was no Raghu. I will see everyone. Roshni says stop it…….and holds her hand. She says my mum kept you at home, gave you everything, but you tried to kill my husband, sent my mum to jail and paralysed my nani. She says I want to kill you, but couldn’t because of my upbringing. She asks her to open eye and see and says her Sid has returned and her family is complete now. She asks Police to arrest and take Shabnam. Shabnam shouts that she will see everyone. Roshni and everyone smile happily. Sundari looks on confused.

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