King of hearts Monday Update 15th July 2019

Simran sees servant arranging food and asks who made it. He says Roshni prepared it for Sid. Simran gets irked. Ugly kritika comes and says Roshni says she is innocent and even sid proved her innocent, so she should forget her. Simran says she will not tolerate Roshni here and wants her to go from here after 3 months. She throws food in dustbin. Filthy kritika smirks.

Naani meets Roshni and gives he a box with Sid’s letter and says Sid wrote her letter everyday when she was in Bangkok, she keept it away from DD (Darauni dayan) and says after reading these letters, if she does not understand sid’s love, then she will not understand anything in life. She will prove that she is incapable of Sid’s love. Wind starts blowing.

Roshni starts reading Sid’s letters and starts crying. She continues reading. Letter fly due to wind. She picks them. Rain starts. She starts crying in rain and screaming. Kabhi jo badal barse….song.. plays in the background. She comes back to her room drenched and reminisces Sid taking her side and protecting her from allegations and telling he will leave with Roshni if anybody points at her.

Roshni comes back to her room drenched and looks at sleeping Sid. She goes nea him and asks why he loves her and says she could not fulfill her responsibility, even then he continued loving her, why? She looks at letters again, cries, apologizes him and says she will complete the promises made, love and relationships. She then touches his face and says now it is her turn to fulfill responsibilities and follow relationships. She hugs letter, looks at sid again and smiles. She then sleeps looking at him.

Rajveer loafer seeing Simran Cdumb, brainless aunt) performing pooja and tells she should do more pooja as even after her prayers, Roshni is still in this house. Simran walks out. He smirks and thinks he is tired of cat and mouse game and will get our Roshni rat out of this house soon. Roshni comes and says he is a rat instead and is happy after getting a piece of paneer, but his end is soon. She says do hell to the court order and divorce, she will stay in this house as bahu and challenges that she will kick him out of this house like a rat in 2 weeks. She then goes and prays god. Rajveer loafer starts fuming.

Sid wakes up and sees bedtea and biscuits. He smells tea and says our servant has become efficient and he should reward him. Roshni says she prepared this. He asks if she made it and says he should get doc’s appointment and asks if she made it herself or brought it from hotel. She goes to balcony. He sips tea and says she has prepared it well. He then goes to washroom. She thinks this tea has her love and says it is strange that he attracted her by wandering behind her and now she is in true love with him. Simran brings tea for Sid, sees tea already and asks servant who brought it. Roshni says she brought it. Simran says why is she doing this when she knows she has to go from here in 2 months and stop luring her son. Roshni starts crying. Sid comes out and asks sees her sad and asks what happened. She says nothing and leaves room. Sid suspects something is wrong.

Naani sees Sam packing bags and asks why is she packing clothes when her visa has not come yet. She says it will come soon. DD (darauni dayan) suspects something is wrong. Naani says when children grow up, they don’t listen to parents. DD gets irked.

Biji tries to thread needle unsuccessfully. Roshni comes and threads it for her. Biji asks why is she sad and asks if Simran scolded her and says she will confront Simran. Roshni asks not to tell anything to Simran. Biji says it is good she wants to come back in Sid’s life and says to win Sid, she has to win Simran’s heart first. Roshni says Simran used to consider her as her daughter and even did her kanyadan, but it is her mistake that she let things slip from her hands, now she wants to gain back Simran’s confidence. Biji says Simran is not that bad and she will help her gain Simran’s confidence back.

Sid’s employee gets him Mr. Baweja, Sam’s boss’s, file. Sid checks files and sees s**ual harassment, etc., cases. Employee asks if he wants to do business with him. Sid asks what happened. Employee says he is a worst man, earned money illegally, and is an womanizer. Sid thinks he should save Sam. He goes to her office and asks her to leave job right now. She yells at him and asks to get out. He shows files and says her boss is an womanizer and has many cases pending against him. Boss comes and asks who is he. Sid continues that boss is a bad man and she should leave job right now. Boss calls security and asks them to throw Sid out. Sid shouts that if he touches his family member, he will cut his old hands before being dragged out by guards. Sam apologizes boss.

Biji sees Simran over phone, throws garbage on floor and yells that Simran cannot keep house clean. Simran says she ask servant to clean it. Biji says if she has forgotten work leaving in city and says Roshni is better than her. Simran asks not compare her to Roshni. Biji says Roshni won her a trophy and says Roshni has to learn household chores from her and asks her to clean house well before baisakhi. Simran says she will clean alone. Biji says she should take help of Roshni as she will be taking care of house after her. Simran thinks after 2 months, Roshni will be kicked out and starts cleaning floor. Biji winks at Roshni and she shows thumbs up.