King of Hearts Friday Update 8 November 2019


King of Hearts Friday Update 8 November 2019

Sid reading Joker’s letter, and is shocked to read Joker’s next task. Joker asks him to steal DD’s exclusive Shalimar necklace and replace it with fake jewellery. Sid thinks what to do as joker is making him dance on his tune and seeks God’s support. DD looks at the diamonds collection and says it is royal antiques. Sid comes there and irritates DD with his words. He says I can do anything and can write anything on the papers, then I can throw it like a rocket plane. DD asks what nonsense? Sid says you have to bear me as I am your partner in this brand. Roshni acts to scold him and asks him to leave. DD asks Roshni not to talk to him.

Roshni goes after Sid. Later Sid comes to DD’s office in night, and searches for the diamond necklace. Yash is also hidden there and thinks his threat is working on Sid. Sid tries to enter the password, but it was wrong. Sid thinks what is the bl**dy password. Yash leaves from there, but Sid gets his joker’s nose, thinks he is keeping eye on me. He steals the diamond and leaves.

DD and Roshni are doing exercise. Sid comes and greets them. DD asks him to go. Sid says I can do what I want, and says I will do Yoga. Kesar asks him to go. Roshni asks them not to argue with Sid. Sid asks them if they know yoga asanas. DD gets irritated and asks him to leave. He shows her Yoga asanas. Roshni asks him to leave her mat right now. Sid signs her something. Roshni pretends to do exercise. Sid acts to do yoga and pushes her in pool. Roshni shouts at him. DD asks Sid to go away from there. Yash thinks Sid is leaving no stone unturned to trouble them.

Next morning, DD meets her clients who asks her if the order is ready. DD asks Kesar to take out the necklace from the locker. Kesar takes out the necklace. The clients like design of the necklace. Sid asks them to check the authencity of the necklace and says it might be fake also. DD asks Sid not to joke with them. Sid asks them to check the necklace. Yash thinks it will be fun now. They check the necklace and says your Jamai did a good joke. This jewellery piece is real and genuine. They gives payment to DD.

Yash thinks Sid have fooled him. Roshni tells DD that Sid have changed real necklace with fake one, but she has again changed the fake one with real necklace. She says Sid is jealous of DD. Yash looks on. She shows the video footage. DD asks why did you stoop to such a low level and asks him to get out before she kicks him out of house. Sid looks on. Yash thinks Roshni have ruined his plan.

Sid and Roshni meet outside and have candy floss. Sid says I was wondering what to do and how to change the necklace again, but then idea and pushed you to the swimming pool. A fb is shown, Sid pushes Roshni in pool and throws the necklace in pool after signing her. Roshni cleverly takes the necklace from the pool. Fb ends. Sid thinks we will make joker defeat and have to get our Ayesha back, before he gets to know that we are together. Sid gets Joker’s call and he says you have ruined my plan. He asks how can you forget that your daughter is with me. Sid says my daughter is with you, and I am not in a position to betray you. My mum in law kicked me out of the house, and my wife is separated from me. He says you haven’t let me talk to Ayesha and says if you got make me talk to her then I will go to Police.

Yash says you will not go to police and if you want your daughter to be fine then will do as I say. Sid tells Roshni that Joker is looking shaken today. Later Yash comes to Sid and asks what is happening? He says I hate you as you are ruining family slowly. Sid is about to tell him, but just then Sam comes and interrupts them. She says you forgot to take me for dinner. Yash thinks Sam have spoiled everything and excuses himself.

Yash thinking how his plans are failing back to back. He says blast didn’t happen and the necklace was changed again. He says Roshni can’t do this alone and thinks something is wrong. He messages someone to make Ayesha talk to Sid on video call. Sid thinks he shall wait for joker’s call. Just then he gets Ayesha’s call. Ayesha asks him to come fast. She says Joker uncle scares her. She says you hate me Papa, that’s why not coming. She asks him to bring Mamma. Sid says I will come soon. Sid breaks the things in the room in frustation.

Yash looks at the cam and thinks Sid is frustated. Sid thinks Pinto and Shabnam should find out the truth. They come to the shop and asks the shop keeper if he knows about the joker toy. He makes face as shocked. Just then someone comes and asks the shop keeper to give joker toys. The shop keeper gives him joker toys. Pinto tells Shabnam that he have seen him somewhere. The man gives the joker toys to Yash. Pinto and Shabnam try to look at the man’s face, but he goes. Yash too leaves in his car. Shabnam and Pinto note down bike details of the goon and think to catch him.

DD tells Roshni about holi plans. Roshni says she is not having any idea and don’t know what to do. Sid says it is a terrific idea, and will enjoy with family. DD asks if you want to snatch our limited days. Sid recalls going to washroom and getting Roshni’s letter that Pinto came to know something. Sid tells DD that he will apply color on Roshni. DD calls him bone in the meat and goes. Sid thinks they can search for Ayesha amidst holi celebration and feels apologetic to DD.

Khurana and Patel gather together for the holi celebrations. Yash looks evilly at the family. Everyone celebrate holi. Sid holds Roshni closer. DD holds Roshni’s hand and takes her back. Sid greets everyone and wishes happy holi. He says DD is not happy seeing him. He says I can apply color on you irrespective of the relation chemistry. DD asks why did you drink bhaang outside? Sid says it was cheap outside. He drinks bhaang and sings /dances on Rang Barse…………song. Roshni also dances with him. Yash looks at them. Sid lifts Roshni in his arms and dances. Yash is keeping an eye on Sid, but finds him missing. Pinto tells Roshni that he came in Sid’s place so that joker don’t know that he is missing. Yash sees Pinto dancing and mistaken him to be Sid.

Sid comes to Shabnam and asks about the man who brought toy joker. Shabnam points out at the man. Sid looks at the man celebrating holi. He says Ayesha must be here in this area. Roshni comes to DD and says she is fed up of Sid, and says she has to pretend because of his parents. She gets Sid’s call and goes to talk to him. Joker kidnaps her and ties her with ceiling. Yash joker makes a video call to Sid and shows him Roshni who is tied. He wishes him happy holi and says you have colored your wife. He says what do you think that I will not know what is going on between you both. He says you have just 10 mins now, save her if you can, this is you sasumom’s house as you see. If you couldn’t save her then it will be a Diwali. He takes out the glass pipe from the gas stove and says gas will be filled in air soon and then blast. Roshni is seen tied and made to stand on the table. Sid runs towards the kitchen and knocks on the door. Roshni nods no.

Sid knocking on the door. Roshni is tied and made to stand on the stool which is tied to the door. Sid breaks open the door and she gets hanged. Sid gets shocked seeing her hanging and struggling for life. He holds her and opens the rope and unties her mouth and hands. DD also reaches there with others. She says gas is on, and asks them to switched off the gas. She blames Sid and says Roshni was trying to take her life because of him. Sid says sasumom. DD asks him to shut up and says I am not your sasumon and have no relation with you. Roshni is still unconscious. DD asks Kesar to call doctor and asks Sid to get lost.

Yash smirks and says I knew that you will save Roshni’s life anyhow. He says I didn’t get Roshni, and got troublesome woman like Sam. You have to suffer just as I am suffering. Raj and Simran are shocked. DD folds her hands and asks them to take Sid from there. Roshni gains her consciousness and looks at Sid. She feels bad for Sid and thinks DD is scolding him without his mistake. She thinks I wish I could hug him, support him etc. They take Roshni to room. She looks at Sid. DD asks Sid not to come near them. Sid looks at the rope. Doctor checks Roshni and says thank god, she is fine. DD asks Roshni why she have taken such a dangerous step and says you can share your pain with me. She asks her not to commit suicide again. She asks her to sleep now. They leave.

Roshni says she can’t tell the truth to DD and says we are doing this for Ayesha. Yash thinks you are playing game in my game and recalls Ganpath wishing him happy holi. He sees newspaper in Ganpath’s hand and takes it. He reads Sid’s message for Roshni asking her to save DD’s inauguration from the blast. He says you have to pay a big price for telling the secret to Roshni. Shabnam calls Sid and tells him that the goon have seen her, but she managed to escape from there, but couldn’t find anything about Ayesha. She asks her about Roshni. Sid says she is fine. He asks her to take care of herself and leave from there. Sid gets the same paper and thinks Joker got this paper and understood that we are together. He says Joker came in that party and was closer to me. He thinks how is that possible?

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