King of Hearts Friday Update 4 October, 2019


King of Hearts Friday Update 4 October, 2019

Shabnam accuses Roshni for trying to steal Sid. Roshni says it is your habit to snatch someone’s husband and then you killed him. Shabnam says what nonsense and says I didn’t kill Sid. She says DD killed him. Roshni asks Raghu to come with her. Shabnam pulls him closer holding his hand. Roshni pulls his other hand. Raghu says I am going to be engaged to Shabnam darling and refuses to go with Roshni. He goes with Shabnam. Roshni swears not to let Raghu marrying Shabnam, and thinks she will bring Sid back home.

Simran and Raj come to Shabnam’s engagement and congratulate DD. DD says Sid is alive…and says she has seen with her own eyes. Krutika says she has photos. Simran asks DD to have God fear, and says you will not rectify your mistakes. She says I did a mistake once, by trusting you but will not trust you again. DD says Sid….you have to come infront of have to save my respect being my Jamai.

Roshni comes to the address which DD told her. Sid is also there and thinks he will not make her lose hope. Roshni asks someone and he says he is there. Roshni sees Sid and gets emotional.

Roshni seeing Sid and comes running to him. Mere Rubaru plays……..She hugs him and gets emotional. She asks him to return home and says we can’t wait for you anymore. Sid says there is some confusion. I am not Sid….Roshni says no and asks him to come home. Roshni says I will make you remember everything. Pinto fires bullet in air….the people on road panic and start running. Sid silently goes from there. Roshni calls his name. Roshni cries calling for Sid. Sid sees her from far. Pinto asks him to go and hug Roshni, and end the game now. He asks him to see Roshni’s condition. Roshni cries badly. Sid asks are you mad. You knew well that Shabnam is very dangerous, and Roshni will be in danger. He wipes his tears and says everything will be going as per plan. He says he don’t have any option…………….He says Shabnam will not have a place to run. Roshni continues to cry.

DD tells her family that she don’t want to attend the engagement function, and asks everyone to pack their stuff. She says we will return once this drama ends. Mona says okay. Shabnam asks where you will go and says you have to return here only. She says I will wait for you with my Raghu. Roshni comes and says no one will go from here mom….DD asks what sense does it make? Roshni says we will not go from this house now, else we will fight with the wrong happening here…Shabnam looks on. Roshni says I met my Siddharth today…………Shabnam is shocked. Roshni says I hug him today, and that one hug gave me strength to fight with anyone. She asks her to wait for the day when Sid return and will kick her out. She says you will be out of this house within 10 days, and says it is Sid’s Roshni promise. Sid comes as Raghu in the house. Shabnam says I am tired of your threats. You said that your Sid will come on his birthday, but my Raghu had come. She asks her to get her treatment done, and says nothing can separate her from uniting with Raghu. She goes and stands beside Raghu.

Roshni says we will see if your fake love wins, or my true belief. Later Shabnam and Raghu enters the engagement party hall. Shabnam says lets do the engagement ritual. Raghu says whose engagement. Shabnam says our engagement. Raghu/Sid gets shocked. Sundari compliments Shabnam and Raghu and says they are looking good together. Shabnam smiles. She takes Raghu to meet important guests. DD says we are standing here like fools and says I am feeling out of place in my own house. She says I will kick them out once Sid returns..Shabnam smiles and gets close to Raghu. Krutika looks at them.

The woman tells Roshni that she was doubtful that Sid was alive, and followed him. She asks him going to a house. Roshni asks her to take her there. The woman asks what I will get. Roshni says whatever you asks for. The woman asks her to come. Krutika tells DD that they have to stop the engagement, and says Raghu is Sid only. DD says I also thought that and says do you really think that he is your brother. Krutika says if Sid is not Raghu then why he is not coming to us. She says we have to stop the engagement anyhow.

Roshni comes back to her house and sees Raghu with Shabnam. Raghu asks where was she? Roshni asks him to concentrate on his engagement….Raghu asks her not to follow the reflection. Roshni says I know…..Raghu says what do you know………………

Roshni tells Krutika that the woman told her that she saw Sid going inside Sundari’s house, and asks her to keep an eye on him. She says she will try to know the truth and says Raghu might be Sid. Shabnam dances with Sid sensually on the song Maine Ishq Ka Rang Da Rog………………….Roshni and everyone look at their dance. Roshni gets jealous, goes on stage and pushes Shabnam on the floor. Kunj asks until when you will fall….Twinkle says this happens when you try to build your home after destroying others. Roshni greets them. Kunj says Raghu seems to be his childhood firend Sid….Twinkle asks what do you think? Roshni says truth will be out today……………………..She dances on the song Main Deewani Hogayi Song……….Sid looks at her dance…..

Krutika comes to Raghu’s room and searches for the proofs. She opens the big suitcase, and finds a pouch…She opens the pouch and finds a watch and a chain. She says this locket is of Sid and this means Roshni said right. She gets emotional. Roshni falls down after dancing fastly. DD holds her. Sid stops himself from reacting and going towards her. Roshni looks at him.

DD and Roshni ask Twinkle and Kunj to dance together. They dance on the song Matargasti………………Twinkle and Kunj argues like usual after their performance. DD prays to God and tells him that Nani prayed all her life. She asks God to return her Sid. Shabnam comes and says you can’t get what you are asking? She says her engagement is going on and she is praying here. She holds DD’s hand tightly and asks her to attend her engagement else she will throw her out of the house. Roshni comes and slaps Shabnam, asking how dare she held her mum’s hand. She asks her to leave. Shabnam says I will see you three….Roshni asks her to get out. DD says she will become more dangerous after her engagement. Roshni says engagement will not happen…………..

Pinto gives phone to Sid, and he gets shocked hearing something. He says we will have to leave from here……They leave. Shabnam asks Sundari where is Raghu? Sundari says I don’t know……..DD thinks get ready for your end Shabnam. India’s Best Dramebaaz kids come on stage and dances on a song………………………DD tells Rithvik Dhanjani that she didn’t know that he is coming. Rithvik introduces her to the four dramebaaz kids. DD says they are really brillant. Rithvik promotes the show with kids. Sid comes to the hospital and sees Simran injured lying unconscious on bed. He calls her mom asking her to open eyes, and says your son has come. Simran hugs her and says I know you are my son and you are alive…………..Sid holds her hand and is about to go……

Simran stops him and keeps gun on her head. Roshni asks if you are doing right. She tells Simran that their Sid is dead, and what they will do by staying in this world. She also keeps gun on her head. Sid is shocked. He asks them to keep the gun down. Roshni and Simran start the countdown…..Sid asks them to keep the gun down. Roshni and Simran are about to pull the trigger, but just then Sid accepts that he is Sid Khurana. He asks them to keep the gun down. Simran says I knew that you are my Sid….She tells Roshni that her son is back. Roshni goes angrily. Simran asks Sid to convince his angry wife. She thanks the God for returning happiness in their lives.

Sid follows Roshni and asks her to listen to him. Roshni asks can you realize how did I feel when you was not with me. I missed you so much, and when you came back, you behaved like a stranger…..She says I used to cry infront of you, and you doesn’t care….She says how could you…… this………..She says you have been with me since many days, but didn’t say anything. I yearned for you, but you doesn’t care………….Sid says Roshni………..Roshni cries and says she prayed a lot and have waited for him. She says my mum was in jail and nani was ill. Why you didn’t tell me….what was your helplessness? She says I hate you Sid…..Sid hugs her tightly.

Sid and Roshni come home. Shabnam asks what you are doing with Roshni. Sid says he was enjoying his bachelorhood with Pinto. Sundari asks them to get engaged. Roshni looks at Sid……..

Sid looks at Roshni…..Shabnam reminds him that he is getting engaged to her and not Roshni…………….Yuvi brings his mum. Shabnam falls down again. Twinkle says you have fallen yet again. Kunj says his wife is wrong and Yuvi is not acting. DD asks Anita to leave. Twinkle tells Roshni that she has to leave. They promise each other that they will win. Shabnam says if your drama is over, then shall I do my engagement. She places ring in Sid’s finger…Just then electricity goes off…….She sees Sid coming and gets scared……

DD thinking Roshni sees Sid in Raghu and she will not be surprised if she falls in love with him. Just then she comes downstairs. Roshni and Sid are romancing in room. Mere Rubaru plays………Shabnam also comes downstairs and wonders where is her Raghu….She sees DD and asks what she is doing in the room. DD says it is her house and asks her to mind her own business. They hear the sound. DD says it might be ghost. Shabnam runs to her room. Roshni and Sid come to the storeroom as Roshni’s mangalsutra is stuck in his clothes. DD sees the store room door open and closes the door. Roshni tells Sid that she likes Raghu and says Sid was a boring type. Sid calls her shameless teasingly and gets intimate. Mere Rubaru plays while Sid loves her….

Simran asks Bunty to sleep in room. Krutika asks him to sleep on bed. Bunty asks her to sleep on bed and says I will sleep on floor. He thinks Krutika is pregnant. Simran is happy and sings song. Raj sees her happy and asks reason for her happiness. Simran says she can’t tell now, and goes to make tea for him. Raj wonders why she is happy. Krutika thinks Simran came to know that her son is alive and asks him to wait for some time till things get back to normal.

DD yells at the servant and tells that Roshni is missing. Shabnam comes. DD asks her to tell where is Roshni and says you have done something to her. Shabnam says she didn’t do anything and asks her to leave her hand. She says she is searching for Raghu and doesn’t know where he went in the morning. Roshni hears them and tries to wake him up. Shabnam tells DD that Roshni might have eloped with Raghu as he is Sid’s lookalike. Nani says Roshni is not like her. Just then they hear some noise coming from storeroom.

Roshni tries to wake him up. Just then DD comes and sees Roshni on floor. Roshni tells her that she was stuck in the store room. DD sees marks on her neck and asks her. Roshni says there were many mosquitoes who bit her. DD asks her to come with her. Shabnam comes to the store room and wonders if Roshni was here, then where was Raghu………….Sid hears her and thinks he is of Roshni.

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