King of Hearts Friday update 31 January 2020


King of Hearts Friday update 31 January 2020

Payal asking Satya to have patience and asks him to be normal. Satya says he had disposed the body with his own hands and says his mind is not at peace. Payal asks him to forget it. Satya feels guilty and says he wants to go and confess to Police that he killed Aleena. Later Satya brings cake pastry for Mahi and apologizes to her for shouting at her. Mahi hugs him. Satya asks her to get ready for Christmas party.

Mahi says she is not in a mood to enjoy party. Satya says kids are coming to party and asks her to get ready as he knows she likes kids. He asks her to have pastry. In the party, Mitul dresses up as Santa gives gifts to kids. Satya brings Mahi there. Satya makes Mahi wear Santa Claus’s cap. Mahi smiles widely forgetting what she has gone through. Satya smiles looking
at her. Aye Jaane Dil Musafir hai….song plays……..Mahi dances with kids. Satya gets happy seeing her happy while the song continues to play.

A little girl comes and gives a gift to Mahi saying it is for her. Mahi thanks her. She opens the gift and finds scarf. She recalls Aleena’s accident with her car and asks who gave you this scarf? Girl points finger towards Aleena. Mahi is shocked to see Aleena standing in an injured state with the purpose to scare her.

She gets shocked and throws the box away. She looks back, but couldn’t see Aleena. She faints suddenly. Satya asks someone to bring water. Mitul says I will bring. They try to wake her up. Mahi says I saw here only, and tells that she saw her scarf here. Satya asks her to hold herself and says there is no scarf or no Aleena here. He says Aleena is dead. Mahi says I am not joking, I have seen her with my eyes. Satya is stressed as well. Payal tells Satya that they shall go back home. They take flight and go back home.

Mahi tells Satya that she knows that she is troubling them. Payal gets a call from lawyer, who asks them to come to office for some urgent work tomorrow. Satya says they can’t go leaving Mahi. Doctor comes and asks Mahi to rest. Satya thanks him. Later in the night, Satya goes somewhere, Aleena comes and stands infront of Mahi while she is sleeping. Mahi gets shocked.

Aleena presses her neck. Mahi is shocked.. Mahi drops something. Satya comes running and asks what happened? Mahi tells Satya that Aleena came again and tried to kill her. Others also come there. Mahi asks them to believe her and says she tried to suffocate me. Payal asks everyone to go, and says she wants to talk to Mahi alone. Everyone leaves. Mahi cries. Payal says I can understand what you are going through. She says even Doctor said that you are going through Post traumatic disorder, and will be fine. She asks her to have medicine and sleep. Payal tells Mahi that lawyer called them and told that she have to sign on some papers. Mahi refuses to go. Payal convinces her Once they reach lawyer’s office. Lawyer asks Mahi, if she is fine? Mahi nods yes. She sees Aleena’s reflection there.

Lawyer asking Mahi to sign on the papers. Mahi looks at Aleena’s reflection behind the door and tells Satya that she will come in sometime. She goes inside the room. Aleena runs behind her. Mahi turns and follows her. Aleena closes the door. Mahi opens the door and enters inside. She couldn’t find anyone there and tells herself that Aleena is dead….She then sees blood there and is shocked to see Aleena standing behind her. Aleena presses her neck inorder to scare and suffocate her. Mahi runs from there and comes to Satya. She tells him that she saw blood in the bathroom. Satya comes there and asks where is the blood? Mahi says she has seen blood with her own eyes. Satya says there is no blood here. Mahi says it was there, I am not lying.

Lawyer asks his assistant
to take Mahi to cabin. He tells Payal that Mahi’s condition is bad, and that they can’t get her signatures on big deal papers. He says we have to take POA. Payal agrees and asks him to shift POA on Satya’s name. Satya tells Payal that he can’t handle business, as he have to handle Mahi first, says I am just 10th pass and can’t handle business. Payal says you are Mahi’s husband and should take care of business honestly. I will guide you. She says I don’t want anything. Satya says my concentration should be on Mahi and not on this business. He begs infront of her. Payal agrees and tells him that she is still not convinced. She asks him to take Mahi home and asks lawyer to get the papers ready.

Later Payal comes to her room and sits in the car. She sees Aleena sitting on the back seat and is shocked. She runs out of car and collides with Aleena again. She throws water on her face and says Oh my God…no. She then laughs….Aleena also laughs. Payal tells Aleena that once she gets POA, then she will get Satya. She recalls sharing plan with Aleena and shaking hand with her. She asks Aleena to have a tablet which will lower her heart beat and they will think that she is dead. She asks her to come infront of car and get hit by it. A fb is shown. Aleena says I don’t think that destination is near. Payal asks her to get plastic surgery and come in Satya’s life becoming someone else. She says once we prove Mahi mentally unwell, we will get everything.

Satya is sitting on Mahi’s side, and thinks it was just her imagination. Payal comes there and acts to apologize to him. Satya being honest thanks her for taking up the responsibility and says I am very worried for her. Payal tells her that they shall show Mahi to some doctor. Satya says we shall go. She thinks to bring darkness in Mahi’s life. Gangu Tai, Naina and Kajal ask Satya to believe mahi.

They say Mahi must have seen Aleena. Payal says it can’t be possible as Aleena is dead by Mahi’s car. Satya tells how Aleena died. Aleena comes to Mahi’s room while she is unconscious, and asks goons to take her out. They leave with Mahi. Kajal says I will go to Mahi’s room. Payal says Doctor gave her medicine, let her sleep for sometime. Satya tells Payal that they have to leave.

Aleena and her goons take Mahi in car. Aleena tells that she will bury Mahi alive. She sits in car and goes. Satya and Payal’s car go past her car, but Satya don’t see her. Aleena looks at Satya. Mahi in the box calls Satya’s name. Payal and Satya come to meet Doctor. Payal tells that Mahi is hallucinating dead people. Doctor asks them to get Mahi admitted. Payal asks where to admit her, in mental hospital here. Mahi knocks on the box and is about to faint.

Mitul tells that there is a ghost here. Gangu Tai says it is not like that. Aleena and her goons bring unconscious Mahi back. Aleena tells Mahi that she will now go to mental hospital and Satya will be hers. Satya tells his family what Doctor told. Mahi gains consciousness and tells Satya and others that Aleena is alive and put her in box. She cries and asks him to do something. Satya is shocked to see Aleena’s bracelet there. A fb is shown, He recalls Aleena wearing same bracelet.

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