King of Hearts Friday Update 29 November 2019


King of Hearts Friday Update 29 November 2019

In her room, aliya calls sid, and asks where is aarav as she needs to meet him. he tells her about arrav’s state, and she gets distraught, as she collapses on the floor. he says that her coming here isnt right and he shall come home and talk to her. she is unable to believe this. she begs him to speak the truth, as she thought he had betrayed her. sid says that aarav is found, which is good, and they can start from hereon, and that she needs to compose herself, while he handles things here. she cancels the call, and apologises herself to aarav, that she misunderstood him completely. sid’s mother sees this from this door and is shocked, and thinks that now everything shall bite to dust, and that means sid and roshni shall be together which she wont allow at all. she wonders what to do.

DOwnstairs, naina is fuming at neel to buy new clothes, while he is hesitant. ragini joins them, and she asks her to take him to shopping or else he wont. while he gets busy talking to someone, roshni gets sid’s call, and she gets tensed. she steps aside and asks what does he need now. he hurriedly says that he wants one last chance to prove himself and his love for her, and begs her to come to the city hospital today, for once. she asks whats this new drama. he asks her to come once or else he shall tell everyone the reality. she asks him to stop the nonsense, but when she sees neel approaching, she agrees to come. he asks if he can drop her. she denies saying that she shall take a cab, and then asks him to go shopping. she then leaves.

ROshni meets sid and asks him why did he call her here. he talks about aarav being a reality and how he has been found, which is an evidence, that he hasnt married yet, and he isnt aliya’s husband, and then takes her to his ward, but is shocked when he finds it empty. she eyes him boggled, and then with frustration, thinking its some lame a*s attempt to get her attention again. he gets distraught and asks the ward boy but he doesnt know anything. he again points that he knows what she is thinking, but he isnt lying. he asks the doctor too, but they dont have any knowledge. she asks him to stop this now, and continue to desperately hang on to the last shreds of their relationship, as they have had some really good times, and she still savours the memory, but he has to let go now. she snatches him by the hand, and then takes him to the reception, and enquires about a paient called aarav, and is told that there is noone. sid is boggled and throughly confused. she begs him not to mess in her life anymore. she leaves from there, wile he stands distraught.

After her thorough research, aliya’s bhabhi is assured that aliya’s pregnant, but doesnt understand why is it being kept a secret if they have already married. her husband and asks her to put her detective mind to rest, while she continues seeing problems. meetu is determined to find the truth. he asks her to stop this madnes. she shoves him away, and then again strts thinking, that there is a simple way to prove pregnancy, thats a blood sample. she takes out a syringe from under the drawer. eyeing it determinedly, she is sure that she would find out.

Outside, sid finds his mother in the car, making a deal with the aarav’s father, as to how aarav is shifted to luxury class medical care, and extremely confidential treatment. he asks what about the expenses they shall incur. she asks him not to worry, bt just make sure that noone gets to know about it. he is boggled, as he finds aarav’s father stepping out of the car. he wonder whats his mother doing here. he comes and welcomes her out of the car. she asks him whats he doing here. he asks her the same, and asks why is she doing this, and if she cant see her son, his pain, the trauma and the trouble he went through, these past two years. he asks how could she not know that his life is roshni, and today she snatched away his last attempt at meeting and getting roshni, and asks why she did this. she says that she shall do it a hundred more times, to keep him away from roshni, and asks whats wrong with him, as he should loathe her, after the way she went away from their lives, and faked her own death, withiut even thinking what could have happened to him, and that she doesnt give a damn about that girl. he asks her not to interfere in between him and roshni, and she shouldnt get to judge whether he needs to love or hate roshni. he tells that she still loves him, misses him, and grieves for him, when he is in pain, but restrains herself, as she still feels that he and alya are married, and she doesnt want to intrude, for his own happiness, and they both are similar here, as they both want his happiness but both are wrong, as it pains him lik hell. he admits that roshni was, is and shall always be in his life, and its noone of her business

. she asks whats gotten into him, and what kind of a life is he living. she asks him to step out of the dream world, as she has moved on, its her engagement today and tomorrow she shall be married, without being bothered as to how he is living. she says that she is his mother, and love isnt one sied, and these are dream world ideology, and here only he loves her, but not the vice versa. she also passes her judgement, that as long as she is alive, she wouldnt allow roshni to come in his life back again. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Mami spying on Anya. Mama comes and calls her. Anya sees Mami and thinks if she has gone mad? Neil calls Roshni. Roshni comes and says she is here. Neil looks at her beauty. He compliments her beauty. He asks if she is pressurize to take this decision. Roshni says this is my decision, and there is no pressure. Neil tells her that his girl friend Ria left him in the mandap, and Naina couldn’t get out of that trauma. He says if that happens again then even I couldn’t come out of the trauma. Roshni says this will not happen and asks him to come. Simran tells Naina that she has called jeweller there to select engagement rings. Anya hears them. Simran selects jewellery ring. Anya thinks if we get engaged today, then it will be problematic. She calls Sid and informs him. Sid is shocked. Anya asks what to do? Sid says I am reaching there right now. Anya asks him to come fast.

All the guest come to Naina’s house and ask what is the surprise? Naina says you will know soon. Simran spots Kesar and says it means you and Roshni are involved in ruining my Sid. Kesar says Roshni has moved on. Simran says even if she hasn’t moved on then she has to move on. Neil comes there and asks Naina where is Ragini as everyone is waiting for her. Roshni is in the room when someone comes and takes her in his car forcibly. Mami sees someone kidnapping Ragini and taking in car. Neil thinks where did Ragini go? A guest says history is repeating. Mami says Neil’s destiny is bad. Neil tries her number. Mama rushes inside and says someone has kidnapped Ragini. He tells everything. Simran says I know who has kidnapped Ragini.

Roshni is in the car and asks what do you want? Why did you kidnapped me? The kidnapper shows his face and he turns out to be Sid. Sid says you will be relieved that you will be fine with me. He asks her to believe him. Roshni asks what did you do? Sid says I am taking my wife out. Roshni asks him to take her home. Sid stops the car. Roshni says you are a criminal. Sid says I am a husband. He says you have done enough now, now I will decide. I want to spend rest of my life with you. Will not let you go anywhere now. Roshni asks are you crazy? Sid says yes, I am. Nobody understands me better than you. He says I know you are hungry, I will bring something for you to eat. Roshni says she don’t want to eat anything.

Anya asks Naina to have medicine else her BP will shoot up. Naina refuses. Neil thinks about the possibilities and wonders if her ex husband have kidnapped her. Roshni tells Sid that he can’t impress her and that she needs independence from him. Sid says from me and our relation…what wrong did I do that you want to separate from me. I love you madly and says what is my mistake. He says you called me criminal, with whom you have taken vows. He says you said that our relation is a curse and we are not destined to stay together. He says if we are not destined to happen then why did we meet again, as God wants us to be together. Roshni says our relation will ruin us.

Roshni asks how can you be so selfish? Sid says I will lose everything. Roshni says I couldn’t tell Neil that you are my ex husband. She says you are Anya’s husband and if you keep following me then it will ruin everything. She asks him to let her go. Sid says do you really want to go and nods.

Anya thinking Sid asking her to not let Neil and Roshni engaged. She thinks if Sid is Ragini’s ex husband. Mami says it is very inauspicious and tells that there is some connection of Jamai Raja and Ragini. Naina gets angry on her and asks what is the connection between them. Sid says you are thinking about everyone except us. You want to go, even after knowing that I will be hurt if you leave. Roshni says yes. Sid says enough and asks her to go. He asks her to get up and go. Just as Roshni is about to go, Sid hurts his hand and says he told her that he will hurt himself with her every move. He breaks glass on his head. Roshni cries and feels his pain. Hamari Adhuri plays………………

Sid continues to hurt himself. Roshni cries as she is unable to see his pain……Sid falls on grass and says your tears have proved that you are concerned for me. Roshni thinks about Naina, Anya, and Simran. She goes near Sid and sees him fainted. Neil comes there searching her and calls Ragini. Roshni cries and runs from there, leaving Sid heavily injured. Roshni runs to Neil and hugs him cryingly. Neil asks Inspector to check for the kidnapper. Inspector asks Constable to check. He asks Roshni if the kidnapper are one or many. Roshni thinks she has to leave Sid there itself else their truth will come out.

Krutika opens the door and finds Sid lying unconscious outside the door. She calls her mum. Simran scolds Sid. Later Inspector comes and arrests Sid. Roshni calls Inspector and asks him not to tell anything to Neil about Sid, and he is unaware that Sid is her ex husband. It seems Roshni has filed case against Sid. Mami hears her and thinks to find out about her ex husband. Neil calls Inspector. Inspector says he couldn’t find anything till now. Simran asks Inspector how can he arrest her son? And says she wil talk to Roshni. Inspector says Ragini Desai is coming here. Roshni is going in the car. Anya comes infront of the car, and asks where you was going secretly. She says you was kidnapped by your ex husband.

Roshni asks what are you saying? Anya says Roshni….this is your real name. She says your ex husband is Mr Sid Khurana? Right. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Anya asks her to tell and asks do you love him even now. Mami comes there and asks Anya to give magazine. Roshni goes in her car. Mami thinks where is Ragini going? Neil looks for Ragini in the house. Anya informs him that Ragini went back to her hotel. Neil says she would have taken rest here also. I will go and check. Anya says she must be tired. Neil thinks why Anya is talking to me like this.

Simran asks Lawyer to get her son out of jail and says her son is innocent. Lawyer asks her to calm down. Inspector warns Raj not to do any drama. Raj asks Simran to relax. Simran says how can I relax. Just then they see Roshni coming there? Simran goes to her and asks don’t you have any shame. She says my son has done so much for you and your family. Raj says I will talk to her and says Roshni puttar. Roshni says there is nothing to talk. Whatever I want to say, I will talk to Inspector. Raj says I am feeling as if everything is changed.

Mami comes to the police station following Roshni. She gets caught by the police as they misunderstand her to be thief. Roshni tells Inspector that she wants to get some additions in her complaint. Constable says they have arrested thieves. Inspector asks them to make them sit there. Simran asks how can you do this? Roshni asks her to stop her drama and threatens to get her arrested. Simran is shocked. Roshni says Raj is a good man, and she want want her ex husband to stay in jail, but she want him to be punished until his bones break and his mind comes to his senses.

Roshni talking rudely with Raj, Simran and Krutika. She asks Inspector to break his bones until his mind gets on right track. She says he couldn’t see that she has moved on in life and is marrying someone else. She says he should realize that it is all over. He says it was someone earnest desire and looks at Simran. Sid is shocked with her behavior. Sid tells Inspector whenever his wife demanded anything till now, he has given her. He says today my wife wants to see me in pain, see me breaking….I won’t back off. He asks Inspector to beat him so ruthlessly that no bone remain in his body, so that he don’t get strength to live and his soul comes out of his body, afterall it is his life’s wish and he will fulfilled. He says I want to see who will dried up soon, my body’s blood or Roshni’s tears.

Simran asks have you gone mad? Roshni asks Inspector to inform her once Sid gets over of his mad love. Simran tells Sid that Roshni has really moved on…..(felt bad for Sid really). Roshni comes out of police station and cries badly ( if she has acted inside or in the car). Hamari Adhuri plays……………Inspector beats Sid badly and gets tired. Sid looks at him and asks Inspector to beat him harshly as asked by his wife. He says there is still life in me, and asks him to beat him. Inspector and Constable beat him. Roshni cries and says sorry…please forgive me. She asks why did you force me to take this step. She says I am not your Roshni…..Siddharth. Neil comes to the Police station insearch of Ragini. Inspector says she didn’t come. Neil goes. Mami tells Police that she is not a thief as she is with the gang.

Later Roshni is on call. Sid comes there. Roshni looks at his wounds and says it seems Inspector has freed you. Sid says I am very stubborn and can’t get over you with the beatings. He says this is what you wanted, they had beaten me badly and then freed me, but you are killing me till now. He says I was in dreams, thought my Roshni is upset and I will make up with her, but you have betrayed me and took me out of dream world. He says when I came out of dream world, I came to know you was very far and was manipulating me with a remote control, my emotions, love, etc just to make me agree. He says okay, what do you need that I shall go separate ways, that our relation should break….ok..I will give you. He says you will never suitable to me…you were right…it is over. Ragini Desai. You have won…I lose. He says one last thing, you was alive even after death, but now you are alive but killed my Roshni…..Hamari Adhuri plays…………….

Sid calls Anya and asks her to come out of house. Anya asks what happened to you? He tells her that he has done enough and now he has to fight alone. Anya asks how can you say that? Sid says I have faced enough just because I was helping you. He asks her to spend her life with Arav and says he is leaving the city. Sid comes home. Simran asks where was you? Sid asks the men to do as he said. Simran asks who are these men. Sid takes them inside the room and says he don’t need any Roshni’s memories in his room or house. He tears Roshni’s pic taken from the diary….Simran and Raj are shocked. Rabba Tu itna batade plays……………………..One of the person said that he couldn’t take out the photo frame from the wall. Sid takes it out and breaks it on the floor.

Mama comes to Police station and gives bail papers to Inspector. He lets Mami out of jail and asks why she came here. Mami says she followed Ragini and landed in jail. Mama asks her to come home as everyone must be waiting for them.

Pandit ji asks Naina to distribute the prasad. Sid says you Jamai Raja will distribute it. He gives prasad to everyone.

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