King of Hearts Friday update 20 December 2019


King of Hearts Friday update 20 December 2019

Raj asks him to rethink. Sid thinks and says this deal can’t be possible as my ex wife is still part of Mauve. He says if she is involved with Mauve then I don’t want to be part of it. He says if you owns company fully then I will agree. Payal says okay, work is done and goes. Raj asks Sid, why did he tell about 15 % share of Roshni. Sid says Payal will trust him if he badmouths about Roshni. He says they will unite Neil and Ria, and return Mauve to Neil once Payal sells that company to fake American company.

Roshni thanks Mitul for creating a scene in the office to stop Payal from seeing them. Mitul cries and says you have supported me when Payal kicked me out. She says my son is getting rotten in jail and cries. Sid comes and says your son came out on bail. Mitul repents for her doings and apologizes to everyone. Sid says we need your help. He asks her to go home and make Payal believe on her again. Mitul says she will not let me enter home..

Sid says she will…and nods. Payal thinks she wants Roshni’s signatures on documents somehow. Roshni comes. Payal says you have come. Roshni asks did you raised me to ask questions, don’t try to become my mum. Payal talks politely and says you want your freedom and asks her to give her 15 percent share to her. She orders her to sign. Roshni asks why to sign, so that you can take everything. She throws the papers. Payal threatens to throw her out of house. Roshni acts to cry like a child and says I am so scared. She says if I leave from this house, then you will not get your 15 percent. She refuses to sign. Payal says I will kick you out from here. Roshni goes to her room.

Mitul comes there, apologizes to Payal and asks her to let her stay in the house, and she is ready to do anything. Payal asks her to think. Mitul says yes. Payal gives her papers and asks her to take Ragini’s signatures on the papers and gives a medicine bottle. Later Mitul tells Roshni that she will mix this medicine in halwa and asks her to pick other bowl. Sid makes arrangements to make the place look like an American office. Bunty tells that he called junior artiste. Raj says everything will be fine naa. Sid says yes, as we are together.

Mitul adds medicine in the halwa, and shouts seeing insect in the halwa. Payal also shouts. Later Mitul comes to Roshni and asks her to eat halwa. Roshni says she don’t want to eat, but Mitul insists. Roshni takes it and eats. Payal looks on. Roshni eats the medicine halwa and gets inebriated, says she is feeling good and wants to dance. Mitul holds her. Roshni asks how did you come back home? She dances and sings song..Ria comes and looks at her. Neil looks on surprised. Roshni says Payal is a dayan and will eat everyone. Roshni tells Payal that she will talk to her face to face. She goes towards Payal angrily.

Roshni dancing due to the drug in the halwa. She tells everyone that Ria covered blanket on Neil and even made food for him. She says Ria likes Neil, I know everything. Payal is shocked. Mitul thinks what she is doing and thinks I gave wrong bowl mistakenly. Payal goes near Roshni and says you….Roshni slaps her angrily, and asks what is so funny. She asks you think you are beautiful and says you are dirty and your make up is cheap. She says I hate you…and says you look like brinjal on gas, and laughs. She asks her to do reality check. She sits down and says everyone is mad, even Sid is mad. Mitul thinks she might tell about Sid and calls him. Roshni says Sid is cute and his eyes are good. Mitul calls Sid and tells that plan flopped because of cockroach and Roshni is drugged
now. Sid says I will come. Roshni says I have to bear him etc. Just then someone throws ball on Roshni, and she falls down hurting herself. Payal wonders who threw ball on her.

Mitul takes Roshni inside room. Payal thinks to make Neil leave the house, and his worth should not be more than a dog. Sid comes to Roshni’s room later in night through the window. Roshni says I fell down and got hurt. Sid asks her to be there and says I will bring medicine for you. Neil is sleeping. Roshni sings Main Naachun Aaj Chamcham Chamcham…Sid applies bandage on her hand. Sid hears someone coming and tells Roshni that Payal is coming. Roshni asks him not to go and says I will throw her out of window. Sid says now I have to go before she sees me. He makes her rest on bed and goes. Payal comes to room. Roshni says witch has come, I will kill you.

Neil falls down in the morning. Roshni gets up hearing his scream, but acts to sleep seeing Ria’s concern. Payal calls Ria seeing her concern towards Neil and thinks to stop her from falling for her. Roshni talks to Sid on phone and says you drugged my halwa. Sid says when I came to meet you, you asked me not to go and was about to kiss me etc. He sees office messed up and ends the call. He tells that meeting will happen today itself and asks Bunty to do something. He says he will return Neil’s company to him.

Payal asks Mitul to come. Mitul says my sandal is stuck. Payal says come by walk then, I don’t wait for anyone. Mitul says now see what I will do. They sit in car and goes. Suddenly car stops on the way. Mitul recalls putting something in car’s petrol tank and smiles. Payal scolds the driver when he says that he can’t start car again. Bunty brings the guards after making them wear suits as a businessman. Sid, Raj and Bunty prepare them for a meeting with Payal. Sid says Payal shouldn’t understand their plan. Raj asks them to mix up Chinese and Nepalese if they mess their language. Bunty changes their attire. Sid says you have made them truly Chinese now. Sid and Raj laugh. Naina comes to Ria and says we met after a long time. Ria says she don’t want to talk and asks her to go. Neil scolds her for insulting his mum. Ria says you don’t know what she had done, else you would talked like this only. Roshni thinks what did Maa do?

Payal coming to the office and greets Sid. Sid talks to her nicely surprising her. Sid introduces her to the American businessman. They greet her in Japanese style. Sid says they know only Chinese and not English. Payal says why they are behaving like Japanese. Sid says Japan and China are near and confuses her with his talks. He praises Payal. Payal says I want to go to washroom. Sid says that side. Roshni comes there and attacks Payal. Payal says who will tell that you was once CEO. Roshni says I am not anymore CEO. Sid calls security and asks them to take her. He tells Payal that her hand is hurt and asks shall I call ambulance. They see american businessman hiding. Payal says she needs time to think about the deal and goes. Sid talks to Roshni and says Payal needed time to fix the deal. Roshni tells Sid that Ria was telling something to Neil which is related to past and Naina.

Just then he gets a call from receptionist informing him that Payal is coming to his cabin. Sid is shocked and asks Roshni to hide. Payal sprays perfume on her and goes to his cabin. Sid greets her and asks her to take a seat. She gets close to him and sees his pic, says it is nice. Sid is embarrassed. Payal asks how am I looking? Sid says classy and nice. She says nobody talked to me rudely till now and gets close. Sid switches on AC. Payal says how to give my everything to you, I don’t know you. Sid says it is just about company. Payal says you don’t know me also. She tells that she has booked hotel for their dinner for them. Sid says okay. Payal thanks him and says I like it.

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