King of Hearts Friday Update 18 October 2019


King of Hearts Friday Update 18 October 2019

DD and Sid get lift somehow and reach home. Kunal seeks Bansi’s blessings and sits for marriage. Pandit starts the mantras. DD and Sid try to take lift, but it was stuck, so they walk to the stairs. Shabnam says my sister is ready for marriage and smirks. Sid and DD knock on the door, but nobody opens the door. Sid says I will break the door. Just then Roshni opens the door. Sid is shocked to see her villager look. DD is also shocked and couldn’t believe on her eyes. Roshni looks at them.

Roshni greets them and asks whom they want to meet? She tells Bansi that someone came. Sid calls her and asks why she is not identifying him. Roshni asks him to move back. DD and Sid are shocked.

Roshni failing to identify Sid and DD. She asks why they are lying and saying that they are her relatives. Shabnam comes and shows her true face. Sid says I want to talk to my daughter first. Bansi says don’t try to be smart. DD asks what you have done to my daughter? Bansi says Roshni is my daughter in law. Shabnam smirks. Kesar, Nani and Mona comes out. Sid asks what is the matter? Nani says they have closed us in the room. Sid tries to make Roshni remember them. He asks her to look in his eyes and try to identify him. Roshni asks him to leave her hand and calls Kunal. Kunal comes and asks Sid to leave his wife’s hands, and asks him not to roam around her. Sid is shocked. Roshni stands behind Kunal and asks why this man is claiming to be my husband. Kunal hugs her and asks her not to worry.

Sid is shocked and angry. Kunal asks Bansi to take his wife inside. He says I will deal with them, may be they have lost way and came here mistakenly ( as if DD’s house is his). Shabnam tells Sid and DD that they have a misunderstanding, and says what proof you have is that you are my didi’s husband and mum. Sid asks her to stop playing game and says it was my mistake to feed naagin like you.

Kunal asks him to get out. Sid says it is my house and says I will break your bones, and will make you sit for begging. He tries to beat Kunal. Shagun comes and asks Sid to talk to his mum. Sid says hello mom. Shagun calls then and talks to Simran. She says your son is not listening and says he might lose his father in this war. She says I have closed him in almari since long time. Simran, Krutika and Bunty open the almari and see Raj unconscious and tied.

DD tells Sid that they can get proofs in the house. They try searching for proofs. Kunal looks evilly. Shabnam asks how you will proof now? DD says she doesn’t need any proof to make her understand that she is his mum, and says everyone know about them. She goes to Roshni’s room. Roshni acts to be scared and asks her not to touch her. Sid asks how can you forget me and tries to make her remember their first meeting, candy floss, and marriage. He says I used to stay in your house as a jamai. Shabnam tells Kunal to let them do drama. DD tells I am your mum, and used to hate Sid, but started loving him. She asks Kesar to make her explain. Roshni says Kunal ji is her family. DD asks how can you forget Sid and asks Kunal what did they do with her daughter. Shabnam smirks.

Simran asks Raj if he is fine? She asks Bunty to call doctor. Raj says no, and says he have to go to Sid as his life is in danger. Simran says okay, and says we all will come with you. Roshni tells Sid that Kunal is her family. Sid says he is her husband and asks him to remember. Roshni faints. Kunal tells Sid that Roshni is his wife and asks asks them to stay away from his wife.

Sid asking Shabnam what did you do with my wife? Shabnam asks him to praise her intelligence and get happy. She says question is that what I can do with you? She asks them to pack bag and get out. She says Roshni has just lost memory and can lose her life too. DD tells Bansi that she can’t leave Roshni and go. She says house is mine. We shall sit and take out the solution. Bansi says you can sit in this house, but I have a condition. DD says I accept all of your condition. Sid asks what you are doing? They are very dangerous.

It is risky to accept their condition. DD tells him that she can’t leave Roshni with them. She asks Bansi to say? Bansi says Kunal will have 50 percent share in your business. DD agrees. Sid asks what you are doing? I don’t need your money, you can give in charity, but not to them. Kunal asks Sid not to use his brain and asks DD to listen to Bansi. Kunal says I have a small condition. This Sid shouldn’t stay in this house. DD asks Kunal to let Sid stay with her.

Kunal says I was touched as you called me beta, but then also he can’t stay here. DD agrees. Kunal smiles. He says this house real’s jamai has come, and you are not needed. You are our guest and will be welcomed. Goon hits him with stick. Sid falls down. He folds his hand infront of Kunal and says I have come here to take my wife, and not to fight with anyone. He fights with the goons. Dd, Nani, and Kesar are shocked. A goon hits Sid on his head and he gets injured. DD asks Kunal to leave him.

Kunal beats him and says today is my day. He beats Sid while the goons hold Sid. The goons also beat Sid. Simran and Raj come and see Sid beaten by goons. The goons hold Raj and Simran. Kunal hits Sid on a wall and throws him out of house. Raj, Bunty, Krutika and Simran are shocked. Bansi asks DD, if she will choose Sid or Roshni and asks her to get inside. Shabnam, Kunal and Bansi smirks after closing the door.

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