kindred hearts Wednesday Update 31st July


kindred hearts Wednesday Update 31st July

.Doctor says to Adi’s family that I talked to Nisha. Adi says to doctor that why Nisha was saying that we got married one year back only? Doctor says Nisha got hurt on head, she had partial memory loss, Nisha have forgotten memory of her last few years, she only remember till one year of marriage, make sure to give her that surrounding which was after one year of wedding otherwise it will be dangerous for it, house’s nice environment and love of family can make her fine, Baba says how much time will it take for her to get fine? Doctor says we cant say anything about that. Jhanvi leaves Adi’s hand and goes to Nisha’s room.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha’s room and sees her sleeping, she recalls how Nisha got shot in fight between them.
Doctor says to family that you can take her home but make sure to give her environment after one year of wedding, it feels like she is close to her family so Adi make sure to not leave her alone and take care of her.
Adi comes to Jhanvi in Nisha’s room. Jhanvi nods and leaves with him. Jhanvi says Adi, Nisha’s condition is worse, we should take her home, Adi says what are you saying? Nisha wont go back to that house, Jhanvi says see her condition, if anything happens to her then I wont forgive myself because I shot her. Adi says it was an act of self defense and she is doing drama right now, I know her well. Kaki comes there and says we can talk tomorrow, Jhanvi should take rest, we have to go to mandir tomorrow, lets go Jhanvi, Jhanvi tries to protest but Maa hints her to leave, Jhanvi sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Adi is in thoughts.

Adi comes home with his family, he calls doctor and says we will do it, he ends call. Adi says to family that I have talked to doctor, we will send Nisha to US for treatment. Baba says she should not comeback to this house, Adi says she wont comeback, dont worry, all leave. Kaka is tensed. Kaki says to Jhanvi that you must be tired, go and take rest, she leaves. Adi comes to Jhanvi and puts hand on her shoulder. Jhanvi says this is not right, we cant leave Nisha like this, she needs us. Adi says I am sending her to US for treatment even after what she did. Jhanvi says she is still your wife, she is your responsibility, she needs us. Adi says she is not my wife, you are my wife, I married you some hours back.

Jhanvi says you are forgetting that you didnt divorce Nisha till now and according to hindu marriage act, our marriage has no solid ground, you know I cant sleep from the time that accident happened? Adi says stop blaming yourself, you dont know Nisha, she cant see us happy, she cant see herself losing, she is all her drama and I will prove that this is her fake act, he turns to leave but Jhanvi holds his hand and pleadingly looks at him, she pulls him and embraces him tightly, she says I love you Aditya, I get scared to think about going away from you, I dont want anyone pointing fingers at our relation. Adi says I wont let anyone come inbetween us, I will prove that Nisha is doing drama and this memory loss is fake, dont worry, he leaves. Jhanvi looks on in tears.

Jhanvi comes to her room that is Adi’s room, it is decorated, she is shocked to see Nisha standing there as bride. Nisha says I know Jhanvi you shot me, you wanted to finish me, Jhanvi says I didnt do it deliberately, Nisha says if you finished me then your problems would have been solved but I didnt die, I am alive but I can die now, Jhanvi I will die if you dont help me, my everything is finished, you can bring that back, you can bring back my memory and my life, please help me, she folds her hands and sits in Jhanvi’s knees begging her for help, she says save me, please help me, she breakdowns and cries, Jhanvi is distraught, she looks down and…. it all turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream and Nisha is not present there, Jhanvi recalls Nisha getting shot and is in trauma.

Adi meets another doctor, Adi says I want second opinion, doctor says her reports shows that she had partial memory loss, Adi says maybe she is doing drama, doctor says no even her coming out of coma is magical, she definitely had memory loss.

Adi comes home, he calls out for Jhanvi but doesnt find her in house. Adi asks family if they saw Jhanvi? Kaki says no, what happened? Adi asks if she left house? Kaki says she didnt tell me anything, maybe she went to her mother’s house. Adi calls Jhanvi’s Maa and asks about Jhanvi’s whereabouts, he turns and is shocked to see… Jhanvi standing coming in house with Nisha. Nisha smiles at family, all are stunned. Jhanvi brings Nisha to Adi. Nisha says Adi.. she hugs him, Adi stares at Jhanvi, she looks away. Nisha touches Kaki’s feet, Kaki says long live, she touches Baba’s feet, he looks at Jhanvi, she pleads him with his eyes so Baba blesses Nisha. Nisha asks Asha who are you? I dont recognize you, Asha gets tensed. Nisha says she is Adi’s mother, Nisha says but she.. Jhanvi says no, nothing happened to her, she just got lost.

Nisha says really Maa? I am your daughter in law Nisha, she touches her feet. Nisha says Adi I am so happy, your mother is here. Nisha says Kaka? she touches his feet, he reluctantly blesses her. Raj and Neha comes there. Nisha says Raj? how are you? she hugs him and asks who is this girl? your girlfriend? Jhanvi says she is Neha, they got married when you were in hospital. Nisha says nice to meet you Neha, you have come in a very good house, you wont feel that this is inlaws house, you will feel like its your own house, God bless you, Neha is disgusted. Nisha looks around at their frowming faces.

Nisha says are you people not happy to see me? nobody came to take me from hospital too, only Jhanvi came there, what is the matter? Jhanvi helplessly looks at Adi, Jhanvi says everyone was happy and planning to welcome you and was worried about you. Nisha says to Kaki that dont worry, I will take care of myself and become, they say that girl leave her inlaws house after dying only, I promise I will take care of myself, smile. Kaki gives her fake smile. Jhanvi says I will take you to your room, she takes Nisha with her, Adi is tensed.

Jhanvi brings Nisha to her room. She thinks that we didnt remove decorations what to do now. Nisha looks around and says all this? i know Adi must have done it, he likes to surprise me, he takes me to holidays and shopping, I am blessed to have him as my husband. Nisha says please send Adi when you leave, Jhanvi nods and leaves. Nishe sees decorated room.
Adi says to Jhanvi that why you are doing this? Kaki says Nisha should not stay here. Jhanvi says I just want to stay here till she is able to listen truth, we can manage, we cant let her know that me and Adi are married. Kaka says we should not do so much for Nisha.
Nisha meets kids and says who are these beautiful girls? Girls get scared seeing her, Binni loses balance and falls from stairs. All rush to her. Adi sees her
injured, Binni cries, Jhanvi brings first aid kit. Adi cleans her wound on head, all look on. Jhanvi does her bandage. Kaki is crying. Nisha says I dont know how this happened, I was just trying to talk and they ran away, who are they? Jhanvi says they are my kids.

Nisha says really? You work here right? So are you not going home? Baba says Jhanvi lives here with her kids. Nisha says she can live in quarters we have for employees and where is your husband? Jhanvi says he doesn’t live with us. Nisha says you are a nice girl, I will pray for you, I am sure your husband will love you like Adi loves me. She hugs Adi and says please sit with me and talk, I am confused, what happened in months? Please talk to me, Jhanvi helplessly looks at Adi. Adi leaves with Nisha. Jhanvi is in tears.

Adi comes to his room and Nisha is there instead of Jhanvi. Nisha makes him sit beside her and says we are alone now, Jhanvi is not between us. Adi says what do you mean? Nisha says since I woke up whole family was with me and then that guest Jhanvi and kids but now we are alone so what happened? Have you started liking someone else? Adi glares at her, she hugs him and says I know you dont look at anywhere you are a gentleman, i feel peace as my Adi is with me, I missed you and I love you. Adi pushes her away and says you are not my wife understand that, he leaves.

Adi comes to Jhanvi and says she was trying to come closer to me, how can you bear it. Jhanvi says I trust you and I will bear everything. Adi says you dont have to blame yourself. Jhanvi says I want her to be fine so I can come out of my guilt. They sadly look at each other.

Adi comes to Nisha and sees her holding her head and in pain, he asks if she is okay? He makes her sit on bed, she is heavily breathing and says why did you say that I am not your wife? Adi says I was miffed with you because I thought you left me forever. Nisha hugs him and says I know you love me, I will take care of myself, i wont leave you ever, I love you. Jhanvi sees it from window and thinks I wanted Nisha to become fine, i have to be strong.

Jhanvi cries. Maa says to Jhanvi that you are a mess, what have you done with yourself? Enough, come with me to our home, Jhanvi says I cant leave Adi like this. Maa says I cant see you bear pain, come with me. Jhanvi says I have decided I not going anywhere.

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