Kindred hearts Wednesday Update 13 November 2019


Kindred hearts Wednesday Update 13 November 2019

Jia is crying. She says please come back. The song mujhe teri zarorat hai plays. she recalls their moments together and says where are you Arjun? She hears water dripping. Jia says where is water dripping? Jia sees there no tap leaking in washroom. She looks everywhere. Akash says what are you doing in hall? Jia says I heard water dripping. I heard it. Akash says there is no such voice. Lets go its very late.

Jia comes to her room to sleep. Nisha says to Arjun’s picture and says I am at peace now. Hope you died with peace as well. As your first wife I should burn you first. She burns his photo. She says you died Arjun and now its Jia’s turn.

Akash says Jia we listened to you. Nisha is living here. Please eat something. Arjun will be really mad at me for not taking

care of you. Please eat. Jia says akash will arjun come back? Bini says of course he will. Inspector Krishna comes in. Jia says did you find something about him? Akash says I asked him to come and investigate from Nisha. Bini says let me call her. Krishna says no i will investigate myself. Akash says I don’t want to be careless. Jia says you did right. Bini says he looks honest.
Krishna comes to Nisha’s room. He says I have heard you are not well. I don’t wanna shock you. She says whenever I wasn’t ill you helped me. We are partners in crime. Till you are here I wont be in trouble. The guy in hood was Krishna. He smiles. She says you did good acting. Did anyone find out we are together? he says if you call me partner you have to tell me everything. Where is Arjun? Is he hurt? She says I have shifted him to a safe place and my men are looking after him. Jia comes on door aand says I came to give your meds. Krishna says I have interrogated. I have to leave. The glass falls from Jia’s hand. She sees Arjun written with water. Jia says I saw Arjun’s name in water. Nisha says there is no such thing. Calm down.

Akash asks inspector how nisha got out of jail.Akash says how was nisha released? He says she appealed in court. Who can go against court. Akash says I was just worried if Nisha was involved in Arjun’s lost. because it all happened in three days. Krishna says I have inspected. She isn’t involved. Akash says thanks for coming.

Jia says to Bini I heard water dripping yesterday. My pillow was wet. I saw Arjun’s name in water. Bini says calm down Jia. Akash says stop overthinking you will harm yourself. Jia says I saw all this. This isn’t a story. Akash says you are dressed. Calm down. jia says this all happened. Please trust me. Akash says please rest for sometime. Bini takes her to room and makes her lie in bed. Nisha overhears. Bini says please sleep. they leave. Bini sees Nisha on door.

Akash says to bini why were you hearing us talking? Nissha says I am worried for Jia. I know a psychiatrist. Akash says we don’t need your suggestions. Bini says but Jia needs medical help. We will take her to our doctor not Nisha’s. They come to Jia’s room. She pours water on floor and says why isnn’t it showing the name now.

Doctor comes to check Jia. Akash says he is here for a regular check up. Nisha says I was inviting an experienced doctor. Akash says he is experienced as well. Doctor says can you give me water? The glass breaks. Jia says I saw my name on the water. Everyone is dazed. Jia stands up and says I have to go. Doctor says she is in a shock. You have to treat her with patience. Nisha says in heart everything will go as per my plan.

calls Nisha. He says where is arjun? Nisha says my people are looking for him. He says are you fooling me as well? She says I am looking for him. He says I will look for him until I find him.
Scene 2
nisha tries to wake up. She screams. Jia comes to her room ans says what happened? Nisha says the ceiling is leaking. I got wet. Jia says should I stay with you? Nisha says its okay.. Jia leaves.

Krishna comes home. Akash says did you find any news? He says its a bad news. Arjun has died. Everyone is dazed. Jia isn’t there. Akash says did you.. Krishna says we found his car in the lake. We cant find his body. Water was flowing very fast. Akash sits down and cries. Bini hugs him.
Nisha says don’t do this. Who will handle Jia.

Jia water her face. She sees blood. Jia screams. Everyone rushes upstairs. She says there was blood on my face. Bini says there is nothing. she shows her mirror. Jia says I saw it. There was blood on my face. Jia says there was blood in the tap. I saw it. Akash goes downstairs crying. Jia says I am not lying it happened. Jia says why are you so upset bini? Did something happen? She says nothing. Ambika calls Akash. Bini says we shouldn’t tell ma and jia. Akash says but Jia really loves him. We have to tell her. Nisha says stop him bini. Jia is in trouble already. Bini says Akash please stop. Jia can’t accept all this right now. She is in shock already.

Nisha says to Krishna everything is as per our plan. Krishan says his death wasn’t part of our plan. Jia calls Krishna dn says did you find anything about ajrun? he says no not at the moment. Jia says we should ad in the paper. He says no we can’t.

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