Kindred Hearts Wednesday Update 11 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Wednesday Update 11 September, 2019

Arjun looks around in house, he deliberately strikes with Chirag, Chirag shouts at him and says are you mad? you spilled my soup too, you should go for eye check up. Arjun says you are a fool, you are mad. Chirag says I wont spare you, he is about to hit Arjun but Nisha comes there and says what is going on here? this is my house and literate people live here, dont know who illiterate people live now here, she glares at Jia. Arjun says this Chirag is a fool,donkey has more mind then him. Chirag gets angry and punches him. Arjun gets dizzy and faints. Jia runs to him but Nisha says he is my Arjun, Arjun has been getting more ill since the time you came. Arjun is acting like fainted and thinks now how will you steal Nisha’s phone Jia? I did drama so you dont steal her phone. Nisha

throws her phone on couch and takes Arjun from there.
Nisha scolds Chirag for punching Arjun, she says you wont talk to Arjun or Jia, Chirag angrily leaves. Arjun is lying on bed, he wakes up and says its good to see you after waking up, sit with me. Nisha smiles and says where is my phone? Arjun gets tensed and says I will bring your phone, he runs. Nisha says why he is running for my phone?
Arjun comes to lounge and finds Nisha’s phone on couch, he thinks thank God Jia didnt get it, he thinks to check if Priya messaged her or not. Nisha comes there and takes phone from him, she asks why you were checking it? Arjun says hide your phone, she asks why? Arjun says just trust me this time and hide it, I will tell later, Nisha smiles and says okay.

Arjun thinks I am playing with Jia and Nisha both, Nisha is listening to me easily, thanks to Adi too.
Chirag says to himself that I am getting scolded in this house because of that Jia, I have to take revenge but how? he comes on stairs and gets an idea. He ties string on stairs and says Jia someone is calling you, he hides. Jia comes on stairs and is about to step on string and slip.. but Chirag sees Nisha fallen down. He is stunned. Jia gives her hand to Nisha to stand her up, Nisha reluctantly takes it and gets up.

Nisha says you threw me from stairs. Jia says I was on stairs too. Nisha says then who did it? Chirag comes there and says I did it but it was for your enemy. Nisha calls him and slaps him hard. Jia laughs. Nisha asks Chirag to not use his mind, why did you do it? She glares at Jia.Chirag runs away. Jia laughs and says Nisha you must have not thought that your son will be punishing you you. Nisha glares at her and leaves. Jia takes off string and says I have to tell this to Kaki.

Jia tells Kaki and Chinni how Nisha stepped on string before her and fell down, they laugh. Jia says I want to bring Kaki’s Adi back,I have a plan. Jia cuts phone line and says I have disconnected all phone of house and I have messaged Priya from Nisha’s phone to come home.Flashback shows when Arjun fainted, Jia took Nisha’s phone and messaged Priya and deleted it too and how she took out sim from Nisha’s phone so Priya cant call her. Chinni says I feel this day is going to change things. Kaki says I just pray that whatever you are doing Jia, you succeed, and our Adi comes to us.

Arjun sees Nisha’s sprained ankle and says I feel bad for your pain, your son is a fool. Nisha gets a call from client, she talks to him. Arjun massages her foot, she says its okay, Arjun says no let me, Jia didnt spare you before and now this, you become a widow for two times, first Adi and then Samar, you should have some life partner, the one who will remain with you. Nisha looks at him up and down. Arjun thinks that I wish she gets in my trap and then I will succeed. Priya comes there. Nisha says its good that you are here. Arjun thinks what she is doing here? she is playing with me? Priya says but you called me by sending me message, Nisha says I didnt message you. Arjun thinks that Jia messaged Priya from Nisha’s phone. Jia calls Arjun to comes to lounge.

Nisha, Priya and Arjun comes to lounge, there is police. Inspector says Nisha you are alleged to give medicine to Arjun to control his memories and Priya is involved too. Nisha says this is a lie. Jia shows medicine and says these are to control Arjun’s mind. Nisha says whats the proof that I bought these medicines? you could have brought them too. Jia says thats why I called your maid Priya, she asks Priya you must know about medicine. Priya says I am house maid, I dont know about medicine. Nisha says to inspector that Jia always lie. Inspector asks Jia what proof do you have? Jia says why Priya is a maid when she is so educated why? there must be something fishy. Jia shows Priya’s medical certificates and says she is becoming neuro-surgeon so why she is maid here? Nisha thinks Arjun shouldnt know that I am taking Priya’s help to wipe his memories. Nisha says I hired Priya to take care of Arjun, he is ill so she takes care of him. Jia says then why didnt you hire nurse? Nisha says this is not illegal, Dr. Priya helps keep a tab on Arjun’s health. Jia shows medicine receipt and says Nisha paid for these through her credit card and receipt has batch number too, she wouldnt buy through her card unless she doesnt know the purpose of these medicines? she asks Nisha to say truth. Jia says to Priya thatif you dont tell truth now then you will rot in jail forever. Jia asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector says I will arrest her if patient doesnt know about these medicines. Jia says Arjun doesnt know about these medicines, they are giving him without knowledge, Arjun tell them.. Arjun is tensed and says its true that my treatment is going and Nisha is taking care of it, and its going on as per my will. Jia is stunned and says tell them truth that she gives you wrong medicines. Arjun says Jia you do cheap things not Nisha. Jia says your memory cant go right now, please tell them the truth. Arjun says to inspector that Nisha is taking care of my treatment as per my will, I know all medicines. Jia says what are you doing? Arjun pushes her away and says let me talk. Arjun says to inspector that I am not mentally stable so Nisha is getting treatment done, she called Priya too, she is doing this as she loves me, Nisha thinks how he brought this love angle? lets go with it for now.

Jia says to Arjun says stop this don’t do this. Chini says this woman has always given us pain. Jia says please stop. Arjun says pandit ji please start the mantras. I will marry Nisha. Chiragh comes and says mom he is half of your age. How can you marry him. Jia says age has nothing to do with love. Arjun says to Nisha let me do this. Kaki ma says I wont let you do this. Everyone is worried. Sharma ji starts mantras. Kaki ma is crying. Chinin hugs her. The pheray are completed. Arjun asks Jia do you have lipstick? He is about to fill Nisha’s hairline. Nisha says stop. he fills. Arjun says we are married now. He says you were adi’s wife and now of Arjun. No one will speak ill words about my wife now. He says kaki ma this jia is fooling you. Inspector says I am leaving

today. don’t waste police’s time today.
Police leaves. Jia slaps arjun. She says you have ashamed us all. she leaves. Nisha slaps arjun. She says how dare you take advantage of my problem. I am embarrassed in front of my son. What will I say to media? I don’t accept this wedding. he says I did this to save you from police and you slapped me. For you this wedding might not matter but for me it does. Was jia right? Are you controlling my mind? nisha says all meds are consulted from doctors. And you are doubting me. How dare you. That Jia will ruin your life. She leaves. Arjun says I have won half of the game. My last step is left now. Her half property is my now.

Kaki ma packs her stuff. She says We wont live here. I can’t see my son destroying his life. Once again bad won and right lost. She came to his life again. She will ruin his life and I can’t see that. I don’t wanna live here. I will go to my house. Jia says nisha wont let babasa go from here. SHe will force him. We can’t give up like this. Chini says she safe herself again. Jia says why did Arjun do this. Jia says to Kaki ma don’t worry. i will fix everything I promise you. Give me one more chance. Kaki ma says I know you are efforts but I have given up now. My hope has died. Jia says you can’t leave your son if he is doing wrong. We have to bring him on right path. We wont go from here. We will prove Nisha wrong. Babasa needs us. Nisha says Arjun has gotten me in more trouble.
Priya texts arjun come to the temple and meet me. I will tell your secret to everyone. Nisha reads the text and says what secret is she talking about? Priya says I love you and I can’t see her with you.

Priya emotionally leaves. Arjun looks on.

Chirag looks at Arjun and Nisha’s picture and says people will taunt me that my mom married guy of her son’s age, I would have to see Arjun as my step father. Chirag ties rope on fan and starts to do suicide. Jia comes there and says what are you doing? come down. Chirag says why you are trying to save me when I tried to kill you, I have no life when my mom doesnt care. Arjun comes there and says what drama is going on. Arjun comes there and pushes chair Chirag is standing on, Chirag falls down and says will you kill me? Arjun says dont worry, I married your mother, we will love you.Jia leaves. Nisha comes there and says Chirag what are you doing? relax. Chirag says why you had to marry this fool? dad’s love was not enough? Nisha

says I will answer your questions soon when time comes, you take rest now.Chirag lies in bed. Nisha glares at Arjun and leaves.
Arjun thinks Chirag gave me an idea to get property papers signed by Baba, when there is no way then you only have one option that is to die.

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