kindred hearts Tuesday Update 30th July


kindred hearts Tuesday Update 30th July

Kaku is listening to music. Kaki says he should go and search for Aditya. Also tells him about what Jhanvi said her. She asks where he was. He didn’t see it? He asks what she thinks. Is he hospital security guard that he will check every body? How he would know who came and left from hospital. He is just saying that he didn’t see Aditya there. Kaki says but he was there, right? Kaku gets mad and says this is what will happen if she doubts on her husband. She’s asking same question again and again. He says he is also tensed, taking care of whole family. So what if he came to relax for few minutes. She can’t see that either? He asks her to go and leave him alone. She doesn’t go. He leaves then.

Jhanvi meets the woman and says I am really sorry, someone is brought to your house from hospital, where is that person? please tell me, woman says my son left me and has gone to God, they have taken him to graveyard, they have taken him away from me forever, away from me, she cries. Jhanvi asks where? she says marine ground, they must have buried him till now, Jhanvi says no nothing can happen to Adi.

Jhanvi comes to graveyard, she shouts for Adi and cries. She sees a grave and starts digging it seeing as its fresh. She digs it and says Adi? she brings out coffin and sees someone with face covered with bandages. She takes off bandages and its Adi. She asks him to wake up. She brings him and pleads him to wake up. She pumps his heart and gives him Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but
he doest respond, she cries and says no.. Adi suddenly gasps and wakes up. Jhanvi gets elated.
Kaki gets call and says thank God Adi is fine. Kaka thinks how Adi got saved? Jhanvi is on call and says to Kaki that I am taking Adi to hospital, she ends call. Kaki says to Baba that someone tried to hurt Adi but Jhanvi brought him out of death trap but whoever tried to hurt Adi, God will punish that person. Baba says who is trying to hurt out kids? Kaki says thank God Jhanvi found Adi, I will pray to God. Kaka thinks Adi got saved again how?

Jhanvi brings Adi to hospital. Doctor says Adi is fine, you gave him CPR on right time. Jhanvi says how can you give alive person to some other family? find about that wardboy, doctor says he ranaway, Jhanvi says I will sue you if you dont take action, he says we are cooperating with police. Jhanvi says Nisha cant do all this as she is in critical condition, it must be that shadow, we have to find out about that. Adi says I want to go home.

Jhanvi brings Adi home. Kaki says thank God you are fine. Baba says what is happening? I would die without you Adi, dont know whose evil eye has cast us, Kaki says I am sure till Jhanvi is with Adi, she wont let anything happen to Adi. Raj asks Jhanvi who did this to Adi? Jhanvi says I dont know but we have to be careful. Kaka says Jhanvi this all happened because of you Jhanvi, dont know how Adi would return home if you were not here. Baba asks Jhanvi to go home and take rest, tomorrow is wedding, I want you and Adi to become one as soon as possible, Jhanvi nods, Raj agrees to drop Jhanvi home, Jhanvi leaves. Adi goes to rest. Adi sees Jhanvi leaving, she nods at him hinting everything is fine and leaves. Adi goes to his room too.

Kaka comes to his room and says I made such a good plan, this girl.. he gets a call from his wardboy, goon says I need some money, Kaka says you have got your money, leave city, wardboy asks if he threw syringe? Kaka says it was in my coat’s pocket. Kaka checks his coat’s pocket but doesnt find syringe, his door knocks, he opens it and finds Kaki, kaki says what are you doing with closed door? Kaka says I was worried about Adi so just taking rest. Kakai sees cupboard opened. Baba comes there and says from the time Adi has come, he seems worried, lets make his mood right.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha in hospital. She says Nisha you are Adi’s first wife in world’s eye and me second but I have loved Adi a lot, true love, I tried to make your house too but you hurt people so much that I had to come inbetween, truly you have lost most precious thing of your life, family which have Adi, Chinni, Binni, Kaka, Baba and mother like Kaki, if you cared for them and loved Adi then I would have been happy seeing you all happy far away from that family, I am sorry but I am going to marry Adi today and will become his life partner and you will lose all your rights to get him, she turns to leave but her shirt gets stuck in her bed, she takes it off and looks at Nisha lying unmoving there, she leaves.

In morning, Adi wakes up and is tensed. Baba and Kaka comes to him and says you are not ready till now? Kaka says I feel till bad time is not finished, we should postpone this wedding till then, I feel that shadow is still roaming around the house, what if that person gets successful in his plans and hurts Jhanvi? we should not drag Jhanvi in all this mess, its your duty to keep Jhanvi happy, Jhanvi wont leave you as she has loved you but you will put her in danger by marrying her. Baba says no Jhanvi has done a lot for us and she has many hopes from this marriage, we wont let her hopes break and our Adi will compose her, Adi says yes, Kaka says but.. Baba says enough, Jhanvi is ready as bride, come on Adi, Adi nods, Baba leaves, Kaka looks on.

Jhanvi gets ready as bride, Maa says you are getting married? I cant believe, I always wanted to choose your life partner and I am so happy that its Adi, he will keep you happy, there are daughters there, love them without any limits, I used to always feel like you are our mother as you handled me and Survi like that, we will miss you so much, Jhanvi hugs her and cries. Survi comes there and dances, they laugh. Survi says says finally Simran is going with Raj, they all hug.

Wedding starts. Adi comes to wedding venues dressed as groom, he is holding Chinni and Binni’s hand. Kids bring him up to mandap and sits with him. Priest asks to call bride. Survi and Maa brings Jhanvi dressed in nice red lehnga. Adi smiles. Kaka glares at her. Jhanvi sits in mandap. Adi and Jhanvi are lost in each others eyes. They imagine no one around. Adi offers his hand to her, she holds it

Adi says I fully submit myself to make our relation stronger, Jhanvi says I promise to fulfill my duties and always be with you, Adi says I will always protect you and wont see anyone else but you as life partner, Jhanvi says my love and respect for your will never be less, Adi says just cook food and I will give you everything, Jhanvi says I dont know how to cook, Adi says I will help you then, she smiles and says okay.. it turns out to be their imagination, they both smile as priest continues wedding. Adi whispers to Jhanvi that kids will call you mother from now on, kids do their gadh bandhan.

Doctor checks Nisha’s condition. Adi and Jhanvi exchange garlands. They take pheras, all are happy for them. Jhanvi holds Adi’s hand while taking pheras. After pheras, Adi fills her forehead with vermilion(sindoor) and makes her wear mangalsutra. All clap for them, they take elders blessings. chinni says Jhanvi aunty I brought gift for you, Adi says she is not your aunty anymore, Jhanvi says they can call me what they want, I am their friend. Raj takes selfie with them. Jhanvi hugs her Maa and cries. Survi says dont cry, you can come to us anytime you want. Jhanvi starts leaving with Adi, she throws rice behind her and leaves with Adi.

Jhanvi and Adi comes to Adi’s home. Kaki does their aarti. Kaki asks Jhanvi to kick rice kalash(pot) and enter their house. Jhanvi kicks it and comes in house while printing her footsteps. Adi and Jhanvi comes in mandir and takes God’s blessing for their new life. Kaki asks them to put their fingerprints on wall, they do it.

Doctor checks Nisha’s machines and worriedly looks at nurse.

Adi is standing alone in lounge. Adi is tensed. Raj comes to him and asks why he is tensed? Adi says nothing. Neha brings Jhanvi there dressed as bride, she blushes looking at him who is admiring at her, Raj says she is your bride, no need to be shy. Adi smiles at her. Raj says are you not going to take her away? Adi offers his hand to Jhanvi, she takes it. Raj and Neha leaves them alone. Adi says finally we are together, nobody can come between us, never now. He comes closer and lifts her bridal style. She smiles.. someone calls Adi’s name.. they turn around and are shocked to see Nisha standing there in hospital gown and getting dizzy. She looks at them dressed as bride and groom and is confused. Kaki and Kaka comes there too. Nisha slowly comes there but falls down, Jhanvi rushes to her and asks her to wake up but she faints, Adi looks on, Kaka is tensed. Jhanvi asks Adi to do something, he comes to her and takes her.

Nisha is brought to hospital. She wakes up and sees Adi’s family there. Nisha have headache, she winces in pain? she says Kaka.. Kaki.. I cant take your blessing, I am feeling very weak. Kaka thinks that first Adi got saved and now I am in trouble because of this Nisha. Nisha says why am I here? Adi says I saw a bad dream, I saw that you were marrying someone else and it was looking true then suddenly I woke up.. Adi, you wont ever leave me right? I know it was just a dream, we have just got married afterall, all are confused. Nisha smiles sweetly at Adi.

Nisha wakes up in hospital, Adi’s family is there. Nisha says Adi I saw a bad dream, I saw that you were marrying someone else and it was looking true then suddenly I woke up.. Adi, you wont ever leave me right? I know it was just a dream, we have just got married afterall, all are confused. Nisha smiles sweetly at Adi. Nisha says we celebrated first wedding anniversary sometime back only, when I thought about it then I calmed down and realized it was just bad dream. Jhanvi stands there on door dressed as bride. Nisha says what has happened with me? why is it paining so much? I want to go home, I feel suffocated, I have headache doctor, what is happening? Adi take me home please.. she winces in pain. Doctor ask family to let her rest, all leave confused. Kaka is tensed.


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