Kindred hearts Tuesday Update 12 November 2019


Kindred hearts Tuesday Update 12 November 2019

Arjun sees Akash. He says I am here. Nisha shuts the window. She puts hand on Arjun’s mouth, Akash looks here and there. Nisha says stay quite. I asked you not to take a word. I knew they would come here. Akash goes ahead. Nisha says do you wanna see what is jia is doing home? SHe turns on tv. Bini says Jia please eat smoething. Jia says I don’t wanna eat. I can’t find Arjun. Nisha says see this will be last night of your life. I will really miss you.
The thug comes and says you asked to kidnap him and not kill. NIsha says I just said to scare him. I wanna keep him alive. He leaves. Nisha says to someone on call when akash comes home tell him that arjun met an accident.
The hoodie comes to Arjun. He hits Arjun with a rod.
JIa is worried for Arjun. Something burns in her room. Bini says are you okay? Jia says I wana go and find arjun. Bini says please relax Akash is looking for him. AKash looks everywhere. Jia and Bini come out too. Jia runs to look for him. They come in front of a car.

The thugs tie fainted arjun near the lake.
Jia says to Akash did you find arjun? He says no. Jia says I wanna find him. She sits in the car. The thugs throw Arjun in the lake. Jia is crying. Akash brings her home.
Jia says police can’t do anything. Akahs says they are looking for him. Inspector comes and says I had been calling you. Some people saw Arjun’s car on highway. Jia says he never informed us a out the new route. Inspector says we will look for more detail. Akash says let me get his bank statement.

Jia comes to temple and prays for Arjun. Jia sees Nisha. She says what are you doing here How did you get out of the jail. Nisha doesn’t answer. A man holds her hand. He is wearing bomb. He says we will all die together. Jia says what are you doing. Let me go. Nisha screams Jia.. She hits the guy and pretends that she is saving JIa. They both run. NIsha faints. JJIa tajes her to ambulance. Nisha takes off her fake bruises in the ambulance. She says now Jia will save me.
Jia says Nisha saved my life. Bini says you wont go anywhere. Doctors can take care of her you don’t have to worry about her. I hate her. She is very dangerous.

Deep says Tara will be convicted tomorrow you will be free. Arohi says she will be convicted on my name. I have lost my identity. Deep says a lot of people lose their identity. I am one of them. I just wanna find my family. He leaaves.

The court hearing starts. Dany is on Arohi and deep’s side. Dany brings chawani in the witness box. Chawani tells everything she did. Virat says she hit my mom and she has lost her mind. Deep is the next witness. Deep says she attacked my wife over and over again. she tried to explode my house. Please punish her. Dany says she loves seeing blood. I request to give her death sentence. She is very dangerous to be alive. Judge writes his sentence. Tara says this is all a lie. You can’t give me death punishment. Constable grasp her.

she takes a gunn from them. All people run.Tara puts gun on deep and says I will kill you. Virat says Arohi stop it. Tara says to Arohi I will kill you. she shoots. Deep and Arohi sit down. She grasps a woman. her son says she will kill mom. Please save my mom. Deep hears his own voice saying please save my mom. She will kill mom. He faints. Arohi screams deepp.. Virat takes gun from Tara. Police arrests Tara. They take her. Virat says how did he faint. they take him home.
Deep is asleep. He sees dreams of his mom dying. He wakes up and screams. Deep says my head hurts. I saw my mom. Who was that woman hurting her. Arohi says you are recalling your past life. He says go away from me. Doctor says try to recall. He says please leave me alone. she was calling my name. arohi says can you see her face? Virat says tara he needs to rest. Doctor says he is recalling something old.
Virat says to Arohi how can you be crazy? If deep recalls his past it will be such a trouble. She says I did that to know what will he recall. So we can shape that story. Prithvi says we have stop his memory from coming back.

Deep recalls his mom crying and says don’t kill me. He sees blood. Lights turn red. Deep gets scared. He follows the blood. He says who are you? What joke is this? He hears some voices. A gun falls down. Deep says what is happening here. Deep says blood on carpet. He hits his head on the pillar. Arohi stops him. Deep says go away from me.
Arohi says please calm down and tell me what did you see? Dany takes Arohi from there. He says are you crazy? What if deep hurts you in this condition. She says I don’t care about myself. He dresses herr wound. Dany says I thought you wont see his face. Arohi says I have never seen himm this weak before. I don’t know how to help him.
Virat says what if deep recalls everything. We can’t do anything. Virat says we have to make a plan. Arohi says I have a plan to bring deep’s memory back.

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