Kindred Hearts Thursday Update 12 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Thursday Update 12 September, 2019

Jia is sadly sitting in her room, she remembers her moment with Arjun, kabira plays as she recalls Arjun marrying Nisha, she is in tears. Jia says whats happening to me? why I am crying? why I am hurt that Arjun married Nisha? I wanted to help Arjun for Kaki and Chinni only so why I am feeling bad? Why cant I see him in pain? Chinni comes there and asks why you are sitting alone? Jia plays with lighter. Chinni asks what happened? Jia says nothing, what do you want? Chinni says Baba called you. Jia says I am coming, Chinni leaves. Jia says Arjun cant pain me but why his inner Adi never thought of Kaki and Chinni? I am feeling pain because you hurt Kaki and Chinni, thats the reason, I dont care what you do, I dont at all.

Priya calls Arjun and says you really want to do it? he says yes. Priya says take out medicine from my drawer, there is poison in it, dont take it for longer time, Arjun says I have a plan, he ends call.Arjun mixes poison in water and says what a plan, first I will take Baba’s permission for marriage and then take his signature on property papers, now its time to fulfill my next plan, he puts two tablets in water for more poison.
Priya is tensed and thinks Arjun cant take more than one tablet, its dangerous, she tries to call him but he doesnt pick up.

Arjun comes to lounge, he holds Nisha’s hand and says to Baba that I know you dont accept this marriage. Baba says this marriage is a lia, I would die before accepting Nisha as my daughter in law. Arjun says I cant start a new life without your blessing and otherside I love Nisha a lot, I will die without her, you made me learn to do big things but I couldnt get my father’s approval,I couldnt win his trust so I should die. Arjun thinks why this oldie is not saying anything? I thought Baba would approve marriage once I talk about dying. Nisha thinks this is his plan to take sign on property papers, Chirag thinks he copied my idea. Arjun says to Baba that I dont want to live if I cant take your blessings. Kaki says we dont want to lose you. Arjun says if I cant make my family happy then I should die. Jia asks him to stop it. Arjun drinks poisoned water. Priya calls Nisha and says if Arjun is drinking poisoned water then his life is in danger, if he has drank more than one tablet then it will be dangerous. Nisha asks Arjun how many tablets he took? Arjun feels dizzy. Nisha says what you did? Arjun faints. Jia runs to him and says nothing can happen to you.All cry. Jia tries to pump his heart and asks him to wake up. Baba says please wake up son, Kaki cries. Priya comes there. Kaki asks her to save him, soapy water is coming out of his mouth. Priya says I have antitode to make him vomit out poison, Jia cries and prays to God, she prays that I never asked anything but please make Arjun fine, he can be of Nisha’s for life but he should live, God please save him, please please please… I love him, I love arjun.. she is stunned and thinks I love Arjun? what I am saying? Priya takes Arjun to room.

All are waiting outside Arjun’s room. Chinni says I can call ambulance. Nisha says he will be fine, no need for hospital. Chinni says you dont want him to go to hospital why? Nisha says he will be fine. Nisha thinks I hope arjun is fine. Priya comes out of Arjun’s room, Kaki asks how is Arjun? Jia is tensed too. Priya says Arjun is fine. Jia says I dont trust you. Nisha says Priya saved his life by coming here on time.Kaki tries to go to Arjun’s room but Nisha sys he is my husband so I will go to him, I am responsible for him and Jia you stay away from him.

Arjun thanks Priya, Priya says I saved your life as a doctor. Arjun says I am sorry, I dont know how you thought that I could..I am sorry, forgive me, my destiny is just money, you might think I am greedy but I used to sleep on streets, we were in debt, my parents were worried so I eft them and education, came to Mumbai and got to know that I have to dream big and people are your friend when you have money. Priya says I want you to fulfill your dreams soon thats why I am being with you, your dreams are bigger so you have married women of double age, she leaves. Arjun says I dangered my life for that Baba, I hope he accepts Nisha now. I have to make new plan wisely.

Jia syas what am i going to do? I never thought I would love a man like you. You irritated me so much. Please get up. She looks at Arjun sleeping on the bed. Arjun opens his eyes and says what are you doing here? Its so late. Jia says just came to see how you are. Nisha comes and says why do you come here each time? DO you have any shame. Jia says I just came to check if she is okay. Arjun says my wife is here for me. you go. Jia leaves, Arjun leaves.

Arjun brings babasa his meds. Baabasa hugs him. He says are you okay? Arjun says you didn’t eat anything please eat it. Nisha is my wife. Babasa says always keep me with yourself. I accept your wedding but that Nisha isn’t nice. Arjun says she is a nice girl. She isn’t bad. You will see that she is nice. She will

take care of you. Trust me. She also wants you to get well soon.
Arjun asks Nisha she says no. Nisha says there are servants in the house. Arjun says then he will give property to servants. Nisha says I did everything but he insults me everytime i cant take it every time. Arjun says you have just give him food and medss. Nisha says dont we have another option? Arjn says no.

Jia says babasa we all know nisha can never change. Babasa says Arjun said she has changed. I want to give her another chance. jia syas we have to test her. she has to pass it to prove herself. Babasa says I will be with you. Jia tells him what to do. He says okay. Nisha says dont turn babasa against me. Stop this drama. You are an outside. Jia says you soon will know who belongs to this house and whi belongs to jail. Nisha says fir you babasa I have settled a temple in the house. Babasa says please massage my feet. Nisha massages his feet. Jia and Babasa smirk. Baba says take me to temple. Nisha says you like it right? Babasa asks her what to do. Babasa asks her to do arti. Nisha does that. She puts all the dias on the floor.
jia comes to arjun and says I wont go until babasa and chini get their right back. Ajrun says they are all my familyl. Nisha is a good daughter in law. Jia says she is doing all this for property. Once she gets it she will kick everyone out. Arjun says stop playing with your mind. He leavs. sjia says I can’t accept this marriage. Nisha’s truth will be in front of everyone.

Fire blows in the temple. Babasa says save me Nisha. Nisha says move from there. He says save me. Nisha runs from there. Jia comes and extinguishes the fire. Kaki ma says are you okay. Arjun says what happened. He says babasa are you okay?? Jia says babasa gave Nisha a chance. Arjun says who are you? Jia says this was my plan with babsa. We planned all this to see how good nisha is. She ran from there because she only cars about her. Chini says I am ashamed she is my mom. Kaki ma says she only cares for herself. Babasa says I don’t accept her at all. She is a wrong woman. I won’t sign the property papers at all. Arjun says babasa.. Babasa says I will only listen to jia. I wont listen to you or jia. I will only sign where Jia asks.

Jia is sitting upset. She sees Arjun’s photo. She says Jia loves Arjun like Jhanvi loved Adi. Arjun comes and says why are you looking at my picture? He says I like teasing you. jia says what do you want to say? nisha asked you to make me your friend and get the papers signed. He says the woman killed me why would I trust her. Jia says stop playing this game with me. Arjun says I will drink this black coffee like Adi. Jia says that doesn’t prove anything. He says what should I do? jia says go to Nisha and plan the game. Arjun pulls her. Jjia says in heart I love you arjun. He puts hand on her waist. He says these eyes are known to me. I know you can’t trust me at the moment. He dances with her and sings the song Adi used to. He forgets the song. Jia says the day you stop taking those meds is when I will talk to you. She leaves.

Butler finds a diary and leaves it on table. Arjun is looking for that diary. Jia kidnaps someone and puts her on the backseat. Arjun is looking for the diary everywhere. He says has someone found the diary?
Jia comes to priya and says told you this time I will win. she opens the ropes. She takes off the cloth. Its Nisha. Priya gives her shock. jia says you did something like this with Arjun. I will do the same to you.

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