kindred hearts Sunday Update June 16th 2019

Adi comes in Jhanvi’s house, Jhanvi thinks its Maa and showers rose petals on him, Jhanvi is shocked to see Adi there. Maa comes there after him, they invite Adi in party.
Nisha comes in mandir of house and says to God that if you are with me then i will serve you gold laddo, this is not bribe, just gift for you.
Survi and Jhanvi starts party. Survi is dressed like Salman Khan, police officer from dabang movie and Jhanvi is dressed as Sonakshi in saree. Survi dances with Jhanvi. Adi is mesmerized seeing Jhanvi dancing delicately, Survi waltz with Jhanvi, Adi smiles at them. Maa is enjoying their dance. Maa claps for them. Survi hugs Jhanvi after dance.

Survi asks Maa if she got current with their performance? Maa says you were great Salman, God give happiness to my daughters,
they are no less than anyone, she hugs them. Jhanvi looks at Adi and is shocked to see man behind him, its Survi and Jhanvi’s father. Father comes there with bouquet. Adi is confused not knowing who is.

Maa asks father why he came? just leave from here, we have guest here so leave. Father says i just came to wish you birthday, not to destroy your party, i am your husband, why would i be bad with you? Maa cries and says leave. Jhanvi says to father that the day you left us, that day our relation ended so why you keep coming back? you have no right on us and Maa, we dont even use your sruname Khandwal so leave. Father looks at Survi weeping in corner, Father says to Survi that you are my daughter, wont you come to your father? Survi says i have no father, i hate you, i hate you, please go, she cries and have panic attack, father sadly leaves. Maa and Jhanvi hugs Survi, Jhanvi says the one who doesnt care of us, we wont cry for them, she hugs Survi who is crying, Adi looks on.
Nisha calls her mother and shows her divorce papers on video call, Nisha says whatever Adi does or doesnt do, he does it because of me, i make him do everything, his life revolve around me. Nisha says to her mother that i will bring these divorce papers infront of everyone at Neha’s function, these papers will show me as nice, innocent wife and Adi will be proved as cruel husband and then divorce will be out of way, baba hears it and says divorce? i will tell family, Nisha end call and grabs his hand and says what happened? Baba says i will tell everything to everyone, Nisha says i am your daughter in law so talk to me, you are hearing my call hiding behind wall? you have Alzheimer so i will make news memories for you, come with me.
Jhanvi says to Survi that father left, i am your shadow, nothing can happen to you when i am with you, see Maa loves too, you should give importance to one who isnt in our lives. Adi gives water to Survi. Survi drinks. Adi goes to put water glass in kitchen. Jhanvi comes there and says i am sorry, you had to see all this. Adi says there are many rough patches in lives of everyone and we have to deal with them, dont worry about me, your family needs you so just be with them.

Nisha drags baba and puts him in car, Nisha drives to street and stops, She asks baba to come out of car, he says i will not come out, i will tell your truth to everyone, Nisha says i am asking nicely to come out, he says i wont come out. she pulls baba out of car and throws him on street harshly alongwith other beggars sitting there. Baba screams in pain by falling on ground, he says i will tell all this about you. Nisha drags him and makes him sit beside beggars, baba winces in pain due to her pulling harshly.
Adi says to Jhanvi that i should to leave now, Maa says we cant allow you to go without eating. Jhanvi says we have prepared food, you should eat first. Adi says i wanted to ask if you people really eat food or keep talking to fill your stomach? Maa and Survi smiles, Jhanvi says i will arrange food, she leaves.
Nisha gives shawl to baba who is sitting on road, Nisha says did you forget what happened in Raj’s marriage to you? Baba recalls how he heard Nisha talking badly about Adi in Raj’s wedding and how he warned her that he will bring her truth out then how Nisha brought him to street dogs. Baba shivers recalling that memory and looks at Nisha in fear. Nisha gives him plate and says why you keep forcing me? you know i am your daughter in law, i am your son’s wife, you never try to understand me, i try to make Adi understand me too, he is like you, you cant remember anything but you remember my antics to snitch me to Adi, i will not take you back, stay here. Baba says dont leave me here, Nisha says you will tell Adi everything so i am not taking you back home, enjoy your life on street now. Baba says i wont tell anything to anyone, just take me home, Nisha looks at him.


Jhanvi comes in kitchen and silently cries, she weeps and tries to control her tears. She starts arranging dishes. Adi comes there and sees her in tears, Adi says to Jhanvi that you cant lose strength, what you did today not many people can do that, dont lessen your strength by crying, you did good today so cheer up, Jhanvi sadly nods at him. He takes dishes from her and puts them on table. He asks Jhanvi to sit on chair and just breath in and breath out, relax, remember your family’s strength is because of you so stay strong, Jhanvi sits on chair, Adi leaves. Jhanvi wipes her tears.

Adi comes out of Jhanvi’s house, Adi thanks Jhanvi for inviting him, Jhanvi says thanks for taking out time to come here, my family liked it. jhanvi says dont go, i am coming, she goes in her house and brings return gift for him, Adi says i didnt give bring gift, Jhanvi says you gave gift, what you did today for us was no less than gift, you taught us what human can cross any problem with guts so this return gift for you, Adi takes gift and says you are not as immature as i thought, what you did today cant be done by all, hiding your own pain for happiness of your family is really tough, everyone wears facade to hide pain. Jhanvi says i ma not faking happiness and i dont have facade, everyone has problems in life and all fight for them, Adi says its difficult to fight problems and
remain happy, i have facade of hiding my problems too so i understand.
Baba says to Nisha that i wont tell anyone about divorce but dont elave me on road with beggars, Nisha says if you say anything to Adi then i will bring you back here and you wont be able to go back home even in 15births, now go and sit in car, Baba runs to Nisha’s car, Nisha huffs in angers and goes to her car.
Adi says to Jhanvi that good night, he sits in car and drives away while Jhanvi looks on and thinks what pain is in his life that he has to wear facade to hide it?
Adi comes home and sees baba shivering in fear, Adi asks Baba if someone said something to him? baba recalls how Nisha warned him to not say anything. Kaki says to Adi that Baba is not listening to anyone, he is not eating anything or taking medicine. Adi makes baba sit up and offers him food in plate bu baba recalls how beggar offered him stale food, he shouts that i wont go there, i wont go there, Nisha looks at him through window and hints at him to not shout, baba says no. Adi comes to looks outside window but Nisha is gone from there, Adi says you wont go anywhere baba, Baba cries in pain and says dont send me anywhere please. Adi consoles him and hugs him tightly. Otherside in Jhanvi’s house, Jhanvi is consoling her mother and Survi. Jeene ki saza plays in background.
In morning, Kaka says to Kaki that dont know what happened to baba, he looks so scared, kaki says we have to take care of him, he might be scared of thinking so much, we didnt even prepare for Neha’s function, how will we handle it? we should postpone function. Adi comes there and says Neha is bringing happiness in our house, we should not cancel it, i will call my interior designer to help you, Kaki says how will modern girl help me? Kaka says she is very mature and good girl, she is well raised girl. Adi calls Jhanvi and says we have pooja in house so can you help my kaki to arrange for it? Jhanvi says no problem, i will come to your house for arrangements before going to office, Adi thanks her and ends call. Adi says to Kaki that she will come here before coming to office, Nisha hears it and thinks now who is that girl?

Jhanvi is getting ready, she says to Survi that i am going to Adi’s house for first time so i have to wear something nice, i cant wear something common, Survi says you will get late if you keep choosing clothes. Jhanvi asks Maa to give breakfast, Survi says you will get breakfast at Adi’s house, Jhanvi says i am not guest there, i am going to work, Survi says you are acting like you are going to your fiance’s house. Survi says Adi talks very less, Jhanvi says so what? person should talk less but important, he is very mature, he talks very sensibly, Maa says Adi is very mature, Jhanvi says yes, he is very nice, he treats all employees like family, Maa smirks seeing Jhanvi praising Adi.
baba is panicking, Nisha brings fruits for him, Baba gets scared seeing her, she throws fruits away and says i wont go anywhere, Kaka asks Adi to call doctor. Adi comes to his room and calls Nisha, Nisha comes there, Adi asks what did you do with baba? he looks scared and you must have done something, Nisha says i feel hurt when you talk like this, i am peace loving person and i keep to myself, why you are so obsessed with me? you keep imagining me everywhere, i am worried for baba, i know you love him, there will be time when he will forget your name too, think about your daughters, baba’s panic attacks can be dangerous for Chinni and Binni, he can do anything so we should send him to old aged home. Adi says how can you say all that? he is my father, i love him, stop saying nonsense, Nisha says i am thinking about my daughters, Adi asys what if you become ill when you are old and your kids send you to old aged home? Nisha says i will go on world tour, i dont want to be burden on my kids, Adi says i am talking to useless person, Adi hears baba shouting and goes to him, Nisha asys God give brains to my husband. Baba comes in lounge, he sees Nisha coming there and shouts i wont go anywhere, Adi tries to control him but baba yells i wont go anywhere.
Jhanvi comes outside Adi’s house and says what a coincidence, i brought that uncle(baba) in same house means Adi is uncle’s relative, Jhanvi hears baba shouting voices coming from inside house, Jhanvi gets call, she goes away from Adi’s house a little to attend call. In house, baba gets hysteric, he takes knife and asks family members to remain away from him, family tries to calm him down, Raj tries to approach him but baba attacks him with knife, his arm bleeds, all start tending Raj’s wound without realizing baba have runaway. Baba runs from there. He sits in car and says i wont go anywhere, he starts driving car but Jhanvi is standing infront of car, he is about to hit her, Jhanvi is stunned to see car approaching her. Baba turns car away from Jhanvi and hits garden furniture, car stops. Jhanvi looks on. Adi’s family comes out of house, Adi tries to calm baba down and tries to make come out of car but baba is not listening, Jhanvi sees all this and sees bracelet on garden pavement which calmed baba down earlier when she gifted him, she takes bracelet and sees Adi unable to calm baba down. She comes to Adi and says let me try, Adi looks on. Adi moves away, Jhanvi dangles bracelet infront of baba, baba calm downs and looks bracelet, he recalls how Jhanvi soothed him earlier with it too, Baba looks on. Adi is surprised.