Kindred hearts Sunday Update 24 November 2019


Kindred hearts Sunday Update 24 November 2019

Bini says to Nisha akash and krishna were talking about thugs What do yu have to do with them? Nisha says they are lying. Bini says he is trying to blame you. Nisha says don’t worry. Nisha calls her thugs and asks them to hide at a place. Krishna and Akash tap and go to that location. Krishna and Jia go there and arrest the thugs. They call Jia and ask her to come to police station.

They all come to police station. Krishna says go and tell them truth. Thug says Jia asked us to kill Arjun. Everyone is dazed. Krishna says don’t lie Nisha asked you to do all this. He says we ever haven’t seen Nisha. Krishna slaps him. inspector says stop. Nisha says in heart you thought you could fool me.
Inspector asks thug to leave. Nisha asks Jia how are you here? Jia says akash called nad asked me to be here. I don’t remember ever hiring thugs, Nisha says you must have forgotten. They leave. Nisha wonders if Jia is with Akash and Krishna.

Krishna says how could she know. She failed our plan. THese were fake thugs. Akash says police might arrest Jia. Krihna says I wont let anything happen to you. I would even take the blame. Jia says why would you? Krishna says as a repentance to my sins.
Jia leaves. Akash says to Krishna thanks. Krishna says I hope everything works.

Nisha sees the news that arjun is alive. Reporter says arjun was saved my a village’s people. He was fainted for a couple of months. Nisha breaks the glass and says its impossible. Krishna placed that clip in her TV. Nisha comes out and says Bini.. Jia says to akash we will have a welcome back party. Lets invite Arjun’s friends. Nisha says how is this possible. What game are you playing? Bini comes. Nisha says they are saying Arjun is alive. Bini says that means it was arjun iin the car. I saw someone in police car. Looked like Arjun. Nisha says you all are fooling me. Arjun can never come back.

Jia says she will be restless and do something. Nisha says to Jia Arjunn is actually back? Jia says waiting for him to be home. Doctor comes. Nisha says he is here for your treatment. Jia says in heart she wants to take truth out of me. Doctor hypnotizes Jia.

Doctor asks Jia is Arjun alive? She says yes. Nisha says how is that possible? She laeves. Jai opens her eyes. Doctor says nisha went to take a call.
Jia calls and pretends that she is calling. Nisha comes and says why are you fooling me? Jia says give me phone its arjun. Nisha says Arjun can never comes back. I kidnapped him and I got him killed. Akash and Krishna are recording it. Bini comes and says what are you two doing. She says mom.. Akash says bini please stop for five minutes. Nisha asys my thugs killed Arjun. I wanted police to arrest you and convict you. My foot. Bini hears all this. NIsha says my men threw arjun in the water. He drowned and died.

Nisha says Arjun ruined my life. This time Arjun couldn’t e safe. I kidnapped and killed him. Jia says you killed my arjun and I brought you here. I thought you have changed but you can never change.
Jia says you will pay for your sins. She is about to slap her. Nisha shoves Jia and asys what proof do you have? Krishna comes and claps.
Bini says you are disgusting.

Nisha steps back and falls in the water. Krishna and Arjun jump too. They take nisha out but she has fainted. Krishna gives nisha CPR. But she is dead.

Scene 2
3 months later. Akash signs paper and says finally arjun’s case has closed. Krishna says I have no reason to stay here. I should go. Akash says this case was a reason for us to meet. You did everything for us. I want you to stay here with us. Krishna says I can’t. Jia took help from you because she considers you her friend. You love Jia right. Stay here with your love. It will take time but Jia will accept your love. Bini says yes life gives us another chance.
JIa puts garland on Arjun’s face. She says baba is fine. He is treated well. They are coming back. I dont’ know how will I tell them that.
A glass breaks. Jia sees water. It says Krishna.. Jia is dazed.