kindred hearts Saturday Update June 22nd 2019

Kaki sees Nisha standing at door and sees her beaten and bruised, she has bandage on her head too, Nisha says keep me here. Kaka says who did this with you Nisha? Nisha’s mother says they are involved with Adi, Adi have done it, Kaka says how can Adi stoop so low? we have not given these values to Adi, i cant bear it, i will talk to Adi. Kaki asks him to calm down, she takes him to room. Nisha says they react so strongly. Nisha waits for their action.

Adi is waiting for Nisha. Raj comes there, Adi looks behind him, Raj says i have come alone, nobody has come with me, they wont comeback, Adi says this house is theirs, i will do everything, i will flip everything but will bring them back, Nisha is very clever but i will make her bring them back. Nisha comes there, Adi glares
at her and sees bandage on her forehead, Nisha smirks at him.

Adi sees Kaka coming there, he smiles thinking she has brought them back. Kaka says to Nisha that this house is yours, if he thinks that he can slap you and raise hand on you because he is your husband then he is back, he will have to fight me, i am your father Nisha, Adi says kaka? kaka says enough, how can you talk to me even after doing such cheap deed? tell me her bruises are lie too? adi says she is showing you everything lie, kaka says i am double in age to you and i know what is happening here, i know who is right, he leaves.

Adi sees Kaki there, he touches her feet. Kaki recalls flashback, she said to kaka that you have to trust your upbringing, Adi can never hit her, kaka says what are you trying to say? kaki says we should go back home, we will get to know truth there only, flashback ends. Adi says to kaki that you might not believe me but i am your son and wont do anything wrong, kaki leaves, baba blesses Adi and leaves. Nisha says to Adi that you thought you could blackmail, me? this wealth and property is mine and you are mine too, i have won, you lost, Adi says you have brought my family back in house so i won, i wont give wealth in charity because its my family’s wealth, Nisha says it will be mine, time will tell, Adi says yes let time bring truth out, everything will come out in open, he smiles and leaves. Nisha says stupid Adi.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s home. She meets Adi in gazebo and says i need urgent signature on document thats why i had to come here, Adi says its okay, thank you, because of your suggestion my family has comeback home. Jhanvi says i didnt do anything, you have done efforts to bring them back but i am stuck. Jhanvi tries to put reassuring hand on his shoulder but stops, she says its okay, Jhanvi says to Adi that every relation should be given second chance, Adi says i have been given it second chances for last 8years, you dont know what i have been bearing all this time, every person wants to have peaceful and happy life with their partner but what to do when that partner wants to break your family? wants to hurt them and is cruel? I dont care about myself, she gave wrong medicines to my kaki so she never becomes fine, she also filed fake violence case on my kaka and kaki, she didnt even spare her kids, she kept them hungry whole night just to threaten me, Jhanvi is shocked, Adi says Nisha can only bring destruction, i am bitter because of her, you tried to distract me but when you always worried that something might happen to your family, that your wife might hurt them then you cant remain calm, I will protect my family and wont let anything happen to them and nobody can stop me from doing that. Jhanvi looks on, he glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi sadly leaves.
Adi comes in lounge, Kaka gets up from dining table. Adi says i know you are miffed with me but dont be angry on food, i know you are angry with me but you will soon know the truth, you have taught me to always follow truth and i will not leave that path, he shows them papers and says they are court papers, first hearing is in half an hour, i am going there, you all have to come there too, Nisha is tensed hearing it, kaka sees Nisha tensed and feels bad for her. Adi leaves. Nisha looks on.

Survi says to Jhanvi that this Nisha is not less then filmy woman, how can she torture her family like that? Maa says to Jhanvi that maybe Adi is lying to you, maybe he is fabricating stories to trap you, you couldnt even find out that he is married for a whole month, he kept is hidden from you, he must have set some trap, Jhanvi says you know Adi, he is not like that, he doesnt have feelings for me and he wont do that with me, Maa says men are trap, they can allure you and destroy you, they cheat all the time. Jhanvi says not everyone is like father.. Maa glares at her, Jhanvi says i am sorry but i have respect Adi a lot, i am just trying to help him, Maa says you are wrong, dontn come in his trap, Jhanvi says i have seen truth in his eyes, i can see his pain. Maa says you are not listening to me, you are going to end up hurt, Survi says see Adi is coming on TV. Jhanvi sees news, reporter says famous businessman Adi has filed divorce against his wife, when media persons tried to talk to him, he beat them too. Jhanvi tries to call Adi but Maa throws phone away and says i told you wont talk to him, there will no more argument about it, you wont talk to him, she leaves, Jhanvi is tensed.
Kaka says to Adi that i kept my honor intact in all these years and now all are pointing fingers at me, they are degrading my family, all are judging our family. Adi says to Kaka that i dont know how media got to know about divorce, i thought i would handle everything but i couldnt, i am sorry, you had to bear it but i am not ashamed of this decision, i will divorce this woman for sure, i wont let her hurt my family, this is only way to throw this filth out of house. Kaka shouts Adi and raises hand to slap him but Adi’s daughters come there and sees Kaka about to slap Adi, they scream papa.. and gets scared seeing scene, they run from there. Chinni and Binni lock themselves in room. All family members come there, Adi knocks on door and says i am here, please open door, Chinni says we wont open it. Nisha says your mom is here, no need to be scared, please listen to us and open door, kaki says let me try, Kaki says see Chinni, Binni i am here, i have brought many chocolates for you, come out, they open door and hugs kaki, kaki takes them with her. Kaka says see Adi your kids are suffering because of you and you want to snatch their mother too, he leaves with disappointment, baba sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Nisha looks at Adi tensely.

Jhanvi brings food for Maa and says our brain can be wrong but our hearts are like a kid, Maa says this is wrong, Jhanvi says i want to do this because i love him, i have fallen down but i will stand up again, i wont do anything without your permission, Maa says promise me to not get involved, Jhanvi looks on tensed.
Adi comes to kaki’s room but leaves. Jhanvi calls Adi, he takes call but Nisha comes there and says Adi what happened with our daughters, that shouldnt happen, i am their mother, i worry for them too, Adi says i will handle them, this divorce is going to happen and nobody can stop me. Jhanvi hears all this on call. Adi leaves. Nisha says what do i do? Adi takes Jhanvi’s call and says what do you want? Jhanvi says calm down, Adi says this divorce is going
to happen.Jhanvi says i just want you control yourself, if you dont calm down then who will handle your family? lets meet, i will treat you with pav bhaji, Jhanvi starts telling him jokes, Adi says you are doing this deliberately? i will meet you tomorrow, she says okay and ends call. Nisha has seen him ending call and thinks.
Its morning, Kaka says to kaki that i dont want to see Adi’s face in office so i will leave early. Baba comes there with memory box which Adi showed him, baba shows kaka old pen, kaka says i remember this pen, you sold your watch to buy this pen for me, but why you brought this today? baba says you know why Raj wants to support Adi? because he has our upbringing, we need to trust our own sons, its needed, kaka nods, baba leaves, kaka looks at pen..

Jhanvi meets Adi in office and asks him to sign papers, he starts signing, she says read them first, Adi says i completely trust you so i dont need to see it. Adi gets call from daughters’ school, he takes call and says i am coming right now, he ends call and leaves, Jhanvi looks on.

Binni has peed her pants, all kids are making joke of him, Chinni says i will protect my sister, one kid says that your parents are bad, they will leave you. Adi comes there and hugs them, Jhanvi is with him too.
Adi meets principal, principal says Binni peed her pants, is she under pressure? or tension? Adi says to Binni that you are strong, you need to go back to class, binni says my classmates will make fun of me i want to go home, Jhanvi says papa will take you home,dont worry. Principal allows them to take Binni home, Adi thanks her.

jhanvi comes home and recalls how Binni was crying, she recalls how same thing used to happen with Survi, how she peed her pants too. She sees Survi studing, she hugs her, she says i understand your pain today, now i understand how you used to face themm, Maa asks Jhanvi where she was? dont hide from me, you met with Adi? you have to understand, Jhanvi says you need to trust me, i wont do anything wrong.

Adi hugs Binni and says i am with you, you know one princess was not eating so her father brought chocolates, i have brought chocolates for you too.Chinni says Binni’s friends made fun of Binni, will you and mother separate? will we be separated too? Nisha comes there and says we will not separate from you, your parents love you, you both fight right? you both love each other too, sameway your mummy and papa was fighting in loving way, nobody can separate mummy and papa, she hugs her daughters, Adi looks on.

Adi gets Jhanvi’s call, she asks how is Binni? Adi says she is not fine, she used to smile all the time and now she is terrified, Jhanvi says i understand, Adi says its all my fault, Jhanvi says you will handle everything, Adi says you told me that Survi had same problem,you can solve my issue, can you meet me at my house? i know you can understand my problem, please help me, she says okay, Adi says lets meet at 6Pm, she says okay, he ends call and leaves. Nisha has heard Adi calling someone, she says who is this person that Adi was discussing our problem with? Adi is taking that person’s help for Binni, is this same person who have influenced Adi to have so much guts to stand against me? i have to find out who this person is.

Nisha says its 6PM. She sees Adi going out of house in garden, she follows him but kaki stops Nisha and says can you medicine to baba? Nisha reluctantly nods.
Adi meets Jhanvi and asks how you handled Survi? how to calm my daughter? Jhanvi says your daughter is a child,you have to give her peace,you have to give her love to take her fear away.

Nisha givesw medicine to baba but baba says i wont eat it, Nisha says they are you medicines, take it, Nisha thinks that i have to out of house to see who Adi is meeting with but this baba is not listening to me.
Adi says to Jhanvi that my kids are everything to me, i will be nothing without them, i dont know what to do, Jhanvi says every problem has solution, are you ready to do something which might pain you but will be benefit for your kids? Adi says i have done everything for my family and kids, its useless to talk to Nisha, she wont understand.

Jhanvi asks Adi what his wants from him? Adi says she wants me to become CEO of company, she wants to get hold of this house so she can rule over here, Jhanvi says give it to her, Adi looks at her in shock, Jhanvi says to save your family from this pain, you should give her what she wants, this is only way to save your kids from pain, i think you should give her everything. Nisha is coming in garden to see who Adi is meeting with.