Kindred hearts Saturday Update 9 November 2019


Kindred hearts Saturday Update 9 November 2019

Akash looks for bini everywhere. Ambika comes. Jia says Bini is nowhere. Rano comes. Akash says where is bini? She says how would I know. Jia says if you are behind her missing. Rano says don’t blame me. Your old man is still with me. Jia says you don’t have parents because you don’t deserve them. Look at these people who gave you all this. Rano says they took my father from me and then you took arjun from me. Ambika says we tried to save your father. Rano says don’t fool me. Your family will suffer. She leaves.
Bin is locked in a room. She screams for help. Rano says you have to die because you ow know my secret. SHe comes towards her to kill her. Jia stops her hand. She says you have no shame. I knew you were behind this. akash comes. Rano says this girl has

to die what if she tells someone my secret. Jia releases her. Rano runs. Bini says she has some keys they are related to baba. Stop her. Akash and Jia run after her. Jia says she is hidden in the house. THey look for her. Rano says I am here. THey go near he and she throws spices in their faces and runs. She takes the key from Akash and runs.
Jia pulls the rug. Rano falls. Jia takes the keys and locks the door.

Ambika says these are house keys. We have to see everywhere to find out your baba. Ambika says this key is of store room. Lets look there. They go in but no one is there. They hear someone saying please save me. Get me out. They follow the voice and see a trunk. They open the trunk but no one is inside. It was a tape. Ambika says she fooled us again. Rano comes and laughs. she says you all do what I ask you to do. Ambika says rano aren’t you done. Please tell me where my husband is. Rano says he is with me. You wouldn’t find him. Rano says do as I ask you all to do or your father will die. Akash slaps her. He says enough. Rano leaves. Ambika says why didn’t she say anything.

Rano comes to her room and breaks stuff in anger. She sees her face. She laughs and says you will pay for this.
Ambika says to akash you shouldn’t have done this. Her anger is very dangerous. She went silently. I will go to her and apoligize. Jia says you wont do that. We will find a solution to this. Bini says how dare he hit me. He will pay for this sin for his life.

Jia asks Ambika to not take tension. Ambika says that Rano have took our peace, you all go and sleep. Jia says I will give you an oil massage. Binni and Akash rubs her feet while Jia does her head massage.

In morning, all are sleeping lounge. Door bell rings, Jia opens door and finds a package at door. She opens the box and finds a shirt with blood on it. Ambika recalls how her husband was wearing this shirt, she cries and says did Rano.. Rano comes there and asks how is the gift? She says to Akash that this is slap’s answer so I thought to bring a reward for you, I could have brought Ambika’s husband’s deadbody but just giving this. Ambika cries. Rano laughs and says I was joking, dont cry. Ambika looks on. Rano asks her to laugh, I spared that oldie this time but

not again. Akash is about to hit her but Rano stops his hand. Rano says touch me, hit me.. what happened? if you try to hit me next time then remember your father is kidnapped by me. She says I will take rest. Akash says I wont remain silent now.
Akash calls someone and says okay we will do this treatment, he ends call. Akash says to Ambika that we have to be practical, I think Rano have psychological problem, an incident happened with her in childhood, if we have to bring baba back then we have to enact scene of her childhood, she will reminisce her childhood. Ambika says no that can be dangerous.

Akash says we have to do it, maybe recalling past will make her see her mistakes in present, Ambika says what if she loses her senses, Akash says I have thought everything, we have to make her give a medicine which will make her dizzy. Binni says how we will make her believe that this is not a drama by us and its true? Akash says medicine will make her mind half numb, he asks Ambika to tell everything what happened that night.

Jia comes to Rano and says we are not scared of you. Binni silently comes there and pours medicine in Rano’s tea. Jia leaves form there. Rano drinks tea. Jia, Akash and Binni sees it and smirks.

Rano is feeling dizzy and thinks to eat something. She comes in lounge but its all dark. She sees a her father standing there (its Akash in his clothes). She sees her father stealing from a safe. Ambika’s husband (Jia in getup) comes there and says Manohar? we kept you as a servant, we trusted you and you are stealing in this house? Manohar says you have ego because of this money and when I take it away then you will be nothing. Ambika’s husband says you stole and now you are taunting me? I kept you as a family, I will call police now. Rano panics and jumps to Ambika’s husband(Jia). She puts a knife on her neck and says you forced my baba to steal, now you are taunting me forcing him to do suicide, you have killed my father, I will kill you. She drags Jia from there. Ambika and others are looking on.

Rano brings Jia on roads and says you want to kill my father? I will take you to that pit. Jia stumbles and falls down. Her wig falls off. Rano sees her face and is stunned. Rano grabs her hair and says you think my father is a joke? you provoked my wound, see what I will do now, nobody can save that oldie now, she throws Jia away, Jia’s head hits wall. Rano leaves from there. Jia says dont know where she have kept Baba.

Jia comes home, Ambika sees wound on her head and asks where is Rano? Jia tells them everything. Jia says she was angry, she can do anything with baba. Ambika says we have to save baba, Akash says I will save baba. Jia says she was talking about some pit or dig. Binni says it can be some underground basement. Ambika says maybe I know what she means, Manohar died in a well so she might have kept your Baba in that well. Jia says when i saw her drawing, there was a well made in it.

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