Kindred hearts Saturday Update 23 November 2019


Kindred hearts Saturday Update 23 November 2019

Akash says I will get you punished for arjun’s death.
Krishna comes to nisha’s room. He twists her hand and says you got Arjun killed. You said you wont harm anyone and you killed you. You asked me to run from there. You are a murderer. Nisha says you trust akash more than me. Krishna says I will show everyone your true face.

You will pay for arjun’s death. She says I will get you exposed as well. He says I am not scared either. I wont let Jia lose. Nisha says you will never get nisha. Krishna says I can’t hide your truth anymore. I will tell jia. He leaves.
Krishna comes to Jia’s room but she isn’t there. Krishna says Jia where are you? I have to talk to you.
Jia is in police station. She says I killed Arjun. Please write my statement. Akash comes and says nisha killed him. She said that himself. WHy are you doing all this. We will find a truth. Krishna says yes she killed him. Krishna says I will investigate this case. Jia says arrest me. I shoved him. Krishna says she is lying in stress. Nsiha killed him. Nisha says what proof do you have. Inspector says I have to arrest her. They arrest her.

Bini says aksh is still not here. Jia murdered arjun? Nisha says sometimes we don’t understand how humans are. Bini says I am sorry to you mom. I should have trusted you. Nisha says its okay.
JIa recalls nisha said to her that she killed Arjun.
Police interrogates from Jia. Nisha got Jia hypnotized. She made her say all this.

Krishna calls Nisha. she says whats wrong? Krihsna says you will not be able to speak. Krishna says where are you thugs? Nisha says you had them. She says you were gonna expose me? He says you will know. Nisha walks on water that has a wire. She screams. Bini comes and saves her. She says who left it here.
Bini gives her milk. She says mom please relax and eat. I know you are not feeling well.

Akash comes in with jia. Bini is dazed. Bini says what is she doing here? Akash says I got her bailed. THere was no proof against her. Bini says are you crazy? She confessed. We can’t keep a murderer here. She killed your brother. Akash says I am sure she didn’t kill him and I will prove that. THis house is of Jia and she will live here.
Bini say she can’t live

here. She is about to shove jia out. Aksh says this house is mine. I can keep anyone here. If you have a problem you can leave this house. He takes Jia to her room.
Nisha says one day or other Jia will leave this house. Calm down. she will be jailed.
Nisha comes to Jia’s room with coffee. She says you are upset. Have some coffee. Nisha says did right by confessing your crime. Jia says why did he get me back here? i should be in jail. I wanna go to my arjun. She sits down crying.
Nisha says to Krishna akash bailed Jia. Krishna says you will pay for you sins. Krishna says you were behind her confession? What did you? She says calm down. I wont tell you anything. No one can save her now. Go and meet her if you want.

Krishna recalls he and akash told Jia everything. Akash said we have to get her punished. Krishan said do as she asks and win her trust. Jia said Nisha wants to take me to a doctor. Krishan says go with her. She pretended that she was hypnotized. Jia said she killed my arjun. She will pay for that crime. Krishan said go to police and confess.
Krishna says nisha thinks you will be punished instead of her. Jiia says we should plan next. Akash says we have to do something she can’t think of. JIa says she will confess er crime. You both are with me right? They hold her hand.

Nisha comes to Jia’s room and knocks. Krishna and akash are inside. Bini gets Nisha keys. Se opens the door. akash and krishna hide. Jia says I feel guilty. Bini says you deserve this. They leave. Krishna and akas sneak out.
Jia looks at Arjun’s picture and says I miss you a lot. nisha will pay for her sin.
Jia comes home. Nisha says where did you go? She says police station. I killed Arjun. I should be punished. They didn’t take my statement. They said I dont have any proof. i don’t know the location. How do I tell them that. Nisha says if Arjun’s body isn’t found case wont proceed.

Akash says to Jia will this plan work? Jia says she will do a mistake and we will catch it. Nisha comes in with a doctor. Nisha says you are in stress. HE will help you recall where you killed Arjun. Jia says tank you doctor. Doctor hypnotizes her again. He says repeats after me. I shoved Arjun is wasai village. Say that police. JIa nods.

The doctor hypnotizes Jia and says say that you shoved Arjun is wasai village. You will tell police the same. Nisha says to Jia you have your answer. Will you tell police? She says yes I will tell them. Nisha leaves.
Jia comes to Akash’s room and cries. Krishna says what happened. Akash says I know its not easy. Jia says nisha shoved him in Wasai village. Akash gets angry. Krishna says lets go to Wasai village. Jia says I will go there as well. Akash says you have to stay here so Nisha doesn’t know. Krishna says we will update you on phone. They leave.

Jia calls Krishna. He says we are looking for the body. Jia says I wish I was with you and look for him. Nisha comes to Jia’s room. Jia pretends to be asleep. Krishna says we found something. We will call back.
Krishna and Akash come back with arjun’s jacket. Akash says his body was totally decomposed. we found his clothes. Jia says my Arjun can’t leave me. Maybe he ran. Krishna says there is no such possibility. Jia is in tears. Akash cries too. Krishna hugs Jia and says I am really sorry.

Next morning, Jia is on breakfast table. Police comes in and says MS. Jia.. Krisna says you here Nisha says I called them in. Nisha says Jia isn’t feel well. She wanted to confess her crime to police. They wanted details where Jia killed him and how? Jia don’t be scared. Tell inspector everything. Inspector says but we know where Arjun died. Did you call us for that? Jia called us last night and told us about the location. Nisha says then? Did you investigate? Inspector says we didn’t find anything there. Nisha says in heart how is that possible. They leave.

Nisha says to Jia why didn’t you tell me you called police? Jia says I forget things. I didn’t know you will call police. NIsha says you wanted to confess.
JIa says to Akash I didn’t call them. How did he know? Krishna says he is my friend and knows everything about this case. I asked him to say that. Nisha is wondering. We should take our next step.

Jia falls asleep. Krishna puts sheet on her. He says I love you a lot jia. Jia says Krishna? You here? He says that Arjun’s shirt? If nisha sees it we will be in trouble. Please hide it. He leaves.
Akash says I know what my next is. We have to tell Bini so Nisha knows too. Akash says loudly to Krishna I know where nisha’s thugs are. Let’s go and arrest them. Bini hears and says I should tell mom. Jia tells Krishna and Akash that bini went to tell Nisha.

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