Kindred hearts Monday Update 4 November 2019


Kindred hearts Monday Update 4 November 2019

Jia pick knife and cut Arjun’s hand or I will burn her. Jia cuts his hand. Rano says well done. Jia cries. They all leave. Ambika is in tears.

AKash says on call when will we come? this will stay between us. Rano says where are you going? He says why should I tell you? She says do you want me to burn mai? Call the person you were talking to Akash calls the person and says can you come here? Rano says you can’t go anywhere until he comes.
Jia dresses Arjun’s wound. He kisses her. rano looks at them and gets angry. She says if you are done with this go and bring this grocery. Jia says we will.
Rano says to Akash call him. Where is he? The man comes in. He is a palmist. Its Arjun disguised as palmist. He sits down; He says I know everything. Rano says can you tell me everything? He says yes. she says will i be successful in my game? He says what do you play? Football cricket? Or chess? She says its a game anywway. He says close your eyes. We will have to go to your past first. Let me hypnotize you. She says okay. Arjun starts hypnotizing her. He gives her water. She drinks it and faints.

Rano comes in. Jia says ma has gone to hospital. She has been hynotized lets ask her questions. Rano laughs. she acts like a baby because she has gone in past. She says I wanna bath in hall. Bring me the bucket. he says whats the secret? She says lets play hide and seek. She runs. Akash brings water and says here is water. She says this is not enough. Its hot as well. he wants to burn me. he says its cold. she says you are crazy. She stands in the tub and plays like a baby.
Arjun says I can’t take it anymore. What’s the secret tell me? She says you are wearing a mask and want to ask me the secret? They are dazed. She takes off his mustache. Ambika comes in an says whats going on here. She looks at Arjun.

She says what have you become? What is all this? Rano says they are

doing this drama. They want to know about our secret. if you want let me tell them. Ambika says no.
Ambika says what do you all want? Stay away from all this. rano says what if I told them. you should have asked your crystal ball for all this. rano says the water I washed my feet with someone has to take shower from it. Akash says I should be it. She says no it should be mai.

Ajrun says are you crazy. ambika says pour this water on me. Jia says why are you doing this. Ambika says do as rano says. Akash and arjun pours that water on Ambika. Rano records it. arjun says love is won. You can’t snatch it. You can’t stoop so low. She says you can’t see the reality. He says what secret is it. She says you can’t know. He says I will find it out. Rano says yeah carry on. You can never know unless I want you to know. Jia says what will we have to do? She leaves. Ambika says why can’t you all stop.. Ambika cries. Arjun and akash leave. Jia looks at Mai.

Arjun comes to his room angry. Akash comes. Akash says have some water. I know how angry you are. we are failing everytime. He says why is ma being on her side. Akash says there is some weakness in her hand. We have to find out. We have to look for a clue in Rano’s room.

Ambika comes to rano with kheer. Rano says thanks. Ambika says I want to talk. She says sit on the stool. Abika sits but Rano kicks the stool. Ambika falls down. Rano says know your worth. Ambika says file my nails first. Ambika files her nails. rano says now I will think about doing your work. Ambika says her something. She requests. Rano says I will think about it. Arjun sees Ambika filing Rano’s nails. Rano says come in. mai does so much for me. Arjun says I came to take my file from drawer. He takes a file and drops the vase. Rano says my nail.. I will have to go to jail. Ambika broke my nail. Now she will make me wear slippers. Amabika makes her wear slippers. Rano leaves. Arjun says ma.. she leaves.

Arjun looks everywhere in Rano’s room. Jia comes. He says I can’t do anything. She hugs him and says please calm down, we know ma is suffering. We will fix everything. He says I wont give up. I will fight that rano. Jia says let me give food to ma. There is nothing in kitchen Rano calls Birju and says you did what I said? He says yes. She says get ready for new blast.

Jia and Ambika see rano doing arti. Everyone comes downstairs. She says have parsad. Ajrun says you keep it to yourself. Ambika says don’t talk to Rano like this Arjun. Ambika’s head hurts. she is fainting. arjun says ma are you okay? she says I am fine. She says I should rest in my room. she goes to her room. Jia comes ot kitchen and sees food in dustbin. She recalls birju said he gave food to ambika. She says birju lied to me. Rano must have threatened him. She makes food for ambika. Jia comes to Ambika’s room and knocks. Jia says ma please open the door.

Arjun and Akash come. Jia says ma isn’t opening door. She hasn’t eaten anythign. they all knock. Rano says what if mai is no more. arjun says shut up. He shoves her. arjun tries to break the door. Rano says don’t try to hard or you will face the consequences. Ambika says I am fine. Arjun says ma please talk to us. Please tell us how to help you. Rano says she wont talk until I ask her. If you wanna see mai then do as I say.

Rano asks arjun and Jia to stand on opposite sides of table. she asks Jia to hold arjun’s hanf from that side. She says if you can’t then you will have to marry Akash. If you don’t then mai wont be given medicine or food. akash says to save ma I will do this. Jia says what are you saying. He says to save mai we will have to do this.
Jia comes to Rano and says I am ready to marry Akash. She says very good. jia says I have a condition. Take this food to ma first. Rano says okay I will. Lets get you married first. Jia says but food.. Rano says wear this red dress. Jia gets ready as a bride.

She is in tears. Jia comes to Arjun,. He says our love isn’t weak. We do compromises in love for our families. For mai we have to do this. They sit in the mandap. Rano says where is Akash? Arjun says he isn’t in his room. Rano says enough. Now I will see how you get mai out of her room. jia says I did as you said. Arjun says we will do what you ask for. Rano says wedding couldn’t happen but wedding night can be celebrated. You can do anything for mai right.. Go and decorate my room.

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