kindred hearts Monday Update 22nd July

Nisha comes to Binni with food and asks her to eat it. Jhanvi comes there too. Binni says to Nisha that you are bad, you fight with Adi in room and try to act nice infront of everyone, Nisha gets tensed and says you fight with Chinni too then be nice with her, mummy papa fight like kids, dont worry, she gets call and goes to take it, Jhanvi hears all that. Jhanvi comes to Binni and asks how is your school? she says its nice, Nisha hides there and hear them.

Jhanvi asks Binni what happened with mummy and papa? were they fighting? Binni says at night they both.. Chinni comes there and says lets play Binni, binni leaves without answering Jhanvi, Nisha glares at Jhanvi and leaves. Jhanvi thinks that I am sure Nisha is blackmailing Adi but for what? is Nisha about to hurt kids? I have to find out.

Jhanvi brings milk for kids, she comes to their room and strikes with Adi, they share eyelock, Adi holds her arm to steady her, he looks at it and leaves her arm. Jhanvi comes to Binni and asks her to drink milk. Adi says to Jhanvi that its good you are taking care of kids too, I offered you this job before, Jhanvi says you are such nice businessman that you gauge everything with money and job offers.

She says to Binni that we will talk later, Adi thinks what Jhanvi wants to talk to Binni? Binni says my friends have come, she leaves. Jhanvi says but our talk.. Adi eyes her suspiciously. Jhanvi says to that Adi tell me truly if Nisha is threatening you using kids? Adi eyes her and leaves without answering her.

Adi comes in his room. Adi sees Nisha’s bag on bed, he opens her purse and looks through her phone. Nisha comes there and throws towel at him, Adi says what the hell Nisha? why you are doing all this? Nisha says you are checking my bag and you are asking me? what were you finding? Adi says I was putting surprise in your bag sweetheart but you see it so i will plan something else, she says how sweet, she hugs him and says I am going to mandir with Kaki, she takes her bag and leaves. Adi recalls flashback that when Nisha and Adi were about to fight over bag checking, Jhanvi was spying on them hiding behind door so he said he was putting surprise in her bag.

Kaki asks Jhanvi why she is sending her to mandir with Nisha? Jhanvi says you trust me right? Kaki nods, Jhanvi says then please go. Nisha comes there and asks Nisha if binni wants to go with her to mandir, Jhanvi gets tensed and thinks I am sending Nisha outside so I can talk to Binni and find out truth so please say no binni. Binni thinks and is about to answer..

Kaki asks Jhanvi why she is sending her to mandir with Nisha? Jhanvi says you trust me right? Kaki nods, Jhanvi says then please go. Nisha comes there and asks Nisha if binni wants to go with her to mandir, Jhanvi gets tensed and thinks I am sending Nisha outside so I can talk to Binni and find out truth so please say no binni. Binni thinks and is about to answer.. she says no you go mummy, I am playing. Nisha gets call from someone, she says I am going with family outside, dont call me again, Jhanvi hears it, Nisha leaves with Kaki.

Jhanvi brings chocolate for Binni, she asks what were you saying? that mummy and papa had a fight? Binni says yes.. she says if Papa doesnt listen and agree to mama then she wont tell him truth, Jhanvi asks what truth? Binni says mama didnt say more
to papa just said that she wont tell him truth, Jhanvi thinks that it means there is some truth and Adi is getting blackmailed about it. Adi comes there, Binni leaves. Adi says for God’s sake, she is a kid, why cant you accept that me and Nisha are together, Jhanvi says I just wanted to know..

Adi says what right you have to involve in my matters? Adi asks Jhanvi why you are involving my family matters? I just became your friend, not gave you a key of life that you can spy in my life whenever you want. Jhanvi says I care for you and I know you are lying and faking all this, so you keep faking and I will find out truth about your behavior, Adi looks on. Raj comes there and says I am going to pick Kaki from mandir, Nisha had to go somewhere so she took car and left from mandir, he leaves. Adi thinks about Nisha leaving.

Nisha is covered in a shawl, she comes to some isolated place. She comes in godown, goon is there. Nisha takes off her shawl and looks at someone tied to chair, she smirks at person. Goon says do something about her otherwise she will die soon, Nisha says no her life is important, nothing should happen to her, I will do something, Nisha calls someone and says send doctor here, she is ill and I cant take her to hospital, you know that, man on her line says okay I will send doctor, Nisha says I will wait here till then, she ends call and looks at person tied to chair.

Binni drinks milk and leaves glass in room. Someone comes there and puts some tablet in glass, mysterious person leaves. Neha comes there, she sees tablet in glass, she comes to Binni and asks if she is fine? she nods, Neha asks Binni who gave her milk? Binni says Jhanvi gave it. Kaki and Adi comes there too. Neha says Jhanvi gave milk to Binni and there was medicine in her glass, Adi checks glass and there is tablet inside it, Adi says this is Baba’s medicine, what it is doing in Binni’s glass? Call Jhanvi.

Jhanvi is with Baba, she says to Baba that lock your room when you are inside, after I attacked mysterious person, it wont try to hurt you again. Baba asks if binni told her anything? Jhanvi says not but I feel there is something bigger, Nisha is not blackmailing Adi about kids, its something else. Neha comes there and says Adi is calling you.
Jhanvi comes to Adi, Adi says what is this? why there is Baba’s medicine in Binni’s milk glass? Jhanvi says i didnt put it, Adi says you take care of Baba’s medicine so you must have done it, Jhanvi says you are alleging me? Adi says I am just informing you about it, Kaki says it might be a mistake, she must be taking it for Baba and mistakenly gave it to Binni, Adi says i dont need excuses Jhanvi, just do what you are here for, dont try to involve in other matters, just focus on your nursing, he glares at her and leaves. Mysterious person watches everything hiding behind pillar.

Jhanvi says to Maa that I hope we are in right direction. Maa says just try to protect yourself, Jhanvi says this mysterious person wants to make family go against me, someone mixed medicine in Binni’s glass and Adi shouted on me but nobody noticed that medicine was not mixed so it was put in glass after Binni drank milk, it means someone wanted Adi to shout on me without hurting Binni,

Maa asks her to be careful, Jhanvi says Adi gets to agitated when Nisha leaves house, I just wish he shares truth with me, Survi says what about Narco test, Jhanvi says this is truth test, person become inebriated and tells everything truly, but what if there are side effects of it? I dont want to hurt Adi, Survi says no there are no side effects, person wont even know after test is done that they told all truth, Jhanvi thinks about it.

Adi is tensed in his room, he says everything is going out of my hands, its about Baba’s health and kids safety now, and Jhanvi.. Nisha comes there, Adi says enough is enough, tell me the blo*dy truth, she smirks at him. Nisha says to Adi that as soon as your voice increases more, my grip on your weakness will get more tight so volume low, Adi looks at her arm and asks why there is blood on your arm? whose blood is it? Nisha says dont worry, this blood is not of any family member, its my blood. No concern for me? Nisha says you wont be able to bear if I hurt your family so just keep pretending to me perfect couple infront of everyone and smile my love, Adi glares at him and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to Sameer, Sameer says you are asking me to do Narco test on my friend? I cant do it, Jhanvi says when your family was in trouble, you didnt think anything before putting my life in danger, Sameer recalls giving her to Nisha’s goons, he says fine but use very minimal chemical, if you use extra serum then Adi can go into coma too and Adi will lose his sense so make sure you are at a safe place with him when you do this test because he can become violent and do anything, Jhanvi says okay I will come tomorrow and take serum from you, she leaves.

Mysterious person comes to Baba’s room at night. Adi is in there and catches person, he says I knew it was you.. its Nisha.. she gets tensed seeing him, Adi says why you are doing drama of being mysterious person and torturing baba? Nisha says I am not mysterious person, you are thinking wrong, Adi says then what are you doing here? Adi sees someone behind Nisha, they see mysterious person running out of house, Nisha says see I told you, I am not the shadow, you need to stop doubting me, she huffs and leaves, Adi looks on.