Kindred hearts Monday Update 2 September 2019


Kindred hearts Monday Update 2 September 2019

Nisha calls her friend Tamra in and says only you can help me. The woman says I will help you in getting rid of Jahnvi’s ghost. Nisha says how? Tamra says when you call kaki ma for inauguration she will come too. I will faint that ghost. Nisha says she is a ghost and only I can see her. Tamra says she must come in a human’s body. When the human faints I will control Jhanvi’s soul inside her. Nisha says tonight’s party will your farewell party Jhanvi. Get out of my life. Rest of everything will be easy.

Arjun is making tea. Jia comes there. Arjun says what are you doing here. She says you are getting a lot of money right? I have an offer for you of 5 lacs. He says I won’t kill anyone. Jia says you have to kidnap someone. He says who? Jia says Samar.

Arjun says in heart I will get money and It will be easy for me to get Nisha on my palms. Jia’s hand touches the sauce pan. Arjun holds her hand and says did it burn? Are you okay? Jia says I am fine. Arjun says I forgot that you are a witch and you don’t get burned. She says come on lets go. He says right now? Jia says yes why not?
Arjun comes outside Nisha’s house. He peeks in and sees Tamra doing something. Nisha comes towards the window. Samar says what is all this?? Is is haunted themed party? Nisha says she came for the party. She will catch the ghost there. Arjun is shocked to listen this.

Nisha says place that statue right here in the center of the hall. Arjun says what is going on here. Samar says are you mad? our prestigious guests would be here in party. Nisha says so what? She will catch that ghost and this is the best chance. I won’t have to see her again. Samar says unbelievable. Nisha says I have to send Kaki ma and chini invitation for this party. Samar says in heart the one she considers Jhanvi’s ghost is a human. Its Jia. Samar walks and slips. Nisha puts her foot on his cheat and says don’t dare coming in my way. I won’t take a moment to get you out of my way. She leaves. Samar says I have been tolerating your weird behavior for ages. You don’t even treat me like a human. I will get Jhanvi this time and won’t let you harm her. Just wait and watch.

Arjun says to Jia are yyou a ghost? She says take more money but please kidnap Samar. He says no I won’t do this. I will tell Nisha. SHe puts a handkerchief on his mouth to faint him. He faints and Jia brings him somewhere. Jia says you thought you could cheat me.

Nisha says to Kaki ma on call I have gotten Adi’s statue made. I wanted to repent for all my sins. I thought you should do the inauguration. Should I send driver? kaki says we will come ourselves. Nisha says sharp at nine. Samar is going somewhere. Nisha says stop. There is party in evening adn you are not ready yeet. he says I will be. Samar says tonight I will make you sleep forever Nisha. Nisha overhears this.
Nisha calls his thugs and says you have to kill a man tonight. Its my husband Samar.

The party starts. Nisha says to Tamra is the ghost here? Tamra says you need to be patient.
Arjun opens his eyes. He says how did I come here? He sees a man from the window and says please stop and get me out of here. He writes a letter to Nisha, Jia and your Samar are both taking advantage of your innocence and want to kill you. He throws the letter towards the man. He picks and reads it.
Samar thugs are there as well disguised as waiters. He gives them a drink, to give to Nisha later.
Nisha takes the drinnk. She calls his man and says I sent you the photo of the person to be killed. How will I recognize you? She leaves her drink. Kaki ma comes. Nisha says welcome you are the guest of honor this evening. Nisha says at nine you will uncover this statue, Just half an hour to go.

The dance starts Jia is there as well with a mask. She dances around Nisha. Nisha feels weird. She whispers her i am back.
Nisha says to Tamra Jhanvi’s ghost is here. i didn’t see her but she whispered she is back.
jia dances with samar and makes him smell a rose. Arjun comes there as well with covered face and dances. Jia wonders who that is. Arjun says to Nisha did you get my letter madam? Jia is trying to keep him away from Nisha. Nisha can’t hear in the noise.

Party starts, Nisha says to Kaki thats time you unveil statue. Jia hides and thinks I have to kidnap Samar soon. Kaki stands under chandelier and unveils statue. Suddenly fires surrounds her. All are shocked. Nisha thinks why Jhanvi’s ghost is not coming to save her? Samar comes near Kaki, suddenly lights go out. Lights comeback and Samar is crushed under chandelier, Chinni thinks Jia did it. Nisha thinks that this is Tamra’s sign, Jhanvi’s ghost and Samar are removed from my way. Jia brings Kaki to corner and Chinni to take her, they leave. Jia sees injured Samar lying there and says who did it? Flashback shows when lights went out, Jia came and took Kaki from there but someone stabbed Samar and he fell down and chandelier fell down on Samar. Samar is bleeding and
looks at Nisha, Nisha smirks and acts like crying, she asks security to close door. Arjun hides and thinks this is murder case, I should leave. Jia thinks I have to leave. Jia comes to Arjun and says you must have killed Samar to get his money, Arjun says you wanted to kidnap Samar, you killed him, Jia says no, they hear police and hides in garden, Jia says you murdered him, Arjun puts hand on her mouth and stops her. Police goes in house and sasy Arjun says you are a witch, come with me. Jia’s shoes tear, she asks Arjun to wait but he sits on bike and drives away.

Jia brings Kaki to hospital. Jia says dont know who did this with Samar, Samar must think that I tried to kill him. Chinni says police let everyone leave party so they didnt get any proof, Jia says I am scared that Samar doesnt get angry on me and tell my truth to Nisha.
Nisha is in hospital and calls Tamra to find out if Jhanvi’s ghost left, she says I will. Doctor comes there and says Samar is fine, he could be in danger, Nisha says I hope he is fine, can I see him? he nods. Nisha comes to Samar’s room. He is bandaged. Nisha says what? Samar glares at her and says why? She says shut up, she shows him wires and says dont worry, I could kill you but I had to reward you for your loyalty, you planned my murder but remember this teaser, she pinches his wounds and says I couldnt trap Jhanvi’s ghost because of you, I left you this time but not everytime.. want some fruits? she digs knife in his wound, he winces in pain. Nurse comes there, Nisha says darling get well soon, she whispers I wont spare next time, she leaves. Samar says if Nisha wanted to kill me then why Jia came in party? is she playing some game too?

Jia comes to reception and asks if she can meet Samar? receptionist says only family can meet him. Nisha passes by there but doesnt see Jia. She thinks that I should stay here as Jhanvi’s ghost might be in house.

Arjun drinks wine and recalls all events, Babblu says you got involved in all this, you brought all this to yourself. Arjun says I have to tell everything to Nisha ma’am but I have to get rid of that clingy Nisha.

Nisha sits in waiting area of hospital and gets scared recalling what Jhanvi’s ghost did with her, she says I should stay here, Jhanvi’s ghost wont torture me here. Nisha gets policeman’s call and says we didnt find any proof, we have to be careful, she says okay and ends call. Nisha is scared of Jhanvi’s ghost and says dont know what she will do with me.
Jia comes outside Samar’s room but there are guards there, she thinks how I will meet Samar now? she sees a nurse taking a uniform and gets an idea.

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