Kindred hearts Monday Update 18 November 2019


Kindred hearts Monday Update 18 November 2019

Jia sees the video an says this is good. she asks krishna what happened? He says I hope Arjun returns soon. Jia leaves. Krishna sits down. He sees the video again. He throws his phone on bed and feels agitated. He hits the mirror and injures his hand. Jia comes and says what happened? He says hit the mirror while closing the drawer. She dresses his cut and says be careful. Jia says arjun saw my message but he isn’t replying. You can trace his location right? He says its not that easy. She says please do this at least try. He says I will try. Jia says thank you. She leaves.

Jia comes downstairs. Nisha says waiting for arjun’s call? This all is not Arjun’s mistake. There was a fear on his face. He feels that you don’t have control on your mind. He was scared

of your behavior. Please don’t do anything dangerous next time. Jia is confused. She says am I actually doin all this?

Krishna plays trumpet. He recalls Jia. jia recalls her moments with arjun. She can’t sleep. Jia looks out of window. Krishan looks at the moon.
Akash gets a call someone says your game can fireback. Be careful or you will lose your life. Akash says what? They hang up. Nisha says in heart fear looks good on your face akash. There will be more.

Jia hears Arjun’s voice and water dripping. She follows it and comes to the pool. Jia sees the water and walks towards it. Krishna holds her hand. HE says what are you doing? She says i heard water. He says there is not water dripping and you could die. She says at least that would bring arjun here. Krishna says are you crazy? I am here for your safety and you do all this. He takes her to room and says don’t do all this. She says sorry. he comes out. Nisha says aren’t you taking care of her too much? He says I do my work with enthusiasm. Nisha says in heart I have to keep an eye on her.

Nisha takes stream for water. She opens eyes and sees water boiling and someone forcing her into water. Nisha screams.. Krishna comes and says what are you doing? She is scared. Nisha says I think the water was too hot. Akash says why is everything with water. He leaves.
Nisha says this akash is doing all this. He knows I kidnapped arjun, He is trying to scare me. Krishna says how can he know? Nisha says he is scaring me with water. Krishan says this all water thing is happening with Jia as well. Why would akash scare Jia? Someone else is doing this. She says who? He says ARjun. Maybe Arjun is trying to tell Jia how he got killed. Nisha says are you educated? All this ghost things are not true. He says somethings are beyond are limited thinkings. some powers are just felt. He leaves.

Krishna sees Jia. Jia says I wanted to thank you for saaving my life. He says I wont let you harm yourself. Jia says what is this water thing? Is someone trying to tell me something? Krishna says in heart what is all this?

Jia says what is all that water thing about? Krishna says in heart nisha sees the same things. Krishna says you are really stressed. she says did they find about him? He says I am sorry my team couldn’t find anything. She leaves. Krishna says what happens to me when i see her sad.
Jia says where should I look for Arjun? Should i call his friends?

Jia calls krishna. he plugs in device. Jia says arjun I know you are mad I apologize. Can’t you forgive me? You know how worried I am. Can you live without me? He says i need time. Jia says at least tell me where you are. He hangs up. Jia says why are you doing this Arjun.

Bini sees Akash’s phone and recalls what Jia said. She checks his phone and says there is nothing. Nisha texts from a number thanks for

dinner and that beautiful night. This is my other number save it. Time passes so fast with you.

Bini recalls the texts she read in Akash’s phone. He sleeve catches fire. Nisha puts water on it and hugs her. she says where are you lost. what happened to you? Bini hugs her and cries. She says mom you were right. akash has a reason not to marry me. i read text on his phone. I will ask him why he is doing all this. He had been cheating on me. Nisha says no don’t say anything. observe him more. When you have a proof then go and talk to him.
Jia says to Akash i want to go to a doctor. I want to consult for my medical condition. Akash says bhai.. Jia says what? He says he will come back. You are fine. This is all because of stress. You will be fine with time. Jia says is everythign okay between you and bini? Akash says she is very immature. Jia says so are you. Go and save your love before you lose it.
Akash comes out and says i can’t handle anything.

Jia comes to her car and says I should go where krishna saw Arjun. Arjun comes and takes the key from her. He says I wont let you go. She says i have to go and find Arjun. Krishan says i wont let you go. A car comes to hit them. Krishan saves her. He says see another attack. She says i don’t care about my life. You keep stopping me. Do you even know what real love is like. Please bring Arjun back. He nods. Jia says promise you will bring him back? He says go home first. I will brin Arjun. Jia says i know you will keep your promise. Nisha sees them. Jia goes to sleep.

Nisha comes to Krishna and says where will you find Arjun from? She says so you will bring him back? I paid heavily. Better do what I ask you. When you said you will bring Arjun you have to now.


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